Some experts believe that Zhang Xianzhong is a great hero, but more and more evidence came out, and the experts had to admit defeat


Zhang Xianzhong is the leader of the peasant uprising at the end of the Ming Dynasty with Li Zicheng.

But Zhang Xianzhong’s reputation was smelly -mainly smelly. He was cruel and vicious, often playing with killing.

Zhang Xianzhong’s most famous behavior is Tu Shu.

When the Qing soldiers entered the customs, Li Zicheng failed. Zhang Xianzhong felt that his throne was unstable. Under the fear of fear and anger, he established a seven kills.


Regarding Zhang Xianzhong’s mentality, Mr. Lu Xun made a deep analysis and said, “He clearly feels that there is nothing in the world, and now it is destroying others. The mood of the ancestors or the book antique babies collected by myself is exactly the same … I am finished, but I want to reach the end of the death together. “

At the end of the Ming Dynasty, many people’s notes recorded “Zhang Xianzhong Tu Shu”, such as “Zhang Xianzhong Fantastic Discipline”, “Shu Du Documentary”, “Shu Police Records”, “Shu Po Jing”, “Wild Book”, “Shu Shu”, “Shu Shu”, “Shu Shu”, “Shu Shu”, “Shu Shu”, “Shu Shu” Turtle Jian “”, Shu Bi “and so on.

For a long time, Zhang Xianzhong’s three words became synonymous with the killing demon.

However, the time has entered modern times, and the scene of Zhang Xianzhong’s evaluation of Zhang Xianzhong has changed, and Zhang Xianzhong’s voice has gradually increased.

What is Zhang Xianzhong?


He praised him as anti -oppression, anti -exploitation, anti -feudal, anti -imperialist fighters, and he was still the hero of the Qing Dynasty.

As for Zhang Xianzhong’s brutal and bad deeds and murderers, it is only attributed to a phrase: that is the planting of the fake and malicious slander of the feudal landlord’s literati.

Good guy, Zhang Xianzhong’s exhaustion and heavenly blood case, it even had a stroke.

In the case, what is Zhang Xianzhong’s anti -imperial fighter? He said that he oppressed and exploited, and he just wanted to turn over under the position of oppression and exploitation, be the feudal emperor, and then pressed the majority of labor people under him, and used more brutal methods to compress them to exploit them. Essence

It is a joke that Zhang Xianzhong is a hero of anti -Qing.

Zhang Xianzhong had never shot a shot and a vermiculous arrow to Qing soldiers during his lifetime.

However, people ignore it, only to close their eyes to “make gods”, and cause Zhang Xianzhong to cause a god.

Taking Yao Xuezhang’s novel “Li Zicheng” as an example, the image of Zhang Xianzhong in the book can be described as “high -quality”.

Some experts responded to scholars who talked about “Zhang Xianzhong Tu Shu” in a word, saying: How can Zhang Xianzhong have Tu Shu? He was going to Tu Shu, why is there still the Sichuan people fighting against the Qing soldiers into Sichuan? Why do these Sichuan people fight against the Qing soldiers into Sichuan?

In fact, saying “Zhang Xianzhong Tu Shu” does not mean that he kills all the people of Shu. With a little mind, he thought about it and knew that the cold weapon of Zhang Xianzhong’s army alone could not kill the people in tens of millions of people in a short period of time. The Sichuan people have no necessary logical relationship between the Sichuan people to fight the Qing soldiers and hatred or love Zhang Xianzhong. The actual situation is: the people of Sichuan hate Zhang Xianzhong and do not welcome the Qing army.

No matter what, since the experts who blindly worship Zhang Xianzhong have recognized Zhang Xianzhong as the heroes of the times, it is difficult to change their ideas.

Those books such as “Shu Bi” and “Shu Difficulty Classics”, in addition to recording Zhang Xianzhong and killing innocence, also recorded that Zhang Xianzhong went out of Shu before the Shankou of Pengshan Jiangkou.


For example, in “The Thieves Zhang Xianzhong and the Shu Ji”: In the second year of Longwu Bingyi, on September 16th, Zhang Xianzhong evacuated Chengdu, “the thieves camp more than one million men, thousands of boats, and the Minjiang River down.” Yang Zhan, the Governor of the Ming Dynasty, stood up against the soldiers. The two sides fought at the Pengshan River Estuary. Zhang Xian was defeated.


“Shu Bi” also reported: Zhang Xianzhong “led tens of thousands of soldiers, tens of thousands of golden treasures, and flowed down to the east”. On the way, he encountered Yang Zhan attacks. Essence

The record of the silver of the lucky luck in “Shu Du Documentary”: Zhang Xianzhong came out of Sichuan from the waterway, there are too many silver, “accumulating hundreds of millions, carrying hundreds of ships”, and the remaining wooden boats cannot be loaded, so they ordered the craftsmen to make a lot of wood to make a lot of wood. The slot, put the silver ingot in it, drifted it down the river, and planned to salvage in a narrow area of ​​the river. Which was attacked, the river ship blocked the river, and most of the silver sank into the river.

“Shu Police Records” Zhang Xianzhong’s method of storing gold and silver is consistent with the “Shu Du Documentary”: “Golden and Silver Mountain Collection, the collection set is a wooden sheath cage.”

However, experts have attributed books such as “Shu Gui Jian” and “Shi Bi” to “the slander of the literati of the feudal landlord class to the hero”, and naturally scoffed the things recorded in the book, referring to nonsense.

However, some people are convinced of these records.

Mr. Wang Gang, a researcher at the Institute of History of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, is the representative.

According to the research on the “slander of the heroic literati of the feudal landlord”, Wang Gang wrote a dozen papers about Zhang Xianzhong, and also written a book “Zhang Xianzhong’s History of the Western Army”. More than 240 kinds.

But the response of these articles and books in the academic world is not great.

It was not until 1999 that the Chengdu Business Daily first published a report from Zhang Xianzhong’s “Jiangkou Shenyin” proposed by Mr. Wang Gang that attracted people’s attention in the society. Some people went to the field for inspection, but soon returned to silence.

On the morning of April 20, 2005, Pengshan County built urban water supply and diversion projects. Some excavators dug a piece of wood in the Ligue Beach of the Lumitan River in Minjiang River, Jiangkou Town. There is the word “Daxi Mei Prefecture’s first year of the year, half of the grain and silver.

Daxi is Zhang Xianzhong’s short -lived regime. Isn’t this Zhang Xianzhong’s “Jiangkou Shenyin”?

Experts from the cultural relics department studied the wood: The wood is a common green bar on the Chengdu Plain. One half is divided into two halves, the middle is hollowed out to hide the silver, and the latter two half of the wooden tube is buckled into a wooden tube. Iron hoop, the method is exactly the same as the historical records.

It turns out that the record of historical materials is not a letter, but it is true.

As a result, it was organized by the organization and approved by the Meishan Municipal Government. In October 2010, the river region was established as the “Jiangkou Shenyin site” of the municipal cultural relics protection unit, and the cultural relics management department arranged personnel to inspect and guard.

On December 25, 2015, the Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology organized national archeological, historical, and cultural relics experts to conduct the first three -month archeological excavation of Pengshan’s “Jiangkou Shenyin Site”. .

Experts are roughly calculated based on these 30,000 cultural relics: Zhang Xianzhong’s wealth is about 3 billion yuan.

Of course, this is the most conservative calculation, which may be far from real history.

Where did Zhang Xianzhong come from this massive wealth?

Experts examine the historical materials and attribute the source to three:

1. From the small vaults of the Ming Treasury Treasury and the King of the Ming Dynasty;

Second, collect from the site occupied;

Third, search from the people.

Among the above three sources, the first and second sources are very limited. The reason is that the government was very poor at the end of the Ming Dynasty, and the finances were difficult to sustain. Only four of the princes of Zhang Xianzhong captured and executed were only four, and Zhang Xianzhong was known for his “flowers” and controlled. The site is limited, and there are not much taxes at all.

Therefore, Zhang Xianzhong’s wealth is mainly looted with the people.

Every time he conquered a city and settled in one place, he robbed it.

“Shu Bi” contains, after Zhang Xianzhong, according to Shu, he still does not change the habit of streaming. It is stipulated that the people must not hide gold and silver privately.


Now, as more and more gold and silver cultural relics come out of the water, the clearer the crime of Zhang Xianzhong and Tu Shu.

Those who have defended Zhang Xianzhong to avoid talking about this aspect; each involved related topics, most of them responded with silence.

Some experts believe that Zhang Xianzhong is a great hero, but more and more evidence came out, and the experts had to admit defeat