Men’s best 12 autumn and winter boots, from Chelsea to denim boots


The season of boots has arrived. Starting from the ancient Egyptians (a pair of boots were found in the tomb of the ancient Egyptian leader Kumhotp), although all types of men’s boots were originally designed for a function, whether it is the military background of desert boots It is still a cowboy -breed horse -breed shoes. Today, they all provide full opportunities to show your own style.


Whether it is the classics of Giregio Armani and Prada, or classic works such as Grenson and Church, I will bring you the rotation of men’s shoes this season. It is worth mentioning that I will choose the product that is best for you for you.

Chelsea boots

No pair of boots can be as attractive as Chelsea’s boots. It originated in the Victorian era, from Rolling Band to Kanye West, which is highly sought after. This is not surprising. Whether it is light or fluffy leather, it is very easy to wear. The elegant appearance, each man should have at least one pair.

Mountaineering boots

At the forefront of the combination of outdoor functions and fashion trends, the humble mountaineering boots have experienced serious changes in recent years. These shoes have now seamlessly merged from performance elements to shoes that can be worn daily. From Camper and Red Wing, then from Prada to Valentino. Considering their durability and practicability, this is an investment that can stand the test of time, especially when you walk on the top of the mountain.

Desert boots

No boots can better cross intelligent and casual gaps than desert boots. Clark began to popularize in the late 1940s, and its inspiration comes from a military boots launched during World War II. They are lining without lining, super durable.


The combination of functions, traditions and Western romance makes denim boots the first choice for rebel. Later, in the 1970s, Mick Jagel, Bruce Sprinsten and Jimmy Hendrics took charge of great power, and recently launched Matthew McConaughey. Denim boots now recover in the fashion circle and inject some rock style into your clothing.

Short boots


This chubby boots became popular in the late 1960s. Due to its steel toe and solid design, when it associated with the bald party and hooligan, it quickly won a bad reputation for itself. Fortunately, the punk rock band left a mark on the boots, and today this style has become the perfect shoes of one middle, making you look more masculine.

Jiaotbul boots


This kind of boots are similar to the contours of Chelsea’s boots. The earliest designed in the 1920s and was the cycling boots of the Indian city polo. Although the elastic boards of some shoes are the same as Chelsea’s boots, they usually fix them with belts, so that they can make a pair of particularly chic shoes, and then with a pair of slim jeans.

Best men’s boots recommendation


【1】 Church’s

In order to gain eternal elegance,


Be the first stop for you to find boots. It has a complex shape, a high -grade suede upper and a cross -cross cross with a complete gold deduction. Their smooth and slim black jeans are perfectly matched, while the brown tone of the fluffy leather is very suitable for rural bars and travel, which means that they are a boots that will not sleep in the box.



A pair of high -dander Boots with 14 holes. Don’t be fooled by its volume. Its weight is very light, which is made of wax black leather produced by Chicago’s well -known leather in Chicago. This is a pair of boots suitable for life. The leather’s own unique luster, it looks very stylish.



Clarks Originals

Clark desert boots are a classic. However, I am particularly interested in beeswax leather products. The real iconic style, the tactile upper is sitting on a rich brown -tattoo sole, the texture is very in place!



These Prada boots are sci -fi and have a sense of future. Made of rubber and leather, thick rubber soles, with popular trench coats, the return rate is definitely 100 %.




Common projects

This is a pair of clean Chelsea boots. Typical minimalist style, luxurious leather texture and a iconic gold sequence number hot word with the brand, it is worth having.


Brunello cucinelli


Brunello Cucinelli is a traditional hiking style high -end fashion boot. It uses a classic outline and gives it some extremely luxurious attractiveness. The deep polishing and detailed Italian craftsmanship of dark brown leather, but look at the details, you will really see the value of these shoes, from sutures to rich brown suede heel tags.



Since 1896, Guidi has been at the forefront of Italian leather technology. For a soft leather like these ankle boots, the professional technology of 124 years is exactly what it needs. I especially like the bronze zipper in the middle. In addition, in order to improve durability, rubber vibration soles were selected.


Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani has done a lot of work for this classic and heavy military boots. The result will add new advantages to your equipment and allow you to stand out in the next boots. The wrinkled rubber soles enlarge the volume of these shoes and achieve good results. The attractiveness of the designer not only comes from the brand insole, but also the top of the multi -layer sole unit.



Red wing

If you have been to Shoreditch, you will see a lot of such boots. In the village in East London,


It is already the classic equipment with a perfect beard and wearing a logging worker shirt. To be honest, I can understand the reason. Strong, beautiful, durable (TRED outsole and Guteye Patch ensure this).




This boot from all Saints is composed of cow and goatskin, and has a minimalist design aesthetics. If you want, it also includes a high -level sole.



This pair of boots hit the trend of hiking shoes, but it can be used as daily leisure. Loves and silver eye holes, plus perfect shoe type, fashionable and eye -catching.

【12】 Saint Laurent


St. Loron

This boot has now become the inherent elements of this Paris brand, just like tight jeans and heavy leather locomotive jackets. Its classic, even ten years later, will not be outdated.

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