Use the simplest way to make a versatile and practical little cotton jacket. Adults and children can wear


This small cotton jacket I will share with you today can definitely be a classic style. It should not be outdated for a few years.

Let’s take a look at the style picture

Simple and generous diamond -shaped grid, the bigger the grid when the line is, the better.

You can also buy a ready -made line, but that fabric is not necessarily what you want. So I am the most interested in my own.

The most commonly practical oblique plug -in bag is decorated and functional, both.

The thread cuffs are clean and neat.

The edging design in front of the collar and the neckline will not be worried here.

See if the effect is very fashionable and versatile.

It feels like no one is picky. If there are children in the family, you can also come.

You can wear or out at home or go out


A collar coat shared with you earlier. I saw some comments saying that there was no collar and could not wear it. Maybe I personally prefer to wear a high -necked base, so I feel that this kind of unreasonable clothes are really comfortable to wear. If you feel that there is no collar or not, this one can add a straight collar on it, 7-8cm wide around the neck.

Loose version, share the M number M cutting picture with you

Add 28cm loose amount of loosening on the net bust to draw a diagram


The drawing unit is CM

Shoulder oblique: Past: 15: 6: 15: 5.5 This is actually the shoulder oblique of the prototype, because each style is the same, so I did not mark them one by one. There are too many numbers, and it looks dazzling, so I do n’t mark it.

The whole film is the whole film, and the middle seam of the back film will not be opened.

The cuff stitching thread, the length of the thread cuff is 5.5, the cuffs length is 18cm (the elasticity of the thread can be increased appropriately)


If you need other numbers, you can push the board according to the feed 6cm length 1.5cm sleeve length 1cm shoulder width 1cm

If you want to learn more women’s clothing version and push board, you can click the circle card link below to enter the circle, starting from the most basic women’s self -prototype version making


(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

Sewing process and sewing edge process commentary

The choice of fabrics, if you make a cotton jacket, you can choose a high -density fabric, as long as you don’t run the cotton

If you make a down jacket, use a special fabric.

There is no need to add a sewing side where the edge is needed. The length of the body is 2cm shorter than the fabric or the same, and it cannot be longer.

Sewing, squeeze the gall or cotton in the cutting film, and then open the pocket according to the position of the paper -like position.


The cuff stitching thread, the thread pinching in the middle

In front of the middle, you must use the fabric to make the edges with the hem and neckline.

Use this cloth edge strip, use oblique 45 degrees cloth pattern, and complete the finished product 0.8-1cm wide 4cm wide

Okay, the finished product is complete


If you like it, you can try it by hand. Those who find it difficult can try the inventory fabric that is not very liked. I feel that I can use my favorite fabric

If you don’t understand, you can leave a message to the comment area to communicate

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Use the simplest way to make a versatile and practical little cotton jacket. Adults and children can wear