Well -known rice noodle heavy metal exceeds the standard? Don’t panic! Experts have interpreted in detail


A few years ago


Do you remember the incident?

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At that time, many parents were frightened, and there were many messages expressed by Mi Fan in the background!

After the year, the University of Science and Technology searched a few infant rice noodles involved on the Internet, and found that they were still selling normally.


So, is this report authoritative and reliable?

Can this rice noodles be eaten? how to eat?

If you do n’t eat rice noodles, do you have other choice of supplementary food?

How to choose rice noodles?

Today, HKUST will come to talk about baby rice noodles.

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Can baby rice noodles be eaten? Listen to expert answers!

This time the infant rice noodle heavy metal exceeding the standard was related to a survey report released by the House of Representatives of the United States.

The report proposes: some well -known baby food arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, etc. in the market

Heavy metal content reaches a dangerous level

It will have adverse effects on the health of infants and young children.

It will especially damage the development of the brain and nervous system and irreversible.


However, the University of Science and Technology discovered that the heavy metal content in the survey report reached the danger level, just

Compare with drinking water


And the conclusion …

You must know that in my country’s standards, the heavy metal of drinking water is only 0.01mg/L, which is 20 or even 30 times lower than other foods.

Therefore, this comparison is not rigorous! Intersection

In addition, the heavy metal content mentioned in the report does not exceed the standards prescribed by the US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

So, parents who have eaten the brand for the baby,

Don’t panic! Intersection

However, Koka wants to tell everyone that the ability of rice to absorb heavy metals (arsenic and cadmium) is indeed much stronger than ordinary crops!

Our environment (soil, groundwater, and irrigation farmland water) are more or less polluted by heavy metals.

It is impossible to make rice no arsenic and cadmium -free,

As long as the crops grow in the soil, these heavy metal elements will be absorbed.

So, how to eat rice foods?

1. Increase the diversity of food and avoid eating only rice noodles

When the baby starts to eat supplementary food, you can choose to strengthen the rice noodles of the iron valley,

For example: barley rice noodles, oatmeal powder, mixed grain rice noodles, etc.

(The baby is not allergic to eat).

In daily diet, it is also possible

Add some coarse grains

To reduce the frequency of eating rice.


The University of Science and Technology recommends that the ratio of rough grains throughout the day should not exceed one -fifth of the staple food, because coarse grains are not digested well, and too much intake may also affect the absorption of minerals.

Usually in babies

8-10 months

At the same time, parents can give their children according to the degree of acceptance of the baby

Rotten noodles, gruel porridge

Wait instead of continuously feeding with a single meter.

2. Limit the intake of high -risk food (such as: snacks containing rice components)


Puffs, rice cakes, milling biscuits

Wait for the snacks with rice as raw materials, parents should give their children as little as possible.

Not only because of the problem of heavy metal content, most of these snacks contain various flavors such as sugar and salt, which can easily cause children to picky eaters.

3. Try to choose the national bank version of rice noodles

The National Bank version is actually a foreign brand if you want to sell in my country’s regular channels, then you must re -adjust the ingredients in food.

Until the relevant standards of our China.

Therefore, when buying rice noodles or other babies, it is best to buy on regular channels to avoid purchasing from private channels. Let the country be closed for you!

Finally, the University of Science and Technology wanted to emphasize: rice such as rice with heavy metal elements,

As long as the heavy metal content does not exceed national standards, we can eat it with confidence! After all, it is meaningless to disconnect toxicity.


Unless you eat rice madly and break the belly! (Baby rice noodles are also the same).

So how should parents choose rice noodles scientifically? HKUST will teach you to choose!


Choose healthy rice noodles, keep in mind 3 hard standards!

1. See if it contains sugar, salt, and fragrance

When buying rice noodles, parents must read the ingredients of the product carefully!

If the baby’s ingestion of rice noodles contain sucrose, it will increase the risk of sweetness and caries.

Containing salt or flavors may cause children to picky eaters. Because the baby’s taste is very sensitive, you will have a preference for these foods to taste sweet and salty food.

In the end, it is likely that the baby is unwilling to accept food without taste,

Feeding breastfeeding and formula milk.

2. See if there is an ingredient for allergies of your own baby

In order to increase the taste and protein content of rice noodles, some merchants will add to rice noodles:


These ingredients are very likely to cause an allergic reactions. After sensitivity, they must be eaten conventional.

Second, a lot

“Nuts” in composite fruit and vegetable rice noodles

It is also easy to cause allergies, such as peach.

Therefore, when parents buy rice noodles, they must learn to look at the ingredients table, and confirm that the children contained in the ingredients are not allergic before adding.

Prevent a large number of allergic shock reactions after a large amount of food!

3. Is the iron content appropriate?

According to the country’s standard of iron content in baby rice noodles, “GB10769-2010 Infant Grain Auxiliary Foods”:

Each 100 thousand coking rice noodles contain 0.25 to 0.50 mg of iron.

So parents pay attention to observation when choosing


It is not recommended to buy rice noodles below national standards.

Note that the higher the iron content, the better, but the specific judgment according to the baby’s diet!

If the baby is usually considering iron -containing foods, you can choose a medium -sized rice noodles; if the baby usually only eats breast milk, you can choose rice noodles with high iron content to supplement.

If you insist that you want to replace your baby’s rice noodles, then it is not impossible! because

Aside from rice noodles, we have many other choices!


The baby’s first supplementary food, recognize 1 principle!

For babies of 4-6 months,

Breastfeeding can no longer meet the baby’s iron demand anymore


, Can only be intake through supplementary food.

Therefore, the baby’s first supplementary food lies in “iron supplement”, not to intake a certain fixed food!

For babies, there are two best choices for iron supplement:

1. Strengthen iron powder

Baby rice noodles on the market are all strengthened by iron, which can well meet the baby’s demand for iron. In addition, rice sensitivity rate is very low, which is not easy to cause allergies, nutrition and convenient.


Therefore, babies to strengthen iron powder are the first choice for the baby’s first supplementary food.


The University of Science and Technology does not recommend that parents make rice noodles to eat baby!


① The iron content of rice itself is very low,

The lack of iron -intensive rice noodles has no supplementary significance for babies.

② Some studies have shown that self -made rice noodles/brown rice noodles are even higher than ordinary rice noodles!

If you really don’t worry about eating rice noodles, then we still have other ingredients to choose from:


2. Other ingredients with rich iron

(Note: Be sure to confirm that the baby is not allergic to feed first!)

If the baby is not in place in place, the following two conditions are likely to occur:

So how do you do iron supplementary food? The University of Science and Technology has prepared an iron supplement recipe for everyone:

Tomato beef millet porridge:

Ingredients: tomato, beef, millet.

When feeding above, be sure to perform allergies! Intersection (Be sure to operate under the doctor and guide accordingly, don’t try it at will)

If the baby is allergic to these, or if you picky food, it is easier to feed with rice noodles.

Finally, in the face of this rumor, the University of Science and Technology wanted to tell the parents:

1. Baby rice noodles are only a stage of supplementary food added. Generally, it is enough to eat 2-4 months.

If the baby’s acceptance of food is strong enough, but allergies, you can even use rice noodles to use iron supplements earlier.

2. This incident also tells everyone that as long as the environment has heavy metal pollution, food is inevitable.

3. Finally, it is king to increase the diversity of children’s food!

It is better to consume any food. If the meals at home are always too concentrated in a certain food, even if heavy metals do not exceed the standard, there will be other problems!

Balanced diet and diverse types can babies be healthier!


Picture source: Scientific family parenting original

Picture source: Scientific family parenting original

Picture source: Scientific family parenting original

Picture source: Scientific family parenting original

Picture source: Scientific family parenting original

Picture source: Scientific family parenting original

Picture source: Scientific family parenting original

Picture source: Scientific family parenting original

Picture source: Scientific family parenting original

Picture source: Scientific family parenting original

As long as the heavy metal content does not exceed national standards, we can eat it with confidence! After all, it is meaningless to disconnect toxicity.