Industry reshuffle, with the help of the venue smart lighting, can enhance sustainable competitiveness, and the sports venues are more beneficial to the people.


Since this year, with the fluctuations in the price of materials, many enterprises will inevitably be tested in the comprehensive strength. The possibility of deep changes in the industry and “shuffling” again also increased.

The challenges faced by Chinese stadium facilities in the future are not only the technical breakthroughs and the impact of the global market. Under the comprehensive superposition of multiple factors, the industry is already in the intersection of development. In the future, the direction of development needs to rely on its own new perspective Go to judge and choose.

However, the emptiness and benefits have always changed rapidly. It is precisely because the venue -related industries are very sensitive to the general trend of the market that they will timely innovate their products and increase their investment in their products according to market demand changes.

Therefore, this is also one of the key reasons for the smart lighting lights of the venue.

Because most of the venues on the market are mostly the school sports field, or the function of regional sports venues. In addition, more and more new venues need to be carried out by multi -business operations, including hosting large -scale concerts, concerts, e -sports competitions and other activities to strengthen the sustainable development of venues.

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The well -operated large -scale international sports competition venues have their own characteristics, but they fully take into account social benefits and economic benefits. On the one hand, actively open to the society, give full play to public service functions, and provide conditions for organizing large -scale events, group activities, public welfare activities, sports training, etc. On the other hand, through improvement of management methods, carry out diversified operations, improve utilization, and strive to improve improvement Economic benefits of venue operation.

The wisdom lighting of light on demand is like a powerful agent, which greatly promotes the development of large -scale comprehensive stadiums.

After a year, after the victory of the sports lighting industry in my country, after the prevention and control of the epidemic in China, it is now showing a steady rise! To a certain extent, this reflects that the sports industry is full of confidence in future development.

With the national densely introduced a series of documents such as national fitness, fusion of physical education, and school sports, it further promoted the recovery of the stadium industry. Among them, the most influential industry is the following two documents:


First, on September 21, 2020, the State General Administration of Sport and the Ministry of Education issued the “Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Physical Education and Promoting the Healthy Development of Youth”. It focuses on the idea of ​​”fusion of physical education”, which shows that the country attaches great importance to the health of young people’s sports -this helps the country’s “new infrastructure” development strategy.

With the further implementation of physical education, the incremental market has brought an incremental market for the entire venue building industry. Many smart products have been introduced by schools as sports test equipment. Once the huge school sports market is opened, geometric excess growth will be brought in the future.

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Second, on October 10, 2020, the General Office of the State Council’s “Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Fair Facilities for National Fitness” (Cultural No. 36) focused on the focus The top -level design of fitness facilities construction, increase the effective supply of fitness facilities, make up for the shortcomings of fitness facilities around the masses, and efforts to effectively solve the bottleneck problem that restrict the planning and construction of fitness facilities.

In 2020, the corresponding national fitness and professional sports fields were lacking due to the influence of the epidemic, which in turn, and then a series of contradictions on supply side. The introduction of Circular 36, directly to the pain points of the industry, encourages social forces and private capital to actively participate in the national fitness cause, will largely meet people’s increasingly diversified service needs, and once again confirm that the state helps the national fitness business and the sports industry Determination of high -quality development.


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In summary, some large domestic stadiums have also strengthened successive event activities at the venue. I hope to organize and use the universiade venues through various levels and activities at all levels, effectively achieve the facilities and equipment of inspection venues, and refine the venue. The operation team stimulates the citizens to participate in the enthusiasm of the Universiade and lead the new fashion of urban life.

In order to grasp the pulse of the 5G era, the Yati LED sports lighting lamps have gathered the Internet of Things, energy conservation and environmental protection and related technical solutions, helping the construction of smart venues, integrating new technologies, new materials, and new design, and committed to winning new in the lighting industry in the stadium Growth point to enhance product competitiveness and lead the rapid development of LED smart sports lighting.