Don’t understand the bag, please don’t buy it casually! 3 big bags of “style” wear analysis, exclusive dry goods are worshiped


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Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.

Hello in March. No matter how reluctant, the hour hand was swinging at the morning on the first day of March. How can I grasp the eternal eternity of the moment?

Luo Wei wants only 6 words to interpret:

This body, this time, here

Essence If you can always awaken your own mood, at this time, here, understand why, know how to do it with your heart, and know how to appreciate and enjoy with a beautiful attitude, you can really live in the present.

Living in the present is worthy of being desperate for everyone. It is the ultimate expression of life. The earlier, the more you realize it.


In today’s sharing, Luo Wei wants to talk about the theme:

Accessories of accessories

, About it. If you have this trouble, you do n’t know how to choose your bag, and you do n’t understand its style language, you need to look closely.

The main contents of this issue include:

Knowing bags

The matching style of the bag


First: Know the bag

How important is the bag in a set? No, you should ask this way: For women,


What does it mean?

In the eyes of vanity women, the bag is a virtual brand logo, hiding showing off and decentness. In the eyes of intellectual women, the bags are placed on items.

In the eyes of the elite woman on the workplace, the bag is a silent business card, which is the first key to open interpersonal communication. In the eyes of housewives, the bag is a shopping bag. Essence

In addition, in the eyes of fashionable fines, the bags are popular postcards. The more collected, the more they can show the fashion. Different people have their own “small abacus” for bags.

However, in Luo Wei’s eyes, the bag is only an important prop in dressing, which plays a pivotal

Style regulation

Essence No matter how big the big name, the price will end up, it will only be embellished. Without the needs of clothing and dressing, the bag will have no meaning.

If you can understand this, you can look at the bag with your usual heart, and you will not be hungry for several months to pursue the so -called LOGO. Of course, when you need to express your status with a brand bag, it is never ambiguous.

So, how to know the bag correctly? Luo Wei divided it into the basis and high -level position. ↓



The so -called foundation refers to the basic style language of a bag. It is formed from line to

Outline shape, material, shoulder strap handle, hardware

For the composition, different elements determine what style of the final presentation.



: The basic contour structure of the bag, the square is formally mature, the round is cute and sweet, the triangle is delicate and feminine, the irregularity is fashionable, and the lines are dominated by the lines.


: The leather has texture and grade. The cowhide is stiff and straight, the sheepskin is soft, and the pork skin is very deep in the middle. It depends on the specific styles;



: Generally there are thickness and materials, the more fine the more refined, wider and more atmospheric, and gold and silver chain partially feminine.



: The decorative buckle and dark locks embellished on the bag are generally determined according to the color: gold luxury, silver modern. ↓


The above elements are the basis of knowing the bag and have nothing to do with the brand. When we take out any bag, we must immediately distinguish its style language. It wants to express the claims and the reason for the purchase.


High -level

The high -level here is on the basic style of the bag, join

Brand influence

Subsequent style language. The brand is a very important measurement indicator for bags. The clothes can be regarded as not comparable, but women must have several face -to -face brand bags anyway.

In response to brand bags, Luo Wei recommends that the lower the key, the more apparently the product is. You only need to start the most classic style. There is no need to pay for the dazzling new products every quarter every year. Of course, if you have money, please continue to be willful.

When starting these classic brand bags, you need to know their historical and design concepts, and realize the connotation it really wants to express to exert its value. If not, it is still unable to stimulate the aesthetic waves at high prices.

The niche designer brand that has been quiet in these years has a unique personality interpretation of bags. Regardless of the material, design to the whole, it has both characteristics and texture. Without the publicity of big names, light luxury restraint is more worthy of fun.

Second: The matching style of the bag

In this link, let’s take a look at the matching style of the bag. Compared to the style of the bag itself, it is clear of it


Matching style

It is the top priority to control it. It can at least bring the following benefits:

Simplify the wardrobe, just a few of the necessary bags can be changed to change the shape

Spend less money, big fashionable

The foundation of the wearing concept of laying the bag

Instead of buying and buying blindly, it is better to spend energy and money on the blade. This is a correct and fashionable attitude of fashionable and wearing fashion.

In response to the style of the bag, Luowei refined as follows, they can almost include all their dressing styles. Regarding each type of style, please understand the body with your heart. ↓

⑴ Mature wind, suitable: commute & gas field

What are the characteristics of bags that can express the mature style of the atmospheric field in many bag styles? Please grab these keywords:


: Black and white gray, rice camel and other neutral colors


: Hard cowhide or other


: Niggle, square, square, etc.


: The less, the better, almost no


: Not obvious

This kind of formal baggage is generally suitable for workplace commuting occasions, or when you want to express your dignified atmosphere.

Large sense of quantity, strong existence, heavy weight

It is their obvious feature.

In matching, they can strengthen the mature style, instantly complete the shaping of the atmosphere, reconcile all tenderness, and highlight the high product. Through the comparison of the following sets, you can see it at a glance. ↓

In addition, such classic atmospheric field bags can resist popular invasion. Generally, it is not easy to be outdated. As long as it is a classic style, it can be used for at least 3 to 5 years. On average, it is quite cost -effective.

Putting points


: Bad femininity, their most obvious lack is that they are stiff and formal, insufficient feminine, and need to be reconciled from the details. The most common is



⑵The cute wind & fashion model, suitable for: most occasions

Compared to serious official commuting bags, you only need to make some round changes in the lines, or bring some cute decorations, you can have changeable fashion attributes. They are the most commonly used categories, and they are the most common.

The major brands of each quarter will launch their own fashion series. ↓


: They do not have a uniform standard, and they cannot accurately measure some standards. But when you see, you know that they are fashionable. The brand medicine is unchanged, but the soup tastes very different.

Under the leadership of the market, when the lack of insistence on the brand’s original flavor, we will find that many brands are more and more similar, and they can’t even distinguish which one they are, and naturally lack the classic artistic conception.

Xiaoxiang’s new small pocket this year, with its classic pearl and chain LOGO, just turn the sense of quantity and shape into a bucket shape, and immediately among the cuteness of the cute style, combining a variety of fashion elements such as exquisite, cute The style is rich and changing.


: In the ranks of fashionable bags, the style is rich and the style is varied, but the commonly used is the following ↓

Full -time wind, represents a bucket bag

The bucket -shaped bag is particularly popular in recent years. Regardless of the material and the brand, as long as the barrel shape can stimulate the cute and sweet attributes, this youthful girl feelings become a fashionable factor in style matching.


In the leisure style and handsome wind, some cute and sweet, achieved the purpose of age -reducing, is a perfect interpretation of mature women’s hearts on the girl’s feelings. It is not necessary to be too tender, and it is even more casual.

Properly reconcile

This is the king.

The two sets in the figure below, if the blessing of the bucket bag is missing, it will be boring and boring.

The clean and pure white bucket bag in spring and summer is the bright and bright moonlight of the fashionable starry sky. With its embellishment, handsome is no longer neutral; leisure is no longer arbitrary; exquisite is no longer mature; dark color is no longer monotonous, everything is full of interesting.


Exquisite decorative wind, representing the chain bag


Have you found that there are more and more chain bags in recent years? Regardless of the shape and material of the bag, just replace the bag with the chain, and immediately harvest a other exquisite experience.

For the chain bag, please

As a jewelry

Just match. At this point, it no longer represents a bag, but a jewelry.

The best choice of the chain color chain color


Let it be an outstanding accessories embellishment, echo one of the accessories of the whole body, and become the most feminine blessing of the overall image, and it is effortless to make out.


, Casual natural style, suitable for: leisure sports relax occasion

In the category of bags, the casual natural attributes are


Canvas bag, bert bag, backpack

Wait for leisure. They do not need to pay attention to brand, materials, and design. As long as they are powerful and practical.

However, in the current popular bags, leisure bags are becoming more and more fashionable, and they have become one of the indispensable accessories elements that create casual natural style.

: Casual canvas bags or backpacks with obvious leisure wind need to increase


, Can we blend it delicate and feminine. Combining combination with too mature and formal clothes, or adding it in leisure items, is a effective matching method.

The matching in the figure below is two styles of the same khaki pants. One is leisure and one is formal. It is matched with different styles of bags and shoes. The common elements use silk scarves to increase tenderness.


Mature style, cute fashion style, casual natural style

It is the three -style classification of bags and the basis for the way of bags. Understand them clearly, to choose the right bag and make the right match.

In a set, bags and shoes are an overall concept, and they are more perfect to cooperate with each other. But the premise is to penetrate their own style!


I hope today’s sharing is a little inspiration for you!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.


I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

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