The national football team comes out of “regret” to prepare for Australia


On the evening of the 11th local time, in the fifth round of the 12th game, the Chinese team was tied by 1-1 by the Alman team, and failed to get 3 points as expected. However, the Chinese team has not lost her hope of qualifying in the semifinals. On the evening of the 12th local time, the team returned to the training ground for conventional training. The Chinese team went out of the regret of the previous night and prepared for the next round of opponents Australia.

The Shaya Stadium in ASEMA and the previous Harry Ben Mohammed Stadium trained by the National Football team both undertake other events. On the evening of the 12th local time, the training of the Chinese team was arranged to a exclusive training ground in the Shata Club Training Base. Different from the previous rounds of the previous rounds, the players stayed in the hotel for recovery training. The Chinese team except the goalkeeper Wang Dalei stayed outside the hotel because of physical discomfort. All other members appeared at the training site on the evening of the 12th.

Before the head coach Li Tie made a brief speech on the national feet, he talked with the naturalized player Alan. Subsequently, the main players who participated in the Chinese and Arabic national football team were recovered under the leadership of physical coach Adrian Ram. None of these players wearing nail shoes means that they will not participate in high -intensity training. Hao Junmin and Wu Xinghan, who appeared in the Chinese and Aza Sui, conducted other technical and tactical content with unpaid players, and the intensity was relatively high.

It is understood that the naturalized player Luo Guofu was kicked by the opponent’s player in the match with the Alman. Although he arrived at the training ground with the team, he sat on the side of the venue after the training began. Judging from the situation reflected in the team, Luo Guofu’s injuries are not serious, and he will not miss the game with the Australian team.

In the venue trained by the Chinese team, a giant banner is particularly eye -catching, which shows the English word “Kings Never Give Up (the King never gives up)” with obvious inspirational colors. It is understood that, as the owner of the training ground, the Shajia Club Force has a poor record in the recent UAE league. With the former Super League Jiangsu team coach Oulao, the team took over the team, the club has high hopes for the team’s improvement, and this is the case. Inspirational is actually practical about the Chinese team at this moment.

It is reported that before the Chinese team’s training began, the staff of the delegation continued to play football on the venue. To some extent, the Chinese team in the preparation of the Chinese team was positive psychological hints, reminding them not to sink in the regrets of the past. And we must go all out to face the next challenge. Judging from the training situation, whether it is coach Li Tie or the majority of the country, it looks normal, and the training is also carried out in a positive atmosphere.


Zhu Chenjie: Welcome the second cycle with a more positive appearance

The Chinese team will face Australia on the 16th of this month. On the evening of the 12th local time, the team returned to the training ground for conventional training. Before the training began, Zhu Chenjie, a young central defender who played the game in the Chinese and ASEAC, accepted the media interview. He said that the team will respond to the second cycle of the top 12 of the 12th competition with a more positive appearance.

Regarding the just -concluded China and Aza Sai, Zhu Chenjie commented: “On the 11th, everyone worked very hard and actively completed the tactical intention of the coaching deployment. Fight, until the last moment. “

In the Chinese and A grids, Wu Lei’s “stiff” goal benefits from Zhu Chenjie’s header assists. This is also the first time that he has completed the assists on behalf of the National Football Team. Zhu Chenjie recalled: “After our corner kicks were sent out, the opponent players did not kick away, and then received a high -altitude ball. I saw two players in the middle in the middle, and I went to fight. Then put the ball in front of them, hoping that they could grab this point. Of course, Lei Ge (Wu Lei) that ball was also very good, scored this ball. “

For how to transform regret or disappointment, Zhu Chenjie said: “I think everyone still face it with a positive attitude, because this game has passed, and we need to actively prepare for the next game. At this stage, we are concerned. At this stage, we are concerned. At this stage, we are concerned. The first cycle is over, so we still have to face the second cycle with a more positive and more fighting spiritual appearance. “

Zhu Chenjie also said, “We will summarize the game after every game, from tactics to players, including details. After the match with Oman, we will have a similar summary. Today, because of the main mainly because of the main. It is adjusted and it has not yet begun, but I believe it will be arranged later. “

As a player in 1999, Zhu Chenjie is the youngest member of the National Football Team in the top 12 of this year. In this regard, he said: “The top 12 matches should be said to be a very high -quality competition. When playing in such competitions, it is very helpful for my experience and growth.”

For the next national football team with Australia, Zhu Chenjie looked forward to: “This is the second time we have confronted our opponents in this top 12. We have aware of their team members, especially the characteristics of the striker. In the past, the coach will also give some video analysis, and we will better prepare for the next game. “

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Source: Beijing Youth Daily