Cover exclusive to repair tens of thousands of yuan a few decades ago? 74 -year -old Grandpa was spit out and I responded


Cover reporter Wu Deyu Xun Chao

By repairing the toys to help many people find their childhood memories, the 74 -year -old Shanghai uncle Zhu Boming opened a doll clinic and received more than a thousand “children” who had more physical conditions. Some people even sent “dolls” for help, and some people rushed to Zhu Buming to hang the emergency department. Grandpa Zhu Boming and his doll clinic were praised and healed, and the heart -warming story was reported by many media. However, recently, some netizens kept breaking the news, saying that they were looking for uncle Zhu to repair the price of toys, and some spent nearly 10,000 yuan, and it was still a bottomless hole.

封面独家丨修复几十年前的玩偶要上万元?74岁网红爷爷遭吐槽 本人回应

On December 26, the cover journalist interviewed Zhu Boming himself. For some netizens’ complaints, he said: “Generally, the fee is reported first and then repaired. It also had a headache. “Some people say that I buy a water army to like myself, I don’t know what the water army is, there is nothing. I am alone, there is no team, and the family basically does not support me to do it. It is really too tired. I often get it. In the early morning. “

74 -year -old uncle fixes more than a thousand dolls to become net red

Once helped the writer Di An to repair the 35 -year -old doll “Kobe”

“My doll has been fixed, and it feels like I was back! Thank you very much for Zhu Bobo. A stone in my heart was landed.” On Zhu Boming’s social platform, there are often such comments. Because of the more than 1,000 cloth dolls and dolls, Uncle Zhu became a “net celebrity”.

Before repairing the doll, Zhu Boming was an electrical engineer. He was clever since he was a child. At the age of 6, he spent a few cents of materials and made a ore recorder. At the age of 12, the stealing teacher cut a clothes, and then cut the flowers according to newspapers, from shorts to schoolbags, fake collar clothes, and then clothes, coats, windbreakers, etc., step by step. At the age of fifteen or six, clothes can be made according to the human skeleton composition. Retirement in 2008, in 2009, began to repair dolls. “I have to work for more than 12 hours a day.”

封面独家丨修复几十年前的玩偶要上万元?74岁网红爷爷遭吐槽 本人回应

The practical experience of dealing with the doll owner for more than ten years has made Zhu Boming seem to be a psychological counselor. He told the cover news reporter: “The psychological state of the doll owner, I can basically master 8 to 9 points. Generally, they send the photos and videos of the dolls. I will promise to fix more than 70 %. Grasp 80 %, but I have to leave a little effort to stay 10 % to 20 %. Leave the room because they often say that they can be repaired to 70 % or 8 achievements, but in fact they are perfectionism, and they want to repair To 90 %, even completely restored. “In his hands, thousands of dolls have been fixed as old.

Recently, Zhu Boming also helped the People’s Literature Prize winner and writer Di An fixed the 35 -year -old doll “Kobe”. When “Kobe” was greeted, Di An sent a small video to share: “Kobe has been home, or his previous expression, a little fat, thank you for Zhu Bobo.”

The story is selected as 2021 Shanghai High School Entrance Examination Chinese Test Paper

Some netizens said that the starting price was to find the sailor marketing

The story of Zhu Boming and the toy clinic was widely spread, and even selected for the 2021 Shanghai Entrance Examination Chinese Test Paper, accounting for 20.

When some netizens said that when they were moved by Uncle Zhu’s story, many netizens replied: “Very expensive, and sitting on the ground, don’t go to him to repair.” Another netizen talked: “I am just right, repair it probably in the past, probably the repair is probably in Four or five thousand, the cleaning fee is more than 2,000, the cotton is 760, and the surface repair is 500. It also says that the labor fee is 30 an hour. At present, it has been paid for three thousand. I do n’t know how much I pay for it. “Some netizens posted a few screenshots to proof. One of the screenshots showed that it was suspected that someone was suspected of fixing the toy 8580 yuan.

Among them, a netizen said that when he was looking for Zhu Buming’s doll in 2016, “at that time the price was 3000+, and it was also a doll. You can call the police. He belongs to the extortion. Later, the police station suggested that I privately first, and my friend accompanied me to find him theory. It’s no way. “

The reporter noticed that after some netizens told Uncle Zhu’s warmth of helping him to repair the toy, some people kept asking how to contact Uncle Zhu, but when the netizen announced the WeChat signal of Uncle Zhu, some people pointed out that it was ” Toro. Some netizens said that they used the trumpet to like Uncle Zhu, suspected to be a sailor, and pointed out that Zhu Boming spent money to buy marketing. Cover reporters contacted several consumers who complained online, but as of press time, no reply from several netizens was received.

Exclusive response to sky -high dolls

“My dedication is far more than a few hundred thousand yuan”

In response to the doubts and complaints of some netizens, Zhu Boming accepted an exclusive interview with the cover journalist. He said that he had seen some netizens before, but he had not responded to this matter before. This was the first response.

Cover news:

Some netizens reported that it was too expensive to find you to cultivate dolls. It took more than 8,000 or even 10,000. Is it true?

Zhu Boming:

The repair fee is open and transparent. The uniform cost is to communicate in advance. After the recognition, I will express the doll to me. After the recognition, I will pay for it. I do n’t recognize it. I go home without any fees. Under normal circumstances, it is unlikely to increase money later. Even if there is, the owner of the doll has made new requirements. This requirement exceeds the original cost, depending on whether the other party can bear the new cost. If not, I sometimes reduce the cost and even do it for free.

Is there a fixed charging standard for repairing dolls?

Repairing dolls are not standard. Unlike industrial production, data and tolerance requirements, the scope of tolerance is qualified. Fixing the dolls are repaired by the photos of the doll owner. Then repeated adjustments according to their requirements, and sometimes one eye must be adjusted for two or three days. Using wires and materials, it also needs to be compared in three kinds of light. It is not until the doll owner recognizes all. If it is not recognized, the cost will not be incurred. Because I have limited energy, even if it is repaired until early in the morning, it is impossible to repair it in a short period of time. For example, it takes two or three days to charge the cotton, which are expressed in advance. Generally, three or five days can it be soft to the expression they need.

Some people think that your doll is very expensive. What are the main points?

I can understand, for example, some dolls spent only 5 yuan to buy, but it took 500 or even thousands of yuan to repair. I can buy a lot of new dolls. But whether it is cold or hot, I have to go out to find materials, and compare it under three different light until the owner of the doll is recognized. The dolls that have a long time to repair are extremely complicated. For example, a 30 -year -old doll must find the same material as the previous. I found it for more than 20 days, and I charged 200 yuan of material fee+100 yuan manual fee. The working hours of 30 yuan for hour. In fact, all the costs are clearly explained in advance. If they have always had a hurry in their hearts, they can also register first. If they are recognized, they will be repaired. If they do not recognize, the registration fee will be refunded to you, so as not to be unpleasant. Moreover, I am also under great pressure. Without 70 % or 80 % of the repairs, I would not pick it up.

Now a lot of news on the Internet, saying that you are cheated, what do you think?

Emotional is normal. However, all the charges are repeatedly negotiated and said good, especially matching the 20 years, 30 years and 50 years. They may not be able to buy them. It will be reduced a lot. Even if it is matched, it will be simulated first without cost. After the doll owner passed and recognized, the cost was incurred. If the other party disagrees, it will always match the satisfaction, and then pay, it is very rigorous and there is no deception. As a repair division, they knew that they took the doll as the writer, so they treated them carefully. If they were not satisfied with the second, there was no deduction.

Seeing others spraying me and questioning me, I was also very heartbroken. Maybe my own craftsmanship failed to meet their requirements. I felt that the cost was high. Essence Some dolls have not been cleaned for 5 or 10 years, and I will send them the cleaning video and pay them when they are satisfied. In fact, the process of cleaning is very complicated, and the dolls who do not damage decades, and remove stains in 3 years, 5 years and 10 years, and restore their true colors. They did not dare to wash themselves, and they were afraid of damage. I had no damage to the front, back, and purified air drying, and all sent videos to each other. The price is low and it is not so simple to repair it decades ago. My payment is far more than a few hundred million yuan. Some people also took a 63 -year -old doll to repair it, saying that the cost of tens of thousands of dollars was still in the matching materials.

From a different perspective, it is good to attack me, so that you can see me a little less, and I can easily order it.

Some people say that you have invited a lot of waters to like yourself, and there is a team behind it, is it?

I do n’t have a team, I ’m alone, and I have n’t bought the water army. I am a doll enthusiast and a craftsman. I will try to complete the requirements of the doll owners, and I must do the extreme, otherwise I can’t sleep at night.

Lawyer: Can’t negotiate to report to the police.

Cover reporter interviewed Lin Xiaoming, a partner of Law Firm in Sichuan.

Lawyer Lin said that if the two sides cannot negotiate to reach a solution, the alarm can be taken. The police will host the mediation between the two parties. If the two parties still cannot reach a mediation, the two parties may be recommended to solve the judicial channels, that is, to sue the court to resolve the economic disputes between the two parties. If consumers do not seek negotiation solutions or resolve disputes through judicial channels. Instead, they will be resolved by continuously posting on the Internet. Suspected of false statements, the facts are not objective and true, or if there is an insulting language in the post or the reduction of the social evaluation of the parties, then the parties who may be suspected of insulting or defamation may report to the alarm or raise a criminal prosecution to protect their own rights. Of course, the posts published are true and objective, without false or insulting language, there is no insult or slander.

封面独家丨修复几十年前的玩偶要上万元?74岁网红爷爷遭吐槽 本人回应

If the two parties have agreed on the effect of toy repair before and did not meet the agreed requirements after repair, then the default party or the defective party of the contract should bear the responsibility of re -restoration, refunding costs or compensation losses. Only the effective solution to the dispute is not helpful. Take a step back and the sky, it is recommended that the two parties make a step to negotiate with the greatest sincerity.

封面独家丨修复几十年前的玩偶要上万元?74岁网红爷爷遭吐槽 本人回应

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