Wan Qian was praised by the Spring Festival Gala. After the show, he changed to the embroidered mesh skirt and super -raising, full of high -level sense of screen.


“The Sister of the Wind” brought a lot of aging girls, and Wan Qian was one of them. After the Spring Festival Gala, Wan Qian’s low -key and relative way of dressing was loved by netizens. In fact, Wan Qian is usually wearing a master. Others wear transparent mesh and embroidered skirts, but she can wear a high -level sense of high -level screen, and she has to make people admire her temperament.

1. Skirts of the goddess temperament

As the temperature gradually rises, girls will give priority to skirts when choosing clothing, and choose the refreshing dress of exposed arms and legs, which will exude the elegant charm of the goddess, making the whole person temperament, and a woman Taste.


The transparent mesh has a certain perspective effect, which will show a particularly sultry state, and it will also make the sexy and enchanting side of girls be presented. Girls will add eye -catching and high -level designs to this fabric, such as embroidery, such as stitching or pairing noble dresses. Wan Qian uses embroidery with Chinese style and noble sense. Through the embellishment of gold, black and white tones, the color of the clothing is not so fancy, it is a low -key and elegant design.


Girls must highlight their own curve beauty when wearing skirts. Appropriately using high -profile tailoring methods can make the perfect figure lines present. It is a type of personally favored by individual girls. Wan Qian adds golden sequins and heavy -time embroidery elements to the clothes, allowing the overall clothing to emit the elegance and charm of Chinese classical clothing, and it will also give people a ladylike elegance and temperament.

The red sequins short dress will feel complicated and messy because of the more sequins. Such clothes are suitable for stage clothes. As a daily wear, many girls will feel that this shape is too high -profile and cannot control it by themselves. At this time, you might as well start with the version, and use a short or simple design to cater to the aesthetics of the public. Just like the design selected by Wan Qian now, use simple small rubber bands with a short skirt to shape the age reduction and generous. temperament.

There are a lot of fold skirts to feel like princess clothes. Such clothes will bring a little exaggerated beauty, but if it is combined with stitching or solid color, it will not appear too fancy, just like Wan Qian’s elegant elegant long skirt selected by Wan Qian It is just an eye -catching sequin belt on the waist, with a cloak -like top and a slender skirt, bringing retro and full texture with multiple charm.

The short slim dress often brings the texture of a suit skirt, highlighting the capable and elegant president’s temperament, but such clothing does not make the perfect feminine taste highlight. At this time, the design elements should be used to highlight the elegance. For example, Wan Qian’s choice of skirts this time uses bud folds overlap style, with simple tops with simple tops, and red sequins shirts to show an eye -catching and classic shape.


As a stage installation, girls will use some clever ideas to show the temperament charm of girls through these exaggerated elements. Wan Qian chose a tube top top with feather elements with a bag of hip slim skirts. The effect of a simple and atmospheric effect was made through the black and white contrast. Such skirts are not only suitable for stage installations, but also for participating in important activities. If the clothing is more eye -catching and more personalized, the girl’s hairstyle and makeup choose exquisite and simple style.


2. Classic formal dress is fashionable and handsome


Wan Qian is a treasure girl. Her dressing style will show multiple charm, sometimes sexy, sometimes handsome and generous. When choosing a classic texture jacket, she emits a very handsome and charming state. It will bring a gone effect.


Black coats combined with metal buttons and positive versions will emit girls with capable and temperamental charm. Such clothing will have the feeling of Zhongshan dress in the Republic of China. It mainly reflects the beauty of publishing models when matched with this kind of clothing. Wan Qian chose a white lace shirt inside, retaining sweetness through lace elements, and also brought the texture of Zhongshan outfit through thin suit pants. The retro and stylish shape showed multiple charm.

A classic clothing, if you use personalized accessories or stitching embellishments, will make girls fashionable, fresh and romantic. The small lapel with a sense of design, through the long lapel and the lace shape, combines this sweetness and handsomeness to shape the sweet and cool wind of super eye -catching.


The improved version of the small suit with a personalized half -body skirt can shape the elegant and elegant effect. Wan Qian’s small suit adds a lot of sequins on the waist, with a V -neck cutting, showing a simple beauty, and it can also bring a seductive person. And intangible charm. In addition, with a white skirt to create an elegant and handsome beauty.

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