During World War II, what was the name of the cloth tied to the legs? What is the use?


The cloth tied to the leg is called “leg tie”. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, not only the Chinese soldiers were used, but the Japanese army also used it. Other soldiers in World War II also used them.


The use of “leg tie”:

1. Relieve fatigue


Ancient vendors have discovered the role of “leg tie”, which can reduce the degree of labor in long journeys. That is because through this human supercharged operation, it can compress venous blood backflow and avoid the swelling of the calf, so as to achieve fatigue to relieve fatigue fatigue. Effect.


2. Prevent bumps from bumps and injuries

On the way to march, the mountains are overwhelming, especially Chinese soldiers in guerrillas. The sharp mountains and rocks, and thorns, all of them will not cause damage to the legs and feet of the soldiers. With the barriers of leg tie, these damage can be effectively avoided.


Third, snake -proof bite

Regardless of whether it is during march or resting, this layer of leg tie can also prevent the bite of snake locusts and mosquito ants.


Fourth, temporary medical bandage

In case of injuries, in the case of minimalist conditions during the War of Resistance Against Japan, the unbuttoned leg tie can be temporarily fixed due to the bandage of the wound and the fixation of the bone.

Fifth, tie grenades and other military weapons and materials


In encountering special battles, you need to carry more weapons such as grenade with you. Leg -tie cloth is suitable for this temporary role.

6. The wounded on the fixed stretcher

After the wounded is put on the simple stretcher, during the transfer period, if the fall will bring secondary damage, the leg tie can be fixed on the stretcher.


Seven, climbing

During the guerrilla war, when traveling in the mountains and dense forests, you can connect your legs into ropes. When you encounter some dangerous land that is difficult to climb by manpower, you can assist climbing.

Eight, bundle prisoners

Through the tie of the leg tie, the prisoners of war lose their resistance.

When facing the oil and gas bombs and flame jets in modern warfare, the leg tie will eat a lot of losses, it is difficult to solve it in a short time, and the unfavorable factors begin to present.

With the development of the modern war, officers and soldiers have no need to travel long distances, and the improvement of military boots has also fully replaced the original function of leg tie cloth. Therefore, the leg tied cloth has basically withdrawn from the stage of war.

In the outdoor donkey friends, the leg tie cloth is still silently contributed to their own heat.