“3 -person group” fire rabbit wift story machine, thousands of mothers’ coaxing artifacts, small body large capacity!


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Flame rabbit F6S WIFT story machine, thousands of mothers’ coaxing artifacts, from prenatal education to early education, can always accompany the baby to grow up, food -grade silicone rabbit ears, soothing grinding teeth, the price of pregnancy is 219 yuan, 3 people The group, free shipping, the group leader reduced 5 yuan, and they were all purchased uniformly in pregnancy to ensure genuine products!

After being a mother, I really feel that the brain capacity is not enough. The nursery rhymes need to learn a lot of songs. There are many many articles in the story. The little guys are all three minutes of heat. Not a few children’s songs and a few stories can satisfy him.

The firefire rabbit’s early teaching machine today, I believe that Ma Ma is no stranger. I prepared for my baby during pregnancy. It is also very good when prenatal education. Big coaxing baby artifact, the little guy is also not greasy.

Reasons to recommend fire rabbit early teaching machine:


1. Super coax artifact, play from childhood to big

Why do I need a early education machine? Because our mother is really limited, the nursery rhyme library in our minds, the story library can not keep up with the baby’s rhythm, the Huohuo rabbit comes with 112 children’s rhymes, 111 stories, etc. Songs and stories, you can listen without connected. Ears have been grinded from childhood to cultivate your baby’s hearing and cognition. The baby can be used in the mother’s belly, and he can always accompany the baby to grow up.

Of course, after the upgrade of Huohuo Rabbit, downloading is more convenient. USB+WIFT dual -channel download, wireless PC supports, the baby wants to download whatever you want. Putting children’s rhymes, memory is exactly enough.

Before the age of 3, the baby is a critical period for music and language enlightenment. Adults should try to communicate more with the baby and sing more. When they are tired, it is also very good to make the fire rabbit handle.

2, coax sleeping tooth to soothe artifact, bite if you want to bite

The ears of the rabbit are made of silicone, soft, and the baby feels very comfortable to grab, which is conducive to exercising hand movements.

For babies who love to grasp and love, there is no need to worry about safety issues. The materials are environmentally friendly and safe. They are not afraid of bite.

Some mothers may be worried, “Is there any paint outside the fire and fire rabbit, and if the baby bites a safety problem,” in fact, the appearance of the Huohuo Rabbit is zero -spray paint, without edges and corners, and the mother can completely rest assured.

3. The material is resistant to falling, which can stand the destruction of the little guy

After this time of personal use, under the intentional or unintentional “destruction” of our children, the Huohuo Rabbit was still intact and was tested. Generally, the small throwing and small drops are obviously resistant, except for the bear children who are particularly “violent”.

4. WIFT story machine, mother can teach early

What is a WIFT story machine is that the mother’s mobile phone is connected to WIFT. Even if it is not by the baby, you can teach early or tell stories to your baby.


You can also talk about remotely. Mom uses mobile phone WeChat to send voice. The baby receives voice messages through the story machine. Usually, when you go out to work, you can talk to your baby at any time.

5. Original content of Huohuo Rabbit, push the baby regularly

Every night from 7 to 11 o’clock, open the Fire Rabbit FM Channel, and broadcast on time for the baby. At this point point, the parents are back, and you can accompany your baby to listen to the story together.


The mothers who have used all say this:


@z *** 1: The legendary coaxing artifact successfully attracted the baby’s attention! Catch it! I have to hold my little hands ~


@*** 5: The baby likes this little rabbit very much, especially cute, the quality is very good, and there are hundreds of children’s songs and stories.


@x *** 2: This is the same toy I bought for the baby. Although the price is a bit high, it is still worth it.


@a *** 0: Girls like it very much, I can’t help but love it. The baby likes it very much. The audio effect is very good, the effect of a three -dimensional audio music library is also powerful, and the song is nice.

@*** 2: Very practical early education machine, use it for your baby, listen to songs and tell stories, often you can play with the Huohuo Rabbit for a long time, and it ’s easy to bring a baby!

@: The super cute little rabbit, just like my niece, she is now two and a half years old, she will hold the little rabbit to sing and dance every day. The sound quality is very good. Very cute fire rabbit.


Come and compare the price:


The pregnancy was given to Ma Ma to get benefits today. The price of 3 people was very cost -effective. The opening price was 219 yuan, free shipping, and the head of the regiment was reduced by 5 yuan, and they were all purchased uniformly in pregnancy to ensure genuine products!

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