Australia: New Bachelor of Business Analysis of the University of Newcastle


In today’s era, business analysts need to express and show large and medium -sized data than in the past, and provide effective basis for management decisions and orientation. In order to meet the requirements of this era, Newcastle University has released a new upgrade business analysis bachelor’s degree certificate to help you get super skills needed in this era.

Commercial analysts are widely sold in the market. It is estimated that by 2024, the employment rate of the post will exceed 20%, and the salary will be quite abundant. The extensive annual income will be $ 110,000.

Newcastle University’s Bachelor’s Degree Certificate Treatment of Business Services. Students can grasp management decisions with data -driven business services, so that you can get core competitiveness in the rapidly developing work sales market.

This new curriculum standard is designed by Newcastle universities and industry elite personnel, so that the new generation of business analysts can make reasonable data -driven business service management decisions “

Dr. DOOWON Lee’s graduate student stated.

Why choose the business analysis technology major of Newcastle University?

Building for the times,

The trainees will get the diploma qualifications that are incorporated into the current era, grasp the required professional skills, and then make full preparations for the first entering workplace.

Practical course content with specific work experience,

Give field trainees, opportunities for learning and training abroad, new projects and visits. Newcastle International Business School collaborates with fields to shape university graduates who need professional skills and business services.

The needs of the universal market of business analysts,

It is estimated that by 2024, the annual growth rate of business analysts will exceed 20%. It is estimated that commercial analysts will receive considerable income, with a wide range of annual income of $ 110,000.


Shape the logical thinking of the economy,

Participate in new projects, trainees, international students, and leadership capabilities in international immersive classroom teaching, trainees, trainees, international students.

The most leading learning environment


-The NUSPACE teaching area located in Newcastle CBD brings you the best learning environment.

British Management Method International Business School Committee (AACSB) verification

-The new business new projects in the world have AACSB verification.

(1) The Australian Government Labour Market Insights Portal

What will you learn

The Bachelor degree certificate of business analysis of Newcastle University, the main definition of data analysis and visualization of big data, and found opportunities and challenges. Apply statistical models and prediction models based on deep learning to various business services, and transmit business data on how to conduct learning training reasonably and effectively.

Key learning training industry includes:


Methods of collection and management of business data

Business data visualization can be used for effective communication

Business data drill and prediction analysis

Make stable management decisions based on business data

Future career planning

Manager/Operation Director

Business analyst

Financial Officer

Financial analyst

Management method investment analyst

Market research investment analyst

Network Marketing Operation Specialist

The Australian government allows students to achieve academic provisions and professional skills and standards. In order to better motivate fresh graduates in the daily life and work of regional regions, it is successful in the Newcastle Teaching District, and can stay in Canada for 3 years.

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