The skin often feels very rough. What is the problem?


Although the skin on the face looks very fair, meticulous, and elastic, the skin on the body is not so lucky. The body’s skin is often very rough, the pores are thick, there are hair, and some parts even have acne. Acne, so where is the problem?

Question 1: The skin is not moisturizing


Many MMs’ body skin loves oil very much, and when the oil secretion is more secreted, it will become extremely full, which will ignore the hydration for the skin. This is completely wrong. This concept can prevent the use of moisturizing products because the skin loves oil. Skin moisturizing is what should be done at all times. When choosing a bath solution, you can choose some gentle ones to remove oil and fat, and at the same time, it has hydrating ingredients.

Zhuo Lanya Perfume Dripper

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Zhuo Lanya Perfume Gourd Gel last long fragrant bubble bath flower fragrance bath milk male lady, moisturizing and moisturizing and moisturizing

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It is rich in a variety of plant essences that can effectively control the balance of water and oil, penetrate the inner layers of the skin, and make the skin smooth and white. It also has a good soothing effect, which can relieve fatigue, relieve skin, and release free vitality. Coupled with the elegant and fresh aroma, effectively remove the odor and make the skin lasting.

Question 2: Use scrubs to remove keratin

Many MMs know that the cuticles are removed regularly for their skin to ensure the normal breathing of the skin, but some MM uses scrubs or other relatively rough utensils when exfoliating. It will exacerbate inflammation, which is very unfavorable to the tenderness of the surface of the skin. Therefore, when exfoliating, you can choose some special -eximeric products, such as exfoliating creams, etc. This type of exfoliating products is relatively milder. The damage to the skin is also small, which is conducive to helping the skin’s recovery smooth and delicate.

Fu Xi go to dead skin gel

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Fu Fu Men and Women’s Skin Skin Skin, Foot and Foot Gentle and Remove the Facial Facial Model Moisturizing Gel Scattering

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Adopting a gel -shaped paste can effectively soften the keratin, eliminate the skin’s dead skin, remove the dirt in the pores, and improve the dryness of the skin, supplement a large amount of water to the skin, increase the water content of the skin stratum corneum, soften the keratin and soften the keratin and the keratin and the keratin and the keratin are softened and the keratin is softened. Clear absorption disorders and make the nutritional components of subsequent care more effectively penetrated into the skin.

Water password 亮 bright snow muscle exfoliating gel

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Water password 亮 bright snow muscle exfoliating gel/scrub mild face/face to dead skin counter genuine

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Adopt a gentle gel texture, mild and skin -friendly, can effectively dissolve the excess keratin of the skin. At the same time, open the blocked pores to transport multiple nutrients for the skin, quickly penetrate the skin surface layer, purify the skin while effectively improve the skin’s dullness. Status, for the skin’s lasting moisturizing


Question 3: Use blade hair removal

In fact, now hair removal has become a beautiful rule of summer, but some people choose to use blade when hair removal, instead of using more convenient hair removal cream, which is easy to make the skin rough. Sometimes it will even destroy the hair follicles, which can easily cause rough skin. If the hair removal cream is used, it will not cause damage to the skin. However, it should be noted that the hair removal cream is not a one -and -the -way product, and it needs to be removed from the skin.

Bely plant body hair removal cream

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Bely full body hair removal cream 80ml removing underarms, legs out of the legs, armpit hair, long -lasting body male and women’s non -permanent

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Its active ingredients can penetrate the skin layer by layer, reach the depths of the hair follicles, promote the shrinking of hair follicles, block the nutritional supply of hair follicles, and change the survival environment of the hair, thereby achieving mild hair removal. The tenderness of the skin is firmer, making the skin more flexible, and at the same time, it can also be finely pore hair follicles, making the skin more refreshing and comfortable, making the skin more smooth and tender.

Chu Xiantang plant hair removal cream


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Chuxiantang plant hair removal cream set to remove armpit hair and leg hair full -armpits, private parts, hair removal men and women

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Using natural plant formula components, even delicate skin can be used with peace of mind, without irritation, no odor, mildness without hurting the skin. Coupled with the carefully prepared particle size than the nano -level particles, it can quickly penetrate the skin dermis and nipples of the nipples, promote the shrinking of hair follicles, and take off the hairs accurately and safely. The whale wax hard fatty liposol in the formula can also prevent the hair from regenerating, achieving the effect of lasting hair.

Question 4: Do not do follow -up care after hair removal

Hair removal is some of the beautiful homework for many MMs in summer, but many MMs are not done after hair removal, and never follow -up skin care after hair removal. Usually, after hair removal, the pores of the skin will become larger, and the skin is easy to enter a state of water deficiency. Therefore, after hair removal, it is best to ask who to wash, and then perform corresponding body care at the hair removal site. You can choose some hydration function. The more refreshing skin moisturizer or body milk is very helpful for the smoothness of the skin.

Bai Meiyiren Green Tea Deep Repair Nourishing Together


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Green Tea Moisturizing Body Lotion Spring and Summer Moisturizing, Moisturizing Somber Moisturizing Milk Moisturizing Skin Loose Skin

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Contains natural moisturizing factors, a variety of moisturizing and moisturizing essence, plant massage particles, deep moisturizing and whitening the body, creating perfect skin, removing chicken skin, and saying goodbye to skin problems caused by dryness in autumn and winter.

Berka rose body milk

Berka Rose Body Milk 250ml Skyworth Moisturizing and Moisturizing Somber Spring and Summer Molten Moisturizing Girl Buy 2 Get 1

The nutrient -rich rose extract can effectively improve the dullness and rough state of the skin, improve the skin’s brightness, warm the texture, supplement and lock the moisture to the skin, keep the skin moisturizing, and help tighten the skin. Restore the elasticity of the skin, make the skin more elastic and energetic, and keep the skin shiny and lubricated.

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