H & M autumn and winter tops are beautiful, knitted clothes are cheap and beautiful, and it will definitely make you blind


What are the most afraid of autumn and winter with? What is the most afraid of Xiao sauce is to be fat! What loose sweaters or bread clothes, as long as the slightly fatter girl will become rolling ~ HM recently put on the combination of several new sweaters and Martin boots, and at the same time, everyone can return everyone’s thin figure!

Look1: Coveon vest Academy Wind


Is this beige lattice knitting vest? Is there a noble campus style in a TV series? It is the simplest and resistant to white shirt inside. At the same time, you can also experience a college style ~ The color of this vest is also super high -level. Essence The lower body is paired with knee -knee boots.


Look2: Sweater must -have in autumn and winter

The cuteness of this white bear is a bit fighting with the mascot of Coca -Cola! The fresh blue system and pure white give people a different sense of refreshing. The original autumn and winter match can be so small and fresh! The lower body with broken pants, highlighting a bit of wildness and street wind, it is not so consistent in an instant.


Listening to Xiaoyu must start with such a sweater before Christmas. The rich red system gives people full of happiness. With reindeer heads embroidered, it is cute to make people want to be a holiday instantly ~ The black pocket will immediately stand up and stand up. There is a little more fashionable atmosphere, paired with broken jeans into Crash Girl ~


The color of this sweater loves at first glance, like gray with a little purple design, advanced and dreamy. The soft fabric is very suitable for girls to create a delicate girl style. If you need to expose the collarbone, you will be charming. The lower body still chooses the combination of tight jeans and Martin boots to show first -class thin ability.

After watching the winter, it’s really coming. Various holiday wind sweaters have been born one after another. I really want to start now! This sweater is still mainly based on red, combined with yellow and brown cartoon patterns, a thick ginger soup flavor is very charming ~ The design of the buttocks is just right, and the width is not afraid.


The color of this sweater is directly gray and green, it is difficult to hit the shirt on the street ~ The high -necked design is full of layering whether it is single or inside. The hem of the clothes was not closed, and it seemed even more elegant and refreshing. A black -and -white mixed bag can create a simple and fashionable style and high -level sense.


The white system can also be very energetic! The sleeves of this white sweater are relatively loose, giving people a very casual and lazy feeling. The half -neck design is warm and winter. The classic national wind printing and reindeer embroidery have added a bit of style to white. With straight suit pants and Martin boots, half -cooked girls are most suitable.

Look3: sweater

The material of this sweater is rare. The furry texture is not only very soft, but the black system immediately shows a bit of European and American style. Don’t think that young girls can’t wear a plush series, only the style selection is not tacky at all! The casual style with the hooded design, keep warm and versatile, is not fat at all ~

The materials of these two sweaters are really attentive. Compared with ordinary cotton, this kind of plush has highlighted personality. The sweater is still sports and leisure, but it looks a lot more mature after with Martin boots. And the white line looks very refreshing. After pairing with black jeans and Martin boots, the visual impact is super strong.

HM knows if there is any shot. It ’s just a new one for everyone’ s troubles ~ These sweaters are bought early and opened early, and the sweater that fits the season is also an indispensable part of the ritual. The plush sweater is also very distinctive. What are you waiting for?