Thirty ways to identify the true and false Moutai wine


The most worth collecting wine in the past two years may not have dare to say a second except that 52 ° Feitian Maotai has not dared to say. The huge appreciation space has made Feitian Moutai a perfect wealth management product

National Wine Moutai


It can be said to be a year when Feitian Moutai rushed from 1800-1900 to the end of the year at the end of the year. With the clear inventory at the end of November, the online and offline volume was allowed. They are all put on Feitian Moutai. There may be a lot of good wine, but the C position is always flying.

Roughly calculated 27 bottles of flying (online+offline) from April 20 years to today. Of course, it is very difficult to get, but there are also many channels to buy about 2500 flying sky!


Let ’s share with you the latest anti -counterfeit logo in Moutai.


Part 1: Basic Guidance for Flying Moutai Appraisal

Here we should say that after 2021, the Flying Moutai’s anti -counterfeiting logo has changed. As a high -value bottle of good wine, it must be the heart of fake wine vendors. Moutai’s anti -counterfeiting logo is changing every year.


Moutai probably from the bottle body to the box, and there are about a hundred anti -counterfeiting secrets. Here you choose some of the most easy to identify authenticity and share with you. All are real pictures. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Wine box


Moutai’s anti -counterfeiting has been armed to the whole body, and there are many anti -counterfeiting dark markers like the carton. Let’s take a look separately.


1. Positive



The word “Guizhou Moutai wine” and Feitian women’s standard use the convex printing process, touch the raised, and the flying female standard reflects the light differently at different angles.

170 seal engraving seal

“One 70th Years” is not closed in the outer frame


2. The right side


“MOUTAI” and the bottle logo borders have a convex printing process. There is a prominent feeling of the film with the hand. There is also a dark label on the bottle cap

Among them, the bottle pattern bottle cap has a micro -reduction text. Previously, the micro -shrinking word was “National Wine”. After the “National Wine Moutai” trademark was abandoned on June 30, 2019, the word was changed to “Moutai”. The word “Moutai” is a vertical and horizontal column combination

3. Left side


The word “MOUTAI” is a convex printing process, and the touch has a bumpy feeling. Starting from October 17, 2020, the latest version of the red Chinese geographical indicator was used to be yellow -green.

Geographical indication changes in Chinese geography

4, back side

Rear side

The word “Guizhou Moutai wine” is a convex printing process. It touchs the bumpy feeling with hands. The red “Guizhou Maotai wine” seal seal frame is not closed.

Guizhou Moutai wine engraving seal


5. Cover the tongue


The top of the front, right, and left tongue is raised around the tongue


Fake wine box, no

6. top cover

Top cover

In a special perspective, you can see the laser pattern of “MOUTAI and Moutai”. Among them, the word “MT” (MT “(direction and Moutai are 90 °) in the middle of the word” Moutai “, which can be seen clearly by 60 times.

MT secret notes


Second, bottle body


A box alone is so secret, let alone the bottle body.

1. Back label



In 2020 and 2021, the word “special” in the “scientific and unique” word “special” in the backbar of the Flying Moutai is contact with the horizontal line, and the “special” character and horizontal “special” character of “fragrant” (Two special features of the wine in 2018 and 2019 are just in turn).

“Special” secret note


The “sudden” word and horizontal point of “prominent sauce” are not contacting, and most of the fonts are in contact with the horizontal point.

“Sudden” word secret


2, ribbon

Ribbon Arabic Number

The ribbon should be vertical, stiff, and Arabic numerals on the inner ribbon, and the two ribbons have the words “Moutai wine in Guizhou, China”.

3, rubber hat

Glue cap


Through the identification device presented by Moutai, the surface and text of the real wine cap will disappear, and the rainbow -like background and the words “Guizhou Moutai” and “MOUTAI” appear.

Moutai rubber caps can be slightly rotated about 0.5 cm (don’t turn big). The rubber cap shrinks the bottle cap. The bottle is destroyed.

With the help of Moutai’s anti -counterfeiting identifier or strong light tilting 45 °, it rotates the Moutai wine bottle body. Seeing the “MT” secret note at the intersection of the Moutai wine red rubber hat and the side of the hat.

The side of the red glue hat secretly remembered under the light “Guizhou Moutai” and “Moutai” staggered.

The side of the rubber cap

Among them, there are two combinations of the “Best” department of “Bei”, which are connected and inconsistent. There are two combinations of “AI”, which appears alternately.

“AI”, “Best” secret notes


There are 13 gears on the top of the red glue hat, and the five -pointed star has only one sharp corner to align with the middle of the gear and one tooth. Among them, the inner groove of the gear is arc, with this tooth as the starting point counterclockwise, and the fifth gear inner groove is also curved. The number of gears before November 2017 was 14.

Dark Gear

4. Gloss


The code is composed of “Moutai” and the three lines. Among them, there is a small black dot on the right side of the “Mao” grass. There is a lack of eloquence at the top of the “Mao” character’s cursive head.


There will be a small black spot above the production date, which is also a secret note! Intersection Intersection


Black Darkness

5. Positive standard


Black and white staggered oblique strip

The black lines of the positive standard increasingly transition from the outside to the inside. The two inner two black lines are the same thickness, and the white lines are the thickest from top to bottom. The stripes of the front label are blown black.

Observe it carefully

6. Feitian logo


Flying label

Feitian logo should be the place where Moutai has the most anti -counterfeiting and dark consciousness, and is an important symbol of identifying authenticity.


① There are four red pearls on the top of the fairy tops on the left. Among them, there is a small black spot in the leftmost pearl (relatively obvious). Most of the fake wine is not or blurred.


Fairy headdress secret

② The wine glass held by the two fairies has a secret notes. There is a gap in the connection. Most of the fake wine is connected.

Wine glass

③ At the intersection of the fairy body and yellow ribbon on the left, there are three raised places, and there is no fake wine.

Pink belt


④ There are three obvious folding corners at the flying tab.


⑤ The short -term in the left fairy map is separated from the horizontal line above, and the fake wine is mostly connected

The left fairy’s thighs decorate the secret note

⑥, the right fairy’s left calf is five short bars and one small black dot. This small black dot is a secret note, and the fake wine is mostly a short bar.

Right fairy left trouser legs secret


⑦ There is a very unknown gap in the left fairy skirt circle. There is no fake wine.


Study in the gap in the left fairy skirt

⑧, the word “note” is separated. The first horizontal word is connected to the first horizontal of the Lord.

There are very small arcs at the end of the “Book”, and there are generally obvious hooks in false.

“Registration” secret notes


E, the alphabet “R” in the “Trade” is the vertical on the left, and the vertical liquor is straight.

Letter r

The word “Shang” is the vertical point without tilt, similar to a small triangle, and the fake wine is mostly a regular oblique point.


“Shang” word secret notes