Why can’t you wear a silver bracelet for your baby? Mom, don’t make mistakes anymore!


After the baby is born, the family will wear silver jewelry for him, because the elderly often say that silver jewelry can help toxins in the body and can also be safe. Although the silver jewelry expresses the good blessings of the elders, it may also hurt the baby.


1. The baby’s skin is delicate and cannot be worn for a long time


The skin of the newborn baby is more delicate. It is best to wait until six or seven months before wearing it to avoid making the baby feel uncomfortable. Be sure to remember when you sleep, otherwise the baby will feel uncomfortable and sleep well.

It is easy to cause allergies and dermatitis

If parents accidentally buy silver jewelry with poor quality and rough workmanship, it is easy to cut through the baby’s delicate skin and cause bacterial infections; this type of silver jewelry can also cause baby’s skin allergies, which really has to lose money.

Third, baby is easy to swallow

The baby likes to use his mouth to perceive the environment, and he will bite his little hand everywhere, and the silver jewelry wearing on his body will naturally not escape. Especially the silver jewelry with a small bell, there have been cases that have been bitten by the baby to eat the bell into the mouth before. In addition, some silver jewelry contains excessive metal elements. After sucking, it is prone to symptoms such as dizziness and headache, which is not conducive to the baby’s health.

When wearing a silver jewelry for your baby, you must buy a regular brand and choose a simple style to bring a small bell or chain; just wear it from time to time, you can’t wear it for a long time, especially when your baby sleeps when he sleeps.

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