New process of high -rise buildings outside safety flat network construction


In order to ensure the safety of the construction staff, according to the “Technical Specifications for the High School of Construction Construction” (JGJ80-91), Article 3.1.1 shall set protection measures to operate on the heights of the sidelines and comply with the following requirements: Two: Two , “The surrounding floor of the two floors with a height of the head wall exceeds 3.2m, and the surrounding floor of the floor with an exterior of more than 3.2M, must set up a safe flat net on the periphery.” The first floor of the flat net is 6m, go up, and go up. There is a 3M wide horizontal network every 3 layers or no more than 10m. According to the requirements of the specifications, the project needs to be set up for specific design, and the construction process with standardized and standardized construction has been summarized after repeated practice. Engineering practice proves that this set of processes is very practical, economical, and environmentally friendly.


1 Use the structure to embed the anchor ring to make the upper and lower fixed brackets of the flat net.

2 Use the bracket to set up the upper and lower branches, and set up a steel pipe row;

3 Set up a security net

4 Wounds are closed and flattened.

Construction process principle

Around the house, the special structure is used to set up a 6 -meter copying net to protect the safety of the construction personnel.


Construction process process and operation points

1 process process

Embedding anchor ring- 下 下 预 预 — —》 Putting the long-eye safety nets in the vertical steel pipes- ——》 Rotating steel pipes-—》 —— —》 —— —— —— —— “Put the horizontal steel pipe bracket and lay a large eye net —” “Rotating the horizontal steel pipe sheet is connected with vertical ——” Put the horizontal steel pipe network cable and large horn bars- “Pay the horizontal dense mesh ——》》 Daily Inspection and maintenance

2 Operation points

2.1 Hurry on the floor anchor ring


The anchor ring is made of φ16 reinforcement. The inner diameter of the anchor should be able to penetrate φ48 steel pipes.

The main force support of the lower layer (buried on the second floor), the embedded distance of the anchor ring along the structure is 1000-1200mm; The spacing is 1500-1800mm. The anchor ring is 800mm by the outer wall.

2.2 Putting on the lower branch rack

Basic force picking the outer diameter of the steel pipe φ48, the length is 1500mm. Pick out 450mm outside the wall, tighten the wooden wedge at the anchor ring, and fasten the inside and outside of the anchor ring. The exterior exposure length is not less than 50mm. The horizontal crossbar arranged along the wall is 100mm from the house, the second is 400mm from the house, and the horizontal rod can be connected with a docking connector.


The upper branch is set up with the same lower part, the distance is slightly larger,@1500-1800.

2.3 Putting on a diagonal row rack

The diagonal rack is the main force component. The maximum spacing of the force rod is 1800mm (more secure with 1500), and the connection connection is used, and each connector is not less than 3 buckles. At the beginning of the diagonal row, the lower end was connected to the branch, and it was set up vertically-it was easy to operate. The top is fixed on the pillar or the protective railing (must be safe and reliable) with a rope.

If the length of the diagonal rack is too long (generally 36m is a more suitable one), it is easy to remove when it is used. The dismantling device can be added to the appropriate part (that is, a section of a section -a dismantled connection rod — a horizontal distance). As shown below.

2.4 Two of the big eyes and color changing safety nets

The setting of the security net should be low inside and high, and the height difference between the high part is generally about 50cm;

From the upper part of the stand -up diagonal row, hang the quality of the color -changing safe big eye network with good quality, and the upper and lower seams are set up. It is best to be half -pressed. Connected to the upper branch-it can be relaxed appropriately. After the rotation of the rack is rotated to its reasonable position, the rope is tightened by the roots. The safety network should be connected with the upper end of the rope and the upper side of the row frame, and the connection with the supporting position is 20-30cm per buckle, and the connection of the horizontal rod on the top of the outer row rack is not greater than 30cm. Net should be tight, but not too tight!

2.5 Rotate diagonal row to its position

Use the rope to hold the upper end of the diagonal row, slowly release (there is a trick here-such as a rope tied to the protective frame, 2 laps around the steel pipe) and then rotate evenly to the position of 6 meters. Check and tighten the rotation buckle connected between the diagonal row and the lower support.

Hanging safety steel wire rope: In order to improve the safety factor, a φ10 steel rope is hung every 4 spans (7.2m).


2.6 Tighten the Big Eye Security Network

Tighten the connection of the large eye security net again and the upper support. Each rope on the outside of the safe flat net should be tied firmly on the horizontal horizontal pole of the outer scaffolding, and the inner side rope of the net is firmly connected to the crossbar inner crossbars in the upper branch; The spacing of the rope is set to embed the reinforced reinforced ring. The inner rope is tied in the reinforced ring. When the exterior wall is plastering, the reinforced ring bend is folded to the wall surface.

2.7 Laying dense mesh

During the construction, we must ensure that the security net is complete and effective, reasonable, and uniform, and there must be no debris in the network. You must be closely linked. There must be no gaps. The safety nets set up must not be disassembled or damaged during the construction period. It must be dismantled when operating without high.


2.8 Connect the two horizontal horizontal horizontal row racks into a closed whole, and complete the 6 -meter pick -up safety flat network system.


Maintenance on the 2.9th

Check the online garbage. If so, clean up in time; check whether there are abnormalities in the skeleton of the network and the safe flat network, and find abnormalities such as loosening, excessive deformation, and timely repair.