CK2018MINImal Eternal Watch, spring light is first, giving time “new” meaning


Text/Xiaoyi Fashion LEI (Fashion Observation of 1 million readers)

The ignorance of early spring is opened. Is the gift season for the new year far away?

Simple is Calvin Klein classic style. Since the famous Raf Simons has joined Calvin Klein, this brand that is good at interpreting minimalist style has begun to refresh the eyeballs frequently. In 2017, the new Calvin Klein watch and jewelry series, when it was launched, it became popular in the fashion circle. Nowadays, they all pay attention to creating personal styles. Calvin Klein’s low -key and different DNAs in the bones are just a weapon to make daily styling.

This season’s simple series watch still maintains a low -key and simple neutral style.


Calvin Klein Minimal Eternal Series has been sought after by consumers since its listing. In 2017, it was inspired by retro watches. At the same time, minimalism reflects exquisite and elegant.


Calvin Klein Minimal is simple and free and a little willful. Bold, pioneer, self, creativity, youth, fusion on the wrist, picked up the fearlessness in the heart, proved that you are all possible! The 2018 simple series watch dials are dominated by three colors of silver, dark gray and black, and are equipped with PVD gold, rose gold, and stainless steel three -type “Milan woven” strap, which can adapt to the thickness of different wrists.

In the early spring of 2018, let us spend time, speak with action, and make an extraordinary tide! Immediately, the 2018 simple series has been launched, not afraid of your heart!