Masu girly hairstyle appears, white stitching down jackets with thin leg pants, fashion reduction and eye -catching


When celebrities are on stage or participating in variety shows, they will choose thin clothes, because the thicker dressing, the more bloated in the body. But 40 -year -old Masu seemed to be afraid of cold, and he was wearing thick down jackets when he participated in the event. Adding a thousand birds to the white background, combined with tassel jewelry, combined with hat elements to bring the age reduction and fashion effect. It is praised by netizens. It is indeed beautiful.

1. Thick version of down jackets can also be very fashionable


The down jacket is a good warm product in winter. Many girls choose such clothing only to keep warm and cold. They think they lack a sense of fashion. In fact, if you add fashion elements on classic down jackets, it will improve monotonous defects.

The white down jacket is fresh and simple, and it is easier to reducing the age of girls. But it is not a commonly used clothing favored by daily girls, because it is the most obvious disadvantage of dirt. Masu chosen this clothing in the front chest and the position of the sleeve use thousands of bird grid stitching, so that girls’ gentleness and the design of clothing are interpreted.

The details can be treated just right to shape a fashion item. In the splicing location, short tassels are used, which brings age reduction effects. It is combined with hat elements to present a very fashionable design effect. It looks warm and delicate.

Black down jackets are the most common clothing items in winter. Because black will show a thin and thin effect, even if a thick version is used, it will not cause fat defects. Usually when you choose black clothing, you often bring monotonous monotonous. Feeling, at this time, you may wish to add a design with sequin elements on your clothes. Masu’s clothing uses different colors of stitching at the lower end of the neckline and the position of the sleeves and pockets. Essence

Second, the woolen coat is more qi field


Masu often uses a woolen coat to make a concave shape. Mid -length woolen coats are often worn by her classic without losing noble effect. Use different woolen coats with different inside to form a super -fashion effect. So as to win the gas field.

Rice white sweater, simple and temperamental, but if a loose shape, with heavy fabrics and classic versions, it will be fat, bloated defects, properly wear dark tights inside inside, with jeans with jeans, and jeans are paired with jeans It will bring the effect of sunshine and youth. Masu chosen the woolen coat to use a contrast lapel at the neckline, and the sense of fashion has become more prominent.

The collar of the woolen clothing is the focus of the design of clothing. The element of hat is more age -reducing, and a suit lapel will bring a coolness, while the classic small lapel is simple and retro. With a hat design, through the element of the hat, it highlights the texture of the playful little girl. If it combines the earth color, it will also exude mature charm. When choosing, you can use the classic design without losing the classic design. You can use bright tones, but the style is best to choose a classic design.


The medium -long lattice jacket will make girls’ big -name charm and high -level sense of high -level, especially the grid elements that add black and white lines with black and white lines will emit a classic and atmospheric charm. Simple colors will win the temperament and fashion effect. Masu chose jeans in the lower body, plus the age -reducing ball head, overflowing the temperament of the 20 -year -old goddess.


The black woolen coat can bring a very handsome feeling, making the image of girls a again appear. Masu chose the white stitching neckline inside, using a V -neck design, revealing the slender neck lines, cool and classic effects, and this black and white contrasting clothing also brings a simple sense of picture.


She chose denim trousers in her lower body, and used the V -opening shape on the feet of the trousers to extend the lines of her legs to highlight the tall figure. With a woolen coat with loose clothes, she could bring a handsome goddess aura.

The plaid jacket is a classic and big -name design. Large grid jackets are more simple and advanced, while small grid jackets are mature and low -key. Masu chose the small grid clothing, because the grid is too dense and the color is single with fat defects. In order to make the figure appear to be thin visually, she is paired with a black suit inside, but because the upper body selection is slightly obvious, The loose sweater, the overall shape is slightly fat, with a pair of small white shoes, full of leisure.


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