Chinese tenon and tenon: a big set of books, the content is detailed, the size is marked


Chinese tenon and tenon: 81 method of classical furniture and tenon structure


Tyranon is a structure,

It is traditional Chinese furniture and architecture,

The most subtle, most reasonable, and most interested internal structure.

It, a concave, a convex, strict silk joint;

It, yin and yang, dependent on each other;

It, open and one together, is exquisite;

Lie and tenon, the magic of workers, the excellent art.

The internal agencies are exhausted, Zhou Mi Qiqiao,

It has achieved the external containing without exposure and stability;

The complicated and complicated part of the components, complicated,


The overall sky is seamless and perfect;

The tenon -and -mortise, the philosophy is infinite, the meaning is endless.

Created for two years:

Three large -scale review meetings,

In addition to the ten -wheel pair of the school,

The tenon -and -mortise structure is measured for several months,


CAD wire diagram draws thousands of …

Packing into a thick manuscript

Live picture

The CAD diagram carefully drawn by the drawing staff

“Eighty -one Law of Chinese Tortee -Classical Furniture Tenon Structure”


It will let you see the inheritance and persistence of the traditional tenon -and -mortise structure.

Here I have to introduce Mr. Ye Shuangtao, the editor -in -chief of this book,

It was his persistence and seriousness that made this book.

He is the president of Langfang Taoran Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.,

He was rated as “Master of Folk Arts and Crafts in Hebei Province”.

Mr. Ye has used wooden art for more than 20 years,

In -depth research on traditional Chinese and Qing furniture,

Especially the tenon -and -mortise structure on traditional furniture,

And through summary, learning and improvement,

With the unique craftsmanship and design of “Tao Ranju”,

The essence of classical furniture should be on its own furniture,

In addition, Mr. Ye also has a unique research on the mechanics of tenon -mortise.

These are reflected in the book one by one.

All the mortise structures in this book are “Tao Ranju”.


Mr. Ye summarized his research on the traditional tenon -and -mortise structure,

Let the workers make more than a hundred types of tenon -and -mortise structures,

Each one is meticulous and excellent,

And continuously improved according to the opinions of experts.

In the end, this book selects eighty -one type

Classical furniture tenon -and -mortise structures are presented to readers.


It is a round of choice and consideration,


The selected tenon -and -mortise structure should be classic,

If it is the traditional structure of the original flavor;

It also symbolizes “nine or nine returns to the truth, get a proof of the avenue”,

The changes in the tenon -and -mortise structure are endless, and it has been leaving for a long time.

This book uses the overall structural diagram, split diagram,


CAD perspective view, detailed three -view form


To show each tenon -and -mortise structure,

Let the readers see clearly and clearly,


And marked the clear size of the details,

Provided to readers with carpentry experience,

Can make the tenon -and -mortise structure in the book.

All the texts in the book are also written by Mr. Ye himself,

For a while, Mr. Ye “escaped class” every day,

Consider yourself in the study, consider and scrutinize it,

Write down your own research related for many years

Summary of tenon -and -mortise names, applications, and production.

Mr. Ye’s manuscript

Mr. Ye talks about tenon

This book is divided into three chapters,

Chapter One

“History · Talk to tenon and tenon”



Based on history, the evolution of the tenon -and -mortise,

Chapter two


“Structure · tenon -and -mortise structure”

Deep deconstruction, analyze the internal structure of tenon -and -mortise,

third chapter

“Instrument · Furniture ingenuity”

Live furniture to show the actual application of tenon -and -mortise,

Finally, there is a view of a tenon -and -mortise structure,

Easy to query and sort out.

The editorial team of this book is also very powerful,

Protection for the professional, scientific and authoritative of books.

Senior mahogany experts and collectors

Zhang Dexiang


Master’s tutor and professor at Beijing Forestry University

Zhang Fan


Deputy Dean and Professor of the School of Applied Design of Shandong Crafts Academy

Xue Kun

Beijing Jingzuo Hardwood Furniture Production Skills Inheritor


Tian Yanbo



As an academic director of this book, Mr.

I have published art design majors in colleges and universities

GM textbook “Design Drawing”

Professor of the School of Wood Industry, Nanjing Forestry University

Peng Hong

As an expert in this book.

From left to right, from top to bottom:

Zhang Dexiang, Tian Yanbo, Zhang Fan, Xue Kun


Books are divided into two volumes, lighter and practical,

Xiao Bai’s hardcover, high -level atmosphere,

157g copper version paper printing, full of picture texture,

Whether it is reading, learning, reference, collection,

It’s a good book worth starting.

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Chinese tenon -mortise -the 81 method of classical furniture tenon structure

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Chinese tenon and tenon: 81 method of classical furniture and tenon structure (set of sets of sets)

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