“White Boots” is the king of winter. The coats and down jackets are good -looking.


In the face of cold wind, in the face of such cold weather, we need to consider many factors when matching. For example, we need to consider whether it can keep warm after wearing. The following article will introduce the most popular white boots this year. Such boots are really beautiful, and it is also a king of winter. Like many tide people, they like to use it with coats and down jackets. It is really beautiful. Essence

Part 1: Introduction to the popular style of white boots

① Choose short boots in the small man


First of all, the small man can start with a pair of short boots,

The white boots are simple and generous, and it looks more refreshing than black boots

It is really beautiful to wear this winter, we can match some bright colors on it.

Skirts or bright colors coats will make your shape more brighter, and it will be more vibrant than ordinary earth colors.


② Tall with boots

There are many different styles of white boots,

From the perspective of length, there are still many tide people who like to try boots, and tall people can start with themselves.

This kind of white boots to wear is particularly thin and high.

And can also wrap our calf, the effect of keeping warm will be better.

But when choosing this white boots,

You should pay attention not to be too loose, otherwise you will feel a little procrastinating on your body, which will also cause the calf to become thicker.

Choosing the long boots that fit your own legs will be thinner and higher.

③ Thick heels and stable, fine heels are exquisite

The thick heel boots look very stable, because its thick -heeled design will cause our area to become larger.

In this case, it will be more comfortable when walking

If you want to ensure the sense of fashion, you can choose this kind of coarse white boots.


But if you are very good at wearing high heels,

And the proportion of the figure is also very good, then you can choose a small white boot for yourself, because the thin heels will look much more exquisite.


It is not so heavy, and it can be more feminine to match.

Part 2: Tips for matching white boots

Same color matching

Demonstration: small white pants with white boots

Everyone knows that the color of the clothes also has a certain modification effect on the figure, so when wearing this kind of white boots, you can try the skills of the same color system.


With the same color white pants with white boots, this can extend the curve of the lower body. Compared with the contrasting color, it is more suitable for the proportion of the body.


Town pants with white boots

How to match short boots? It is recommended that you can start with a nine -point pants,

Town pants and white short boots are connected, which will make your legs longer, and you can stretch your legs ratio to make your body look taller.

And in daily life, we can try the matching of this white boots and nine -point pants, which is more fashionable and advanced.

Part 3: Introduction to the matching of white boots


① Skirts with white boots

In winter, it is also a season to wear skirts, and at this time, when we wear skirts, we can also match a coat to create a sense of layering. There is also a very gentle feeling.

If you want to wear a skirt alone, you can match white boots in the lower body, which will also look more refreshing, and the print skirt will not feel heavy.


② Janpole pants with small white boots

Short boots are suitable for nine -point pants, and this way of matching can help you modify the proportion of the lower body, which is thin and high.

Jiufen’s pants are connected with small white boots, which can also create a tall proportion.

Compared to the mopped pants, it is more refreshing and neat, and it can also avoid bloating. Of course, there are many styles of nine -point pants. For example, these combinations below are suitable for us to learn from:

*Wide -legged cropped pants + small white boots: wide trousers legs can modify calf muscles

*Fanxian cropped pants + small white boots: retro flared pants version more fashionable and design

③ coat with small white boots

After the winter, everyone is a little troubled in the matching. I don’t know how to wear it to be more fashionable. Then when wearing a coat, try small white boots, so that you can also stand out.

Use the unique color of the boots to add points to the temperament, and whether you match the dark coat or light -colored coat, it will be more beautiful. Like the blogger below, it is also refreshing to choose a checkered coat with white boots.

You can also use this checkered element to compare with small white boots. The layers are very strong.

The combination of simplicity is also more attractive. For example, the checkered skirt or checkered coat below is extremely retro. It is especially beautiful with refreshing white short boots.

This article has introduced the popular white boots this year, and you will also find that there are many advantages of small white boots. The first point is that its color is refreshing. The second point is that its style is simple and generous. Or brown boots are more suitable for dull winter, which can greatly improve your charm.