During the Spring Festival, 5 people in Taiyuan please mention the “rose gold bracelet”


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Five people in Jinyuan District of Taiyuan City were detained for illegal fireworks and fireworks.

During the Spring Festival

The Shanxi Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment released news that during the Spring Festival this year, the city’s urban construction areas and county town completely banned fireworks and firecrackers, and other areas strictly controlled fireworks and firecrackers.


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The ban on sale and fireworks and firecrackers in Taiyuan City. This time, the county area of ​​Gujiao City, Qingxu County, Louzhi County, and Yangqu County should also be completely banned.

According to reports, the “Three -Year Action Plan for the Blue Sky Defense War in Shanxi Province” clearly stipulates that since 2018, the city’s construction zone and county town have completely banned fireworks and firecrackers, and other areas strictly control the fireworks and firecrackers. To this end, during the Spring Festival this year, the province will strictly control fireworks and firecrackers. Moreover, coal -fired fires are strictly prohibited throughout the province. All cities should strengthen the supervision of fireworks and firecrackers and coal -fired prosperity, increase inspections and inspections, ensure that the ban on banning measures is in place, and reducing the effects of fireworks and firecrackers and coal -fired prosperity on air quality.

In addition, Shanxi Province requires to actively and effectively respond to heavy pollution weather. The cities must do a good job of prediction and prediction of air quality prediction during the Spring Festival. We will carry out predictions and forecasting discussions daily. The impact of severe pollution process.

Strengthen supervision and inspection, and organize the organization of each city, effectively strengthen supervision and inspection during the festival, severely crack down on excessive discharge, sneak and release, and do not implement emergency emission reduction measures such as heavy pollution. Autumn and winter prevention measures such as governance, motor vehicle control, and dust control of the construction site have been effectively implemented.

Chang Chen, an intern editor in this issue

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