These sentences have always given me comfort


Once, we saw good sentences, paragraphs, lyrics, will solemnly write into a specialized book, the hand copy is the collection of essence, and the understanding of the heart is.


Today, “Night Read” prepared some sentences to “suitable for writing to the abstract book”. If there is a paper in hand, you may wish to pick you like it, write a few words.

Some words gave yourself

In fact, I have never eaten anything, this life is fortunate, being loved by the family, and cares for a friend.

And I am unhappy, most of them just enlarge some small setbacks.


The life you want is not selfish, asking others to live according to your own willingness.



99% of anxiety comes from the virtual time and not doing things


Therefore, the only solution is to act, do things seriously, defeat anxiety, and overcome the empty moments of the heart, not to choose escape.

After joining society, you may see a variety of bizarre phenomena, know that you can more weakness and defects, may also encounter small difficult disasters.

How to protect humanity in temptation and hardship, winning your respect is not easy, but it is worth it.

– A speech at the University of Peking University, the graduation ceremony of Peking University

The meaning of hard work is when all a wonderful thing is coming, I can open the arms in the arms to hug it, and I think I am worth it.

Every thought of learning may be the future, you are saving now.

So, now I’m trying to save myself.


Some things about mood

There is a sentence:

There is no fully happy person, only people who want to open.

That is,

Want to open a little, it is easier to happiness.

Negative emotions are much smaller than you.

It has always been smaller than you, even if it feels very huge. It runs in your body, you are not running in its body.

It may be a black cloud that floated in the sky, and you are the whole sky. There is a sky before the dark cloud appears. The dark clouds are unable to exist, and the sky has no black clouds remain the sky.

Matt Haig

I feel that sleep is a good party that cures everything.

Pull on the curtains, the quilt, sleep a fainted black, I don’t think any troubles after waking up. Later I found the expectations of life, just these:

Eat well, sleep, if you can still have people who like, good health, earn some money, then super invincible.

Human Roaming Guide:

I feel borus, I’m going to find it, I feel that I’m too much to make you unhappy. Let’s first have a fresh, then passionate or cold, serious or casual.


In order to make life happiness, you must love daily trivial matters.

The brilliance of the cloud, the sway of bamboo, the sound of the bird, the face of the pedestrians – need to be null from all daily trivia.

– Mustukawa

People can walk around, meet the shape, things, things, and always have a good time.

Don’t always excuse hot, cold in winter, how to look outside. Maybe there will be many new, old memories.

Island Ocean Seven


Even if there is no one in the bus, the driver will drive the car to the end. I mean:

Don’t stop the original life because of anyone’s departure.

Some emotions are subtle resonance


Lonely is a whole earth is putting fireworks, you have two tickets, think about it, choose one person to enjoy. And loneliness is that the entire earth is putting fireworks. You have two tickets. You tried it. I found that the ticket can not be sent, I can only appreciate it.

– Liu Tong “a person is a person”

Things are often like this, you have a disease, and then I found that it is the same patient, you lost a dog, and then I found that the street is a stray dog, but it is not that you lost.


The human situation is a piece of screen, and the people who fall in our vision. Once people fall into a situation, they will become iron stone, and the iron filings will be suck them.

Han Song

I am afraid that I am not a pearl and I don’t dare to work hard, and I have a splendidity, I am not willing to be eloquent.

I am more depreciabled, and my heart is in the heart of the self-respecting and shame.

– China Island Town “Mountain Month”

Some things have not been possible for a long time. Some things have been understood to have been too late. In mostth, we have to choose action without having to know your own heart, and feel fascinating and confused.

– Village spring tree

Good night, it seems to become a courteous.

Sleeping without sleeping, anyway, anyway, it is terminated.

A song hot review


Can I ask my mother not marriage? Mom said,

If the fireworks outside, the neighbors of the neighbors are fragrant, and the family holds hands in the street. You can hold back without crying.

I know that you are very tired recently, it is the kind of visible, physical and mentally exhausted feelings, but please have to stick to it. Even if there is no one, it is better, it’s better to make people, don’t let the irritability and anxiety ruin you this kind of enthusiasm and strength.

Don’t be greedy, we can’t have anything, don’t be discouraged, we can’t do anything.

Some “may make you more transparent”


We need certain knowledge to understand your ignorance.

Knowing zero implementation is normal, can be occasionally speaking, and the heart is still gentle, it is good friend.

– three hair

Living in the world, not sticking to the world, suffering, not complaining, giving joy, not attracted.


– Simple

Dating must bring three points, and do people to save one.


– “Vegetable Tan”

Relationship with effort and luck:

Work hard as collecting wood, luck is like someone handed you fire.

We always like to take the thorns on the road to the road to the road, so few recognizable.

Really let it go, in fact, it is not strong after you can do our best, not the two-handed booth.


Children like to use an emperor to dominate adults, which is what they are used to use and work.

After growing up, if you want to use this emotion to dominate others, then you are naive.


When the 20-year-old, please put himself in the position of the 20-year-old. You have no reason to have no reason to have a forty-year-old person’s experience and wealth, you have no everything in the hands of your hand.

But it is what you have fewer things in your hand, you can decide how you are.


A glass of water is clear, and sea water is black, just like a small truth, it can be said that the real big road is silent.

Tagore “flying birds”

Reduce a point of expectation, you will find that many encounters are gifts.

Text / CCTV News “Night Read”

Hand writing, drawing / Li Tingting

Liang Diqiu once said:

The writing is most likely to disclose a person’s personality.

The so-called “word is like a person”.

If each word is correct,


Its people are about to be cautious,

If you have an exception of your arm legs,

Its people must be unflavored.

What do you think you are?

What have you handed from impressing your sentence?

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