Jordan CNY released! Three new sneakers are really good -looking


Since 2011, Jordan Brand has launched a special limited CNY series items for the Chinese Lunar New Year every year.

Not only does it contain heavy sneakers, but also a series of theme clothing simultaneously debut. It can be said that it is a welfare of domestic players!

Jordan CNY 发布!三款新球鞋还真有点好看

As the first twelve -year reincarnation of Jordan Brand CNY, Jordan Brand Tiger Year CNY was officially released.

Jordan Brand uses the “new realm of the craftsmanship” as the design concept, draws inspiration from the traditional cultural elements, and has pushed out new in color and production process.

Jordan CNY 发布!三款新球鞋还真有点好看

The shoes include Air Jordan 6 Low, Air Jordan Legacy 312, and Air Jordan 1 Low.

Each pair of shoes is integrated into Chinese elements as a whole and detail design. At the same time, it is different from the color replacement and printing in previous years. This year, it pays more attention to design inspiration and the reflection of the background of the background.

Jordan CNY 发布!三款新球鞋还真有点好看

Recently, Xiaobian will also bring you a complete real -quality unpacking and display display. I do n’t know which shoes do you expect most?

The latest CNY clothing series also has a highlight. The designer has drawn inspiration from the traditional Chinese craftsmanship of more than 1,300 years of history, and creates clothing, T -shirts and other clothing.

The design of the pattern also depends on traditional Chinese patterns. Through printing and embroidery process, the jordan characters of the print style and unique details such as the auspicious cloud pattern are presented on the clothing. The wisdom of the craftsman and the beauty of the ancient charm.

Jordan CNY 发布!三款新球鞋还真有点好看

At the same time, there is also a pilot jacket. The front of the black uses a very Chinese characteristics, which adds a sense of retro. The dark pattern printed with the tiger printed on the opposite side has further enhanced the overall details and texture.

Jordan CNY 发布!三款新球鞋还真有点好看

It is reported that the new Jordan Brand 2022 New Year Special Series will be released one after another on December 30.

For more release details, we will continue to pay attention and bring follow -up follow -up reports as soon as possible!