Light, portable high -power OPPO 50W super glitter charger evaluation


The charger can be said to be our most commonly used mobile phone accessories. For a long time, in order to bring a better charging experience, mobile phone manufacturers and third -party accessories manufacturers have improved in -depth improvement, strive to achieve greater charging power, more comprehensive protocol compatibility, and make the volume of the charger smaller. At the just -concluded new generation of super flash charging conference, OPPO officially released the small and exquisite OPPO 50W super flash biscuits charger, which combines small, compatible, high -power and other products. Cognition of charger products.

OPPO 50W super flash biscuit charger’s innovation uses an electrolytic capacitor design. For the first time, it uses aerial -grade devices and the first pulse charging design. It shrinks to the size of the U shield. At the same time, it also has the blessing of nitride high -frequency switch and OPPO’s self -developed architecture, and the switching loss is greatly reduced. Below, we will bring you a comprehensive evaluation of OPPO 50W super glitter charger.

Biscuits are extremely thin and thin, and the difference in intuitive contrast is obvious

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

OPPO 50W super glitter charger pioneered the ultra -thin shape of the runway type. It uses a multi -curved curve process, like its name, like a small biscuits, and the color is like Han white jade. Its rear is equipped with exquisite USB Type-C interface output power. The overall design is relatively simple and looks very elegant.

OPPO 50W super glitter biscuit charger has a unique shape design, like a large U disk, which is compared to the mainstream nitrogen -nitrogen charging heads this year, such as Nubia tadpole nitride, Xiaomi, Xiaomi 65W MAX high -power fast charge, which looks even more compact. OPPO 50W super glitter biscuit charger uses a flat folding design with a thickness of only 10.49mm. It is less than 3mm of the thickness of OPPO RENO4 Pro well -known OPPO RENO4 Pro. Essence

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

The shape of OPPO 50W super glitter charger is not deliberate, but considering the actual use scenario. OPPO 50W super flash biscuit charger is not easy to roll off in the bag, and inserting its foot is not easily damaged due to exposure. Its weight measured is only 56.6G, and the power density is as high as 2.41W/cm3 (excluding inserted pin). Even if it is inserted vertically on the wall, it will not fall from the wall due to gravity disorders. MAX.

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

For intuitive comparison, we use OPPO 50W super flash biscuits charger and 30W VOOC flash charging, 65W SuperVOOC flash charging, 30W Xiaomi charger, 40W Huawei SuperCharge flash charger, and 61W Apple charger. The

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

It can be seen that OPPO 50W super glitter charger is undoubtedly the most slim and sophisticated in the above -mentioned mainstream charger products, and the lightest weight. The weight of the 30W VOOC flash charging is the closest to it, but the volume is several times. The contrast between the two is clear, showing the huge progress of OPPO in miniaturization technology. Of course, the reason why OPPO 50W super glitter chargers can do small and thin, and the hardware choice and supporting technology follow -up. So how does OPPO wave “Okham Razor” and reduce the burden on the charger? This also starts with electrolytic capacitors and pulse charging technology.

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

No electrolytic capacitance with nitride


Switch, precise operation of Okham Razor

At the hardware level, in order to make the charger as small as possible, the OPPO 50W super flash biscuit charger uses an electrolytic capacitor design, making further internal structure optimization possible. The electrolytic capacitance traditional charger directly connects to 220V AC power from the inserting foot, playing the role of energy storage, filtering and lightning strikes. The energy storage function of electrolytic capacitors is the most important. It can regulate compensation for electrical energy, thereby ensuring the stable output of electrical energy. However, electrolytic capacitors have a huge defect, that is, the volume is positively correlated with power, and it is difficult to further miniaturize under the premise of ensuring the output power, and its heat resistance and life problem have always been difficult to solve.

OPPO 50W super flash biscuits not only cancel the electrolytic capacitance, so it reduces the pressure of the silicon bridge and the pressure -sensitive resistance, and greatly improves the high temperature resistance of the charger. At the same time, OPPO 50W super glitter biscuits charger also adds aviation -grade clamp diode. The supporting facilities adopt a new filtering architecture and customize the integration inductor to optimize the control algorithm and the line layout, which will effectively reduce electromagnetic interference and absorb waves. And can effectively deal with lightning problems. Even under more stringent use conditions, OPPO 50W super glitter chargers have high reliability.

OPPO 50W super glitter biscuit charger canceled huge electrolytic capacitors, and its transformer demand was achieved by OPPO -customized nitrogen high -frequency tablet transformer. Nitride can replace silicon and 锗 as switching tubes, thereby reducing the volume of transformer charging pumps. As an artificial synthetic semiconductor material, nitride has the advantages of small volume, strong heat dissipation capacity, small energy loss, and high power density. It is a new standard for high -end fast charging products in the first half of this year. The charger further reduces the key to the volume. At the same time, the OPPO 50W super glitter charger is also equipped with a self -developed ACF architecture and zero voltage & zero -current switch, which almost completely eliminate the switching loss and improves the service life of the equipment.

Simply summarize, OPPO 50W super glitter charger focuses on a series of unconventional hardware design adopted by weight loss, portable, and high -power requirements, which reflects the advantages of OPPO closed -loop ecosystem, and the choice is very accurate. At the technical level, no electrolytic capacitance is also complemented by the pulse charging technology it adopted. This starts from four years ago.

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

Four years of grinding a sword, pulse charging three thousand Yuejia can swallow Wu

At the MWC 2016 exhibition, OPPO officially launched a low -pressure pulse charging technology. This technology skipts the fluctuating constant voltage constant conversion process at the hardware level, and customizes the corresponding hardware and algorithms. On this basis, the VOOC platform can regard the entire circuit composed of charging receiving end, transmitting end, rechargeable end, and battery end as a charging protocol closed -loop system. Support two -way communication. The advantage of this technology is that large current charging can be used, and the cells of the battery can be eliminated during the stop charging period and the ohmization of the battery can effectively ensure the charging speed and charging stability, reduce the heating, and extend the battery life.

Due to the use of electrolytic capacitance design, OPPO 50W super glitter charger charges the pulse in the industry in the industry, which directly converts the AC power to 100Hz pulse DC power. With 10MS as one cycle, the highest current is 5.5A. The reason why the technology takes for several years from proposal to landing is because the OPPO fast charging system also needs to further enrich and improve the hardware and charging protocols.

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

In 2016, pulse charging and SuperVOOC technology were officially launched; in 2018, OPPO Find X super flash charging version/Lamborghini version took the lead in adopting a series dual -battery design, and the first SuperVooc flash charge was launched to land on the terminal device. The evolutionary version of SuperVOOC 2.0 technology was officially launched; in 2020, when the charging equipment equipped with pulse charging technology was launched, when the “front skills” of hardware and technology were complete, the OPPO 50W super flash biscuit charger supported the pulse charging also supported the pulse charging. Naturally, it is logical.

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

Of course, if you want to make users more intuitively feel the technical advantages of OPPO 50W super glitter charger pulse charging, the charging protocol that meets the needs is naturally essential. Hardware, technology and protocols are the three pillars of OPPO 50W super glitter charger technology ideal. There is a lack of one. Let ’s take a look at the actual performance of OPPO 50W super glitter chargers when charging different protocol equipment.

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测


轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

The flash charge system is customized, the mainstream fast charge agreement is full

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

Friends who are familiar with the charger products are clear that the use characteristics of the charger are closely related to the charging protocol. The most intuitive impact is the size of the charging power. OPPO 50W super flash biscuit charger can support 100-240V voltage, 50/60Hz frequency AC electricity, compatible with mainstream city electricity standards around the world, and can be used normally or abroad.

OPPO 50W super flash biscuits charger is compatible with VOOC and SuperVooc, with the maximum charging power of 50W and 30W, respectively. Pulse charging technology is actually compatible with SuperVOOC 2.0 in terms of protocol compatibility, so the models in the OPPO flash charge system can be compatible with this charging method. OPPO 50W super flash biscuit charger also supports the next -generation general -purpose protocol PPS. The maximum charging power of the pulse charging can reach 50W. Compatible models are known as OPPO RENO4 series, OPPO ACE2 and OPPO Find X2 series.

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

In addition, OPPO 50W super glitter charger can also be compatible with non -pulse charging PPS protocol with a maximum charging power of 30W. OPPO 50W super flash biscuit charger supports the PD and QC protocols. The highest power is 27W and 18W. The actual measurement can be charged for MacBook, Lenovo Xiaoxin and Huawei Matebook, and Nintendo Switch. The device is universal! Intersection Intersection Below, let’s measure the charging power performance of the OPPO 50W super glitter charger on various devices.

It can be seen that the OPPO 50W super glitter charger is up to 48.85W when charging OPPO RENO4 Pro, which basically meets the level of 50W SuperVooc flash charging, which reflects the closed -loop advantage of the OPPO flash charge system. From 5%, we used OPPO 50W super glitter chargers to charge OPPO RENO4 Pro. This grade is quite happy.

When using the PD protocol to charge the iPad Pro 2020, Nintendo Switch, and Lenovo Xiaoxin notebook charging, the charging power is 28.17W, 17.18W, and 29.31W, respectively. The universal performance is outstanding. Because the notebook product has high requirements for charging power, it will pop up the slow -speed charger logo when charging Lenovo Xiaoxin notebook. Overall, the actual performance of OPPO 50W super glitter charger is still better.

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

Written at the end:

Through the detailed technical details and measurement results displayed above, we can see that light and portable is the biggest advantage of OPPO 50W super glitter charger. Even in the universal nitrogen charger camp this year, OPPO 50W super glitter biscuits charger is the smallest. It is also the smallest mainstream smartphone charger, which is currently destined to disappear 5V/1A charger. Its hardware matching, structure optimization and technology ecology are unique, and it is perfectly matched with the OPPO closed -loop ecosystem. The technical path is difficult to copy. Compared with the other three other chargers released at the same time, OPPO 50W super glitter charger is also unique and worthy of playful.

This year’s OPPO is ambitious in leading charging. The OPPO ACE2 released in the first half of the year completed the integration of wired charging, wireless charging and wireless reverse charging functions at the terminal device level, and used wireless charging functions on the headset. In the second half of the year, OPPO’s four products/technologies at the press conference clearly have clear division of labor, and precisely sniping users’ diverse battery life replenishment needs can be called classic cases that push flash charging scenes to users. Especially in the second half of the year, the industry pursue the charging high power and high speed in the second half of the year, OPPO not only refreshes the record again on the value of the charging power, but also starts the layout at the ecological construction of flash charging scenes and the industry compatibility of flash charging standards. The pattern is extraordinary.

轻薄便携高功率 OPPO 50W 超闪饼干充电器评测

Among them, OPPO 50W super glitter charger not only has outstanding compatibility, but also is full of human thinking about the actual use scene. It is undoubtedly a very good product.