All-weather usage aesthetic model, Y-3 2021 spring and summer series released


The Y-3 2021 spring and summer series was officially released a few days ago, with the theme of “exploring changing urban landscapes”, reshapeing all-weather aesthetics through unique avant-garde concepts, and using Y-3 advanced technology to explore unlimited changes in the city in cities possible.

Y-3 expresses the form and functional anti-rain resistance in elegance. The series in the series include PARKERS, hoodie and knitted products, all use waterproof and windproof functional materials Gore-TEX. Its asymmetric tailoring and reflective materials also show a perfect visual effect while enhancing the protection. The color tone is mostly dark color,

全天候机能美学典范,Y-3 2021春夏系列发布

In addition to clothing, the Y-3 2021 spring and summer series also includes sports shoes, functional bucket caps, bags and other accessories. Among them, this season’s Y-3 shoes will provide the concept of comprehensive protection for urban explorers. Shiku Run, ORISAN and Hicho classic shoes will appear with new color schemes. 2021 Spring and Summer Shiku Run outline uses layered mesh and nylon shoe gangs, which can highlight the three stripes with clear contrast through the transparent structure. At the same time, Orisan experimentally adopted an exaggerated heel design, mesh upper, and contrasting color leather. The details are bright. The HICHO upper is made of high -quality white leather, with thick bottom design and fashionable and durable.

全天候机能美学典范,Y-3 2021春夏系列发布

It is reported that the Y-3 2021 spring and summer series was officially released on January 25. Interested friends can go to the official website to view.