Employee Combined Desk-Simple Combination


As the grass -roots office area in the company’s organizational structure, it is also the most intuitive manifestation of the company. Often, there are many people in the office area, and the office venue and office use are also places. Therefore, the integration of employees of each module group in a certain area can not only improve the sense of belonging between employees, but also improve the efficiency of employees.


Word arrangement intermediate screen style

The combined desk can be said to be the embodiment of the term “simple and practical”. We can see that this desk on this combined desk can see that there is no extra modification design on this desk as a whole. It feels very simple and practical. This combined desk will not take up our large office space. The simple design of the desktop uses the office area to the maximum words.

Combined with the tables under the table


One -shaped settings can also be placed on the opposite side. The placement method can be set up according to the space of various offices to improve the most reasonable venue placement to improve the efficiency of employees! The efficient work team often uses integrated team functions, fully considers the advantages of employees, avoids the shortcomings of employees, promotes strengths and weaknesses, and has a personalized design and efficient configuration. Therefore , Even multi -department and multi -group platter -type integration, which is used to improve communication efficiency and reduce communication costs.