Teach you to make hands and feet models at home and witness your baby’s growth


Now it is very popular to make model models, not only lovers, husband and wife, but also newborns, babies for 100 days, can be done in the age of age, and witness the growth of years step by step. The materials that need to be prepared are very simple. You can choose to buy the material package: clone powder and gypsum powder. You can also choose to buy the “dental alginate printing material” for dental dental. It is used as a cloning powder. It is affordable and is also a medical level and safety.


Clone powder, gypsum powder, warm water (about 37-42 degrees), small plastic bags, cups, chopsticks.

The following is the amount of clone powder, about 10%of gypsum powder. Specific to see the container, the container is small, the material is relatively saved, but it is easy to touch the wall.


First put the small plastic bag on the cup, dig out the cloning powder (if there are no spoons or electronic scale with a gram, don’t be more than less). Essence


Immediately put your baby’s small hands or small feet in a stirred solution. If the baby sleeps, you can remove the plastic bag from the cup and include the baby’s little hands or feet like dumplings. Be sure to pay attention that all hands or feet must be soaked in the solution. Don’t stick to the plastic bag.

The baby’s hands or feet cannot be moved, and this posture needs to be maintained for at least 4 minutes. When taking out your baby’s hands or feet, you can pull it back and back gently, and the air will be better after entering. By then inverted.

Observe whether the inverted mold has touched the four walls, if it fails, you need to come again.

Put back the inverted mold and put it back on the cup for later use.


Plaster powder adds about 1/2 of cold water and adjust the gypsum to liquid without too much water. Slowly stirred into the pouring mold, gently staggering, so that the bubbles below are rising to prevent the finished product from being affected.

After full, gently stagnate and discharge air. Then find a flat and not touched place, stand for 5 hours.

Time is up, gently pull the inverted mold, and when necessary, you can use a toothpick or engraving knife to gently remove the cloned powder of the gap. The finished product is placed in the ventilation place for 24 hours. You can also apply gold powder or other colors with your hobbies.

I have stepped on the failure node:


1. The cloned powder forgot to warm the water. The gypsum powder was placed with warm water and poured it directly.


2. Come to the wall of the cup. Here you must be the best half an hour after falling asleep. There are differences in the temperature as soon as you put your hands. There will be an instinctual struggle. You can calm down.

3. Curiosity promotes it, I can’t wait to static for so long …