What are the top ten brands of the top ten brands of environmental protection board?


The word “environmental protection” is now deeply rooted in people. There are many product categories that need to be purchased for home improvements. Many people have changed from “Xiaobai” to “all things.” It gradually grew up during the process of enjoyment. In a family, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, wine cabinets, tatamin, and so on. They are even less than one of the main raw materials of these furniture. Small households often need more than thirty sheets. For “Xiaobai”, there is not much understanding of the board, and the brands are different. What are the top ten brands and ecological board brands of these environmentally friendly boards?


The Rabbit Bao Board was founded in 1992. It has decorative materials (plates, wooden skin, adhesives, hardware, auxiliary materials, etc.) and healthy home (floor, wooden, whole house customization). It is a comprehensive interior decorative material comprehensive service provider in China, and the product sales network is all over the world. For more than 20 years of unremitting efforts and innovative development, the company has developed into a well -known domestic interior decorative material comprehensive service provider. Rabbit Treasure Righting: Virtue -based, Huaidi, Wooden Exhibition, Karma Store.

Jiaxiang Beauty Board

Jiaxiangmei Board was established in 2001, and has been cultivated for 20 years. Guangmao’s forest wood resources have created the excellent quality of Jiaxiang and Midea. The category of Jiaxiangmei products covers ecological boards, furniture boards, fine wooden boards, decorative panels, plywood, gypsum boards, furniture boards, multi -layer boards and other plates and hardware accessories, glue, solid wood lines, the same color movement door, the same color indoor door, protection Walls, sealing bars, PVC films, etc. to meet the needs of customers’ one -stop shopping. At the same time, it has factories in Hunan, Shandong, Guangxi and other places to radiate the national market. Today, there are more than 600 brand stores.

King coconut board

The king coconut board is affiliated to Hangzhou King Coconut Holding Group Co., Ltd. It is a diversified enterprise mainly produced, sales, distribution and service. Business scope: ecological paint panels, home customized boards, fine woodworking boards, panels, cabinet boards and other boards and hardware, flooring, wooden doors, whole house customization and supporting products. The king coconut purchase of wood resources in many places around the world. Seflying Materials Artists Gao Ding Furniture Board Series: TOON Series, Impression Series, PET door panel series

Millennium Boat

千年舟板材成立于1999年,致力于中国健康居家建材的发展,涵盖生态板、免漆板、细木工板、阻燃板、石膏板、OSB板、指接板、多层板、负离子板、 Floor, wooden door, custom wardrobe, whole -house customization, hardware support and other products. Through continuous innovation and transformation, we have established basic building materials, finished home furnishings, and full -house customization industries to supplement the business model of enterprise operations, give full play to the competitive advantages of brand advantages and market mechanisms, and create an international brand and a world elite team to ensure that to ensure that Thousand -year -old Battlefront is evergreen.


Xuebao Board Company was founded in 2010. It has been committed to the development of decorative board and finished furniture. The product system includes: finished furniture, cabinet door, board, plaster board, hardware, lines, adhesives and other categories to meet the one -stop style of customers Requirements for home improvement materials. The company’s business philosophy and business philosophy: ingenious casting quality and innovation.

Weiye board

2021环保板材十大品牌 生态板十大品牌都是哪几个

Guangzhou Weizhengmu Products Co., Ltd. is a Weiye board. It is a comprehensive green environmental protection home decoration material service provider integrating R & D, production, sales, and service. Since its establishment in 1996, it has been recognized by the industry. Selection of 10,000 users. Product categories include ecological boards, wooden rock plates, flame retardant boards, gypsum boards, all -house customization, glass magnesium plate, hardware, keel, etc.

Concentrate artisan

“Square artisans” belong to Shanghai Huargang Wood Co., Ltd., and its operating projects include: board, home supporting hardware, flooring, environmentally friendly glue, wallpaper and other large categories. Hardware products: ecological plate nail series, series, series, series, series, series, series, series, ecological plate series, series, Symbilide hinges, mute tracks, mute door locks, drying racks, door suction, mute closes, handle series, etc. Several material artisans Gao Ding furniture board series: TOP series, impression series, PET door panel series. Types of decorative panel products: white cherry, white pine, Brazil acid rosewood, Babeg, imitating natural rosewood, rosewood, red rosewood, red sandal , Red Shadow, Iron Sword Wood and various trees and other trees.

Strong elephant board

Zhuangxiang began in 2005. It is a national high -tech enterprise, national forestry standardization demonstration enterprise, and national contracting and heavy credit enterprises. The contribution of health is its own responsibility, focusing on healthy home careers, and committed to providing ecological environmental protection, healthy and high -quality furnishing home life to every family. Relying on the advantages of the resources of Rong’an Shan in Guangxi, based on the advantages of Guangxi Rong’an Shan, based on the cedar ecological industry chain, cedar solid wood ecological board, multi -layer board, gypsum board, floor, wooden door, cedar furniture, cedar office furniture, etc. It is a collection of product products. Design a comprehensive group that integrates the research and development, manufacturing, sales and after -sales service.

Top 100 boards

The top 100 boards implement the concept of sustainable development worldwide, and realize the harmonious symbiosis of social, environmental and interest -related people. It is affiliated with Shanghai Langju Industrial Co., Ltd., and the top 100 board products are: fine woodwork, multi -layer board, ecological board, finger connection board, density board, building template, bamboo rubber, floor, anticorrosive wood, coatings, white gum, etc. Wait.

Fuxiang board

In the new era, Fuxiang people, adhering to the core values ​​of “people -oriented, innovative development”, were predecessors, which were former Xiangyin County artificial board factories established in 1993. After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts and innovative development, it has now developed into a product covering plates, latex, coatings, plaster plates, flooring, wooden doors, integrated ceilings, panels, hardware, wooden wires, wooden noodles and other products.

Jumping rabbit board

Jumping Rabbit Board, which is Jiashan Jihua Wood Co., Ltd., was founded in 2000. After 15 years of unremitting efforts and innovation, it has formed a “jump rabbit” brand.公司已经从单一的装饰贴面板生产型企业发展成为我国具有较大影响力的室内环保装饰材料综合服务商,产品包含有:生态免漆板、细木工板、防火板、石膏板、工程板、 Accessories and other products.

The top ten brands of related environmental protection and ecological boards will introduce here. I hope the above content will help and guide you. There are many types of plates, many core materials, different processes, and different prices. However, paying attention to understanding its materials and environmental protection when buying, which is more conducive to creating a peaceful home.