Look at the full network iPad mini 6 evaluation I have a bold idea


Recently, the release of iPadmini6 products has caused countless carnival.

With Apple’s lifting of the media evaluation, we also have a clearer understanding of this product.

Next, we comprehensively evaluate the network. Let’s take a look at the fragrant ipadmini6? Is it worth buying?

In terms of appearance, iPadmini6 finally redesigned (compared to the previous generation). It looks like a reduced version of iPadair, showing its classic right -angle frame design style. The device is not exactly the same as the iPadair, the volume button has moved to the top of the edge, and the Touchid built -in at the top power button.

看完全网iPad mini 6评测 我有了个大胆的想法

Although Ipadmini6 is not very comfortable to put it in a pocket, it is very portable and can be held by a single palm. For those who want to be larger than iPhone and smaller than iPadair, the size of iPadmini6 is almost perfect.

看完全网iPad mini 6评测 我有了个大胆的想法

iPadmini6 is equipped with an 8.3 -inch LED display with a resolution of 1488×2266. The screen brightness is enough to meet various scenes.


Some netizens who got new products said that the iPadmini6 has a significant “jelly screen” problem in the vertical screen state. When the screen is dragged up and down the screen up and down, the screen exists from right to left.

Some industry experts said in an interview that the cause of this problem may cause the screen refresh direction for the hardware installation. For example, the mobile phone is usually refreshing and the perception is not obvious; There may be a problem with good rates. “

Some media reports that Apple customer service said that there is no such problem at present, and users who have obtained products can be used for remote screen sharing for testing.

Remote screen detection?

In addition, the refresh rate of 60Hz on the screen may be a bit crazy, but it is acceptable.

看完全网iPad mini 6评测 我有了个大胆的想法

In terms of performance, Apple boldly stuffed the latest A15 bionic chip in Mini6, which also gave MINI6 for the first time to have the strength of the same stage as the iPhone13.

This reminds me of the same chip of my iPhoneSe2 and iPhone11 …

看完全网iPad mini 6评测 我有了个大胆的想法

In the GeekBench5 test, iPadmini6 received a single -core/multi -core score of 1500+/4400+. Although this is slightly different from the performance of the iPhone13pro, if it is stronger than the iPhone13Pro, will the big brother in the iPhone be faceless?

In addition, due to size pressure, iPadmini6 is slightly stronger than iPhone13 in terms of heat dissipation, the screen is larger, and playing games is naturally refreshed. A few more frames can be ignored.

Of course, in addition to the unpleasant hardware, the iPados seems to have a small situation in it.

看完全网iPad mini 6评测 我有了个大胆的想法

Because iPadmini6 uses the 8.3 -inch screen that has never appeared before, this makes many software cannot be displayed correctly on mini6.

Some media said that this looks like using uncomfortable 16: 9 software on the Android phone of 21: 9.

看完全网iPad mini 6评测 我有了个大胆的想法

In terms of configuration, iPadmini6 also brushed a trick, with only 64GB and 256GB space optional.

Either it is not enough or too much!

It sells for 3799 yuan, buying a 64GB iPadmini6, do you feel that the price is reasonable?

In general, iPadmini6 still has a lot of desictions in terms of hardware, such as the same processor (slightly different specifications) as iPhone13, the design of full -screen, very good grip. But there are more or less problems, such as jelly screen, 60Hz refresh rate, and storage from 64GB.

If you already have a tablet and mainly used to watch the drama, then iPadmini6 will not be an excellent choice. You can look at the iPad digital version. If you like to move large screens and have a small size iPhone (such as SE, 13mini), you can really try to combine with iPadmini6, which may be more refreshing than many “folding screen” mobile phone solutions.