This is a pit! CUPTIME Smart Water Cup Experience Report


[Zhongguancun Online Wearable Channel Original] We live in an era when we are abducted by “intelligence”. If a product does not add a “smart” prefix, we will die! After seven years of fire on smartphones, more and more daily necessities were sold to consumers several times after being labeled with “smart” labels. It is hard to imagine that a cup that usually drinks water can also be intelligently. Recently, the author saw a CUPTIME Smart Water Cup that made me particularly exciting, so I was not afraid of Er Xingchong to buy a one and experienced a week. I felt that I could have a experience report.


A 399 yuan so -called “smart water cup” converts, enough to buy 5 Xiaomi bracelets priced at 79 yuan. Is it worth it? This article will give all readers and friends a clear answer.

For Cuptime Smart Water Cup, if you want to see its advantages and praise, I suggest you open Baidu and enter “Cuptime Smart Water Cup Evaluation”. You will see the full screen of beautiful words. After reading it, you will feel that this is the text version of “News Broadcast”, you will feel that your life can be so beautiful, and you will feel that you will never forget to drink water after you have Cuptime smart water cups. Measted standards.

Cuptime smart water cup overall appearance

We just introduce its appearance here. The cup body and the cup lid are designed with white piano paint. The overall ti -tie round corner transition is simple and fashionable. There is no cup handle. The wonderful blue light is made, and the bottom of the cup is combined with black soft rubber bottom pads and blue outer ring accessories. Therefore, as a whole, this is a simple and beautiful cup.

Cup bottom design


The bottom of the cup and the cup can be removed to remove the bottom of the cup, and the battery is placed

Its mysteries are all on the bottom of the cup. When it was taken into the box, it took a few minutes to explore how to remove the battery to install the battery. The process of disassembling is tiring. You need to hold the cup with both hands, and then rub the friction of the two thumbs and the bottom of the cup! Later, I found that the two raised on the cup can just be in the two grooves of the bottom of the cup. After putting it in, it can be easily opened. It is more convenient, rather than letting people as low as my IQ explore hard?

CUPTIME smart water cup can place two button batteries


Cuptime Smart Water Cup and its app

Of course, you need to download a CupTime APP on your mobile phone, support iOS 6 and above, and Android4.3 and above, and your mobile phone must support Bluetooth 4.0, otherwise it will be useless. So if you really want to spend 399 yuan to start with it, you are optimistic about whether your mobile phone meets the conditions.

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Can’t match with cups

To my annoyance, I couldn’t scan the form code with the CupTime app.

This is the case. My mobile phone is iPhone 4S and the system version is iOS 6. It supports Bluetooth 4.0, which is exactly the minimum standard of CUPTIME on the mobile phone system. However, after I downloaded the mobile phone app, scanning the barcode at the bottom of the cup multiple times in the process of matching with the cup multiple times, and it has continued to fail. The result is that the following test cannot be performed below. Since I am a loyal fan, I have not upgraded to iOS 7 and iOS 8, and I did not intend to upgrade my version for a smart cup that seemed to be so smart.

Cuptime must match the barcode at the bottom of the cup, but it has failed countless times


However, CUPTIME said that the smart water cup can also be used away from the mobile app and will remind you to drink water by lighting, so it will not affect the next use. The reason why you recommend your pairing is because it will record your drinking water every time through the mobile app, and comprehensively judge your moisture metabolism according to your physiological status, physical fitness, environmental temperature, and activity amount, and remind you to remind you that it should be time Drink water.

Regarding the problem of scanning QR codes that cannot be paired, if you searched other evaluation articles in Baidu, this problem also exists. Some people say that they can succeed a few times. Obviously, it has no secret to the success of my success. And this kind of problem has long been well known by the CUPTIME development team. They spent a long space in the product instructions to introduce the reasons and suggestions that Bluetooth connections cannot connect and the pairing cannot be successful. Therefore, why did I have a question why a product that had such a high pairing failure rate was so high after solving and improving all the problems before listed.


You won’t drink water on time for it

The official said that when you set it, it will remind you to drink water and remind you through the sound of “beep” and lighting. If you ignore the reminder 3 times in a row, it will think that you no longer near it, so stop reminding until you touch the cup next time.

I don’t know who will forget to drink water? I usually start with a water cup or coffee cup to drink at any time

In fact, for most people, you may forget to eat because of work, but rarely heard “I forget to drink water.” And the vast majority of companies are equipped with water delivery services and water dispenser. The distance from the construction to the water dispenser will not exceed 30 meters. You can use it as a activity to take a glass of water. And we usually drink water and drink water according to the body. When you feel thirsty, you will naturally pick up the water cup at hand to drink water. You are unlikely to drink water regularly. For example, you must drink two glasses of water within an hour. Otherwise, no matter how strong the bladder is, you can’t stand the temptation of the toilet.

The company generally provides a water dispenser. Will you be stupid enough not to pick up the water?

And Cuptime is obviously that most of us think of patients with intellectual disability, Alzheimer’s Alzheimer, and forgetfulness. Do you think you should drink water, will you drink it? According to my personal experience and the colleagues around me, the answer was: No.

1 free app “Don’t forget to drink water” can replace it

In addition, it must be explained that the drinking reminder function of Cuptime Smart Water Cup has actually been realized. For example, I have installed a free app called “Don’t forget to drink water” very early. It needs to set the water time, and the time when it comes to the sound of water flowing and vibration reminders. This app design is also quite humanized.

“Don’t forget to drink water” APP can realize the reminder of CUPTIME’s reminder, and free

The completion of Cuptime Smart Water Cup is not high. At least it is to think about how to make a real smart cup. There are too many arrears designs. The following uses the experience of drinking water in these days to discuss with you.

Cup lid design is unreasonable

Cuptime smart water cup lid cannot be tightened with the cup body, it is a lid covering it on it. I do n’t know how many people have experienced such an experience: Sometimes I accidentally knocked down the water cup, the water was splashed on the laptop, and the computer was left directly; or after the water cup was poured, it wet the table, including The mobile phones, files, etc. on the table, and the value of these things itself may not be measured by a water cup. Therefore, if the cup lid is designed unreasonable, maybe when it will make users pay the price and it cannot keep it.


Cuptime smart water cup lid design is a chicken rib

Can’t carry it with you

Due to the irrationality of the cup lid design, it cannot let you go out. The fact is that we need to drink water more when we are outside, especially in the hot summer. Therefore, we often see that many people have a water cup in his backpack side pocket. A large amount of activity and high temperature are the reason why we drove us to actively drink water. superior.

The price is 2-4 times the Starbucks cup

Because the author often patronizes Starbucks, he is naturally very interested in Starbucks’ cups. Yesterday, the author compared the CUPTIME I bought with two cups of Starbucks.

On the left and in the middle is the Starbucks Cup, and the right side is cuptime


Among them, the cup that is close to Cuptime is priced at 105 yuan, and a larger cup lid can be tightened at 220 yuan, while CUPTIME is priced at 399 yuan. Compared to reminding the water drinking function, what we want is a carrier that can drink water, even if it only costs 10 yuan, instead of spending 399 yuan to buy a cup that can only flash blue lights.

The prices are 105 yuan, 220 yuan, 399 yuan, respectively

And a large cup of large cups are 28 yuan, 399 yuan is enough for me to patronize Starbucks 14 times; 399 yuan can also allow me to buy 10 oversized cups Star Bingle (40 yuan/cup), or 11 cups of large cups of caramel horse Qiguo (37 yuan/cup), or 12 cups of large cup Kabchino (33 yuan/cup) … and why should I spend 399 yuan to buy a so -called “smart water cup” that is difficult to match mobile phone?

Compared to buying a cup that is not smart, I prefer to spend it on coffee


Poor waterproof

Cuptime clearly indicates on the manual: “1. Do not use boiling water to repeatedly brew Cuptime, otherwise it may cause damage to the product structure; 2. Do not immerse Cuptime in the water without rinse the bottom of the cup, otherwise the product may cause water. “


The bottom of the Cuptime cup is not waterproof. If it is asked to enter the water when washed, it will be disabled

First of all, this is obviously educating how to use it, and it is a command -like tone. “Don’t … don’t …”, it is very disgusted;

Secondly, for the first article, I want to refute one sentence, do you not drink boiling water every day? If a cup cannot be brewed with boiling water, is this still a cup? This is obviously a logical issue;

Thirdly, according to our daily brushing cups, we will have to wash the cups in order to make the cup clean up, and Cuptime cannot rinse the bottom of the cup or soak in the water. So why not make waterproof design? Instead, let consumers passively accept and compromise your flaws of waterproof waterproof? This is obviously a robber thinking that kidnap consumers.


If you enter the JD page to search for “Smart Water Cup”, you will see several smart water cups, and CUPTIME is one of the highest prices. Let’s take a look at the price and function of several other smart cups. Perhaps in comparison, you will have a clearer answer in your heart.

Screenshot of Jingdong Mall Smart Water Cup


BRUGO smart dual -layer vacuum sealing thermal insulation cup

BRUGO smart double -layer vacuum sealing thermal insulation cup (picture: JD)

Brugo is a brand in the United States, the founder is Spero Pavlos, who is known as “Jobs in the thermal Cup”. The price of BRUGO intelligent temperature control cup is priced at 229 yuan in Jingdong, which is 170 yuan cheaper than CUPTIME. It has 12 cups to choose from. The biggest feature of the smart cup is “temperature control”. No matter how high the temperature in the cup, you can make it become the temperature you want. It only takes 8-10 seconds to cool a cup of hot coffee to the temperature suitable for drinking. It is suitable for coffee, tea, white water, etc.


In addition, the BRUGO smart insulation cup has a vacuum -breaking thermal temperature control technology and a double -layer insulation design. Therefore, for many users who do not like to drink cold water, this is a great idea, especially in winter. And its use scenario is very rich, whether it is wild sports, cars or indoor, it can carry it with it.

8time intelligent induction regular reminder water cup

8Time Smart Water Cup (Figure: Jingdong)


As the name suggests, 8Time Smart Cup reminds you 8 times a day to drink water. However, because this product on JD is provided by a third -party merchant, the price is also ranging from 168 yuan to 499 yuan. It is recommended that you consult the Jingdong customer service staff when buying. Its unique features not only have a reminder similar to CupTime smart water cup, it also has a display screen to display the date and time, and use double -layer insulation, cup lid sealing, anti -scalding, anti -chipping and shock, and these are CUPTIME lack of. And to be honest, the design of this product is very fashionable and avant -garde. White cups are added with black cup lids and cup bottoms. It is simple without losing personality, especially the existence of the screen.

Anmei Smart Vehicle Electric Hot Water Cup

Anmeichi Automobile Intelligent Heating Water Cup (Figure: Jingdong)

Anmeichi’s car intelligent heating water cup is priced at 298 yuan in Jingdong Mall. Currently, it is 100%of the criticism in Jingdong Mall. For driving people, it is a great choice. You can boil water directly on the car. It has a display screen to display the temperature, and there is a key, set key, and temperature regulatory key. The cup body is made of engineering -level ABS plastic, and the inner tendon is made of 304 stainless steel with Lei Jun’s “artistic tour of a steel plate”.


It is obviously an imminent demand for the owner who wants to brew a cup of coffee or strong tea in the car and the car owner who is urgent to flood for children in the car. Although it does not focus on the so -called “intelligent reminder” function, it is obviously even more even more even more even more practical. Moreover, in the experience in our previous article, smart water cups like Cuptime, such as Cuptime, are more gimmicks.

Since it is a gimmick, is it worth 399 yuan a gimmick?


According to the experience I bought myself, there are many problems that need to be solved in this smart cup, including reminding whether the function of drinking water is really needed by the user, how to define whether the user is short of water in the body. There are problems such as waterproof, sealing, no preservation, and no fall. buy page, 399 yuan can be called the most expensive smart water cup

Purchase users on

In addition to the above -mentioned issues that have been analyzed in detail above, the most important reason is that it underestimates the user’s IQ. It is based on the assumptions of users who forget to drink water, and this question involved in IQ. I think the CUPTIME team did not conduct a good investigation. It is said that it is based on the creative creative of the team’s own experience.

I have two points to refute. First of all, this smart cup project was launched in May this year, and the concept of smart water cups has long been abroad, so it cannot be regarded as the team’s creativity. And most of these smart water cups will only remind drinking water as one of the functions. Other functions include setting temperature, insulation, screen display and other functions. In contrast, Cuptime can only be regarded as a single function of water cup.

Secondly, according to your own experience, a smart water cup project with a price of up to 399 yuan is an immature manifestation. Through my personal experience, many designs have problems that can not be scrutinized. And it is also a very immature product. The completion degree is disappointing. A thing that is carefully cleaned is not called a cup.

What is incredible is that such a cup, its price is as high as 399 yuan! This far exceeds the value of a cup. There is no doubt that I am a cup control, otherwise I won’t spend 399 yuan to buy a so -called “smart water cup”. Among them, I bought a Thermos (Restaurant) 780ml high vacuum stainless steel thermos SK-4000MB, which took me 159 yuan. I took a cup of water for several hours, which was higher in terms of practicality and cost-effectiveness.

Price from left to right: 30 yuan (imported from Japan), 15 yuan, 159 yuan, 399 yuan

Therefore, for the vast majority of consumers, I don’t recommend you to buy this smart water cup. If you want to implement this function, you can download an app with free water reminder function, combined with your existing cups.


I admit that in this era when pigs can fly to the sky, marketing is more important than the product itself. This is also the plastic body of some products that people know the metal texture of its whole body, and they also know that it is engaged in gimmicks and bullshit, but people still want to buy it. Why? Brand effects, and brand effects are often obtained through advertising and media unlimited touting.

However, please let go of the cup. We have been affected by the word “smart” in various products in life, and then the speculative behavior of crazy high prices and crazy circles. Don’t test the IQ of consumers. Even a child is thirsty and will drink water, not to mention an adult, or take away the mind of grabbing money and be a good person.


Summary of Super Chen:

Recent After actual use, whether it is cost -effective, or from the design and intelligence of the cup itself, I worry about how many consumers have been bewildered by this gimmick as me, and it costs money. You may wish to weigh it yourself. Will you buy such a smart cup?


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