KAPPA signing Shougang Extreme Park to create a new landmark of Chinese skateboarding trends


On August 14, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony of the Italian fashion sports brand KAPPA and Shougang Extreme Park was held in Shougang Park, Beijing. KAPPA officially announced that it officially named Shougang Extreme Park and became its chief strategic sponsorship partner. In the future, KAPPA will use high -quality sports products to create a more fashionable and sports lifestyle, reach more skateboarding enthusiasts, and promote the development of Chinese skateboarding sports culture.

▲ KAPPA signing Shougang Extreme Park

KAPPA Shougang Park is the China Roller Skating Association, China Mountaineering Association and Shougang. The first outdoor stadium in the construction of the Shougang Park is also the largest outdoor skate farm in Beijing. It can hold international professional competitions. The design of the skate farm in the park not only retains the industrial style of the old industrial site, but also perfectly integrates the fashion trend of sports elements. It is a hard -core glittering “holy place”.


Zhang Zhiyong, CEO and President of China Movement Group, and Guo Xiaomin, deputy general manager of Beijing Shougang Garden Sports Center Operation Management Co., Ltd.

If the two sides cooperate, Kappa will help the creation of top skateboarding IP events at home and abroad, decoding the theme of lifestyle -specific lifestyle, interpret the pursuit of eclectic sports life in contemporary urban young people, and jointly build a Chinese skateboarding motion check -in. The new landmark brings more diversified trendy concepts and fashion inspiration to the Chinese skateboarding movement.

▲ Chinese Motion to CEO and President Zhang Zhiyong of China Movement Group

Regarding the cooperation between the two sides, China Motor Zhang Zhiyong, CEO and President of the Group, told the group that the vitality and fashion, toughness and courage advocated by Shougang Extreme Park, and Kappa’s brand philosophy are refreshing. He said: “KAPPA has always been a pioneer pursuing and exploring fashion and trend, and has a very personalized sports fashion attitude. The bold innovation and continuous spiritual attributes of Shougang Extreme Park will help us with contemporary young people. Establish a dialogue. “


▲ Liang Zongping, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Director and Trade Union of Shougang Group, delivered a speech


In his speech, Chairman Liang said that Shougang will work with KAPPA to jointly develop trendy culture, promote trendy brands, and create trendy events IP, enhance the fit of the Kappa brand and extreme movement, and make the Shougang Extreme Park more attractive, more energetic, more more energetic, more energetic, more There is tension.

Earlier this year, KAPPA officially became a strategic partner of the Chinese skateboarding national team, providing a full set of clothing and professional skate shoes for the Chinese skateboarding national team. With the help of Kappa, the Chinese skateboard national team Zeng Wenyi and Zhang Xin won the Tokyo Olympic Games qualifications, and at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games just ended, they won the women’s street -style and women’s bowls. Create the Olympic history of Chinese skateboarding.

The holding hands with Shougang Extreme Park is of great strategic significance for Kappa, who has announced the “Return”. By integrated sports team, event IP, user activities, trendy landmarks and other high -quality resources, KAPPA continues to increase the investment of top -level resources in sports, further focus on creating the Kappa skateboarding ecology, conveying Kappa’s unique brand claims, creating Kappa sustainability New era brand assets add more vitality to the Kappa brand.