The melon of “The Goddess of Beijing”



Many years later, Liu Bei, the “goddess of the first generation of Beijing”, suddenly discovered that he was particularly interested in “Zhang” and “Gang”.

Love is “Zhang”, thanks to “Gang” in his career.


As for the dream when I was young, it had long been blown by the wind.

In 1977, the 10 -year -old Beijing girl Liu Bei ignored her parents’ opposition and insisted on learning Peking Opera. When the director’s father couldn’t persuade, the mother who was engaged in the drama tears, because learning the show is too bitter …

Within a few years, Liu Bei will be stunned and won

Beijing Opera School

The teachers’ love, but when I walked on the street, the good figure that was not wrapped by the costume was even more embarrassing. There were always some “bad guys” running to talk, which was very troublesome.


Over time, Liu Bei and girls thought of a countermeasure.

When the “bad guy” came to talk, she said, “Do you think there is this necessary” and then run away quickly.

What makes the teachers extremely regrets is that the girl’s condition is so good, but she doesn’t work very much, and she loves laziness very much. Fortunately, she can sing skills,

Become the backbone of Tsing Yi.

However, it is not only the “bad guys” on the streets of Liu Bei, but also some film practitioners have brought great “trouble” to the school.

In 1983, Hong Kong director Li Hanxiang ran to Beijing to shoot “Fire Burning Yuanming Garden” and selected Liu Bei as the female No. 3 Li Fei. Faced with such a good opportunity, the school decisively helped her refuse.

After two years,

18 -year -old Liu Bei graduated from Beijing Opera School (now Beijing Opera Art Vocational College) and was assigned to the Beijing Beijing Theater Youth Opera Troupe

Once I watched a movie with my mother, I met a strange man to talk.

Although she has been used to being used to the habit, she was shocked this time: dare to do this in front of parents? Unexpectedly, her mother turned her head and looked at her colleagues of her railway literary group.


After some greetings, the other party expressed his intention. It turned out that their crew was missing, and Liu Bei’s temperament was quite consistent.

Anyway, I was idle, and Liu Bei ran over. I did not expect that she changed her life route.



This drama is called “King Gesar”. According to the world’s longest heroic epic adaptation, the progress of filming is extremely slow. From the summer vacation to the start of school, I filmed a scene.

At this time, Liu Bei’s teacher at the unit talked to her, hoping that her backbone would stay, otherwise many big dramas could not be performed. Liu Bei heard the hot heart, so he called the crew and asked them to replace them euphemistically.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she decided to stay, the teacher came to talk again. It is difficult for many colleagues to think she is too free and scattered.

The teacher really makes sense, but if you punish it on your back, it will become a stain in the file for a lifetime. It happened that the crew called again, saying that the new actor was not suitable, and hoped that Liu Bei could come back.


At that time, it was 1986. There was no concept of resignation at all, at most, it was to stop the salary. But 19 -year -old Liu Bei was in a horizontal heart and submitted his resignation from his parents. He then parted ways with Peking Opera and became an individual actor.


She starred in the TV series “Gesar” with a monthly pay of 200 yuan. Later, he participated in the first film “The Empress Dowager of the Two House”, playing Cixi.

My father felt that this was not a long -term strategy, so she allowed her to apply for the Beijing Film Academy to receive a regular science education. But her cultural class is only more than 190 points, which is not the test.

But the acting of acting is more important, and Liu Bei has both.

She was 1.70 meters tall, her tall, her face was exquisite, and she laughed particularly brightly. She was like a sweet sun on the strawberry. Occasionally, she was completely cold goddess.

Although she loves to laugh, she is so lucky that she has not only starred in the movie “Tortal King”, but also was selected by the actor Ge when he interviewed the classic TV series “The Story of the Editorial Department”. Jade Rabbit Essence in “Remember.

At that time, Ge Youzheng complained that he did not choose the right to choose an actress, and finally fought for a chance. He happened to meet Liu Bei and saw the right eye. Director Zhao Baogang and the screenwriter Feng Xiaogang were also impressed by her, and they never forget it, and later echoed.

However, when her career was developing smoothly, she suddenly encountered a disaster.


In 1991, Hong Kong’s action movies were on fire, and the Mainland also wanted to share a share. Because Liu Bei’s action adventure movie “Dream Broken Loulan” responded well, many producers fancy her potential of “playing”.

One year later, Liu Bei ran to Chongqing and starred in the same type of movie

“Bloody Jialing River”

Essence Because she worked hard when she was filming, she won the high appreciation of the martial arts masters. They total and wanted to invite Liu Bei to dinner with Liu Bei.

Liu Bei immediately refused, because the martial arts were very hard and earned less than her. But a martial arts said, “Sister, do you look down on us?”

This misunderstanding was big, Liu Bei quickly agreed to dinner with them in the small restaurant. Unexpectedly, I was eating, and a few mules came to the store, making a martial arts drink.

Those who learn martial arts, of course, are not stunned when they encounter such a thing. They immediately stood up and prepared to fight back, but Liu Bei pressed it down. A old martial arts next to him also wanted to drink a cup on the grounds of “he can’t drink”.


As a result, the group of bitch was angry, and directly fucking the bottle to smash his head. As soon as Liu Bei shouted carefully, he felt a quiet surroundings, and everyone was watching her …

She covered her face subconsciously and felt itchy on her arms, and she found that her sleeves and scarves were all blood. It turned out that the bottle was smashed on her head and broke, and the glass splashed on her left eye. Many blood flowed from the eyes.

The anger of the martial arts rose instantly, hitting the group of bitch, and then quickly sent her to the emergency room of the hospital. The doctor sees the situation and arranges the operation immediately, but Liu Bei has to wait until tomorrow.

What she thought was that the emergency doctor may not be professional enough, so she insisted on waiting for better doctors during the day. Unfortunately, pain relief medicine can promote blood circulation and bleed more eyes. Liu Bei did not take medicine and endured the pain over the night.

But compared with the next drama, this sin was worthless.

Because the glass dumplings are similar to the crystals in the eyes, it is extremely difficult to distinguish, and it will cause medical accidents without paying attention. Therefore, the general treatment of the hospital is to remove the eyeballs.

Finally, considering that Liu Bei was a actor who was eating on his face, the doctor agreed to take risks for surgery, but also said that he could not take anesthetic. The anesthetic would let the iris in the eyes flow out, and the success rate of the eyeball was only 10 % …

As soon as Liu Bei heard it, he resolutely said it was okay and could bear it. During the operation, she held her stomach with her hands and took a bunch of surgical tools to pull her eyes.

Two hours later, she finally couldn’t help it, begging the doctor to slow down. After slowing, she supported another two hours …


After 4 hours, the surgery was successful, and Liu Bei’s deeds spread throughout the hospital. Everyone was sighing: I thought that the actresses were very coquettish, and I didn’t expect to have a iron lady!


Although the doctor was extremely moved, he could only convey the cruel instructions to her:

Do not cry because tears will affect the wound. Do not lie, because your eyes will be congested. You can only sit and sleep.


This sitting is more than a month.


I was injured during the filming. It is reasonable to say that the crew should be responsible, but Liu Bei thought about delaying the shooting progress, and I felt very sorry. On the contrary, the film contractor did not go, and asked Liu Bei’s lawsuit with him. By then, she would compensate her 100,000 yuan at one time.


The film she made this movie was only 3,000, and the deposit was only 3,000. 100,000 was absolute huge sums. But she thought that the mistake was not in the crew, and her eyes could not be measured with money, so she rejected the kindness.

At that time, she had just a little fire. At the age of 25, many martial arts dramas issued a invitation to her. She didn’t dare to say her eyes, so she was pushed off on the grounds of bad health. As a result, many people thought that they played big names.


In the following year, Liu Bei had a heart injury at home, and spent only one or two hundred yuan a month. I thought that I would break the appearance. I might have to say goodbye to acting in the future.

What do you do later? She was prepared to change careers and went to the house of her grandmother’s house.

When only 500 left, she was ready to open a porridge shop.


But although some people do not walk in the rivers and lakes, the rivers and lakes often miss her shadow.

In 1993, a screenwriter named Chen Yanmin (later became a director) wrote a very satisfactory script “Kyoto Chronicle”. He believes that the secretary Zhang Wei in the play, although there are not many plays, are very outstanding, especially suitable for Liu Bei.


Liu Bei felt that Chen Yumin was close, and he talked about the broken phase and eyes. Chen Yanmin insisted that Liu Bei could perform well and let her come over to see the director.

Director You Xiaogang also felt that her temperament was quite consistent. The small scars on the eyes were harmless and elegant, and she could wear sunglasses when filming. In this way, Liu Bei, who was inferior, finally recovered some confidence.

Unexpectedly, all the mildews who returned to the entertainment industry had seen the rudder before. She not only quickly became popular, but also fascinated the boss who invested behind the scenes and ushered in the first man named Zhang in love.


The boss’s name is Zhang Jian, 6 years older than Liu Bei. He was originally a real estate agent, and later became interested in the entertainment industry, and became a big man in the Beijing circle. This 100 -episode “Kyoto Chronicle” was invested by him.

Five years ago, Zhang Jian and his ex -wife Huang Ming gave birth to a son, named Zhang Ruohuan, divorced two years later, and threw his son to his parents to raise. Today, after knowing Liu Bei because of the play, he launched a fierce pursuit.

Liu Bei felt that Zhang Jian treated her well, and surpassed her biological parents. Such a man who is rich and cares about is a bit older.

On the other hand, Zhao Baogang, the director of the “Story of the Editorial Department” before, after hearing Liu Bei, he invited her to star in Beijing girl Jia Ling and co -starred with Wang Zhiwen and Jiang Shan. Essence

In 1994, these two TV series aired, the former responded enthusiastically, and the latter became a phenomenon -level explosion. Liu Bei walked on the street and was often shouted “Zhang Wei” or “Jia Ling”, and some people asked the word “Bei”.

Judging from the dictionary, this word reads bèi, but when it is used as a person, it is read as Péi in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Liu Bei is also this way of reading. Liu Bei realized that he was finally popular, and also won the “Popular TV Golden Eagle Award for Best Supporting Actress Award” because of “Adventure”.


A year later, the love between Liu Bei and Zhang Jian also fixed a positive result. The 28 -year -old is the golden age of an actress. She has almost infinite choices, but she is proud and confused. She resolutely chose to get married and became Zhang Ruo’s stepmother.

Her good luck is still going on. In 1997, after years of sharpening, Feng Xiaogang finally opened up the second pulse of Ren Du, pondered a set of “sketches series”, and began to directed the film “Party A B”.

The leading actor is the famous Ge You, and the heroine has chosen Liu Bei who has collaborated many years ago. The two played in the play from false to real couples.

Liu Bei was more addicted to the drama. She played the landlord who played a beautiful landlord in a while, and performed a beauty plan for a while.

After the filming, it didn’t take much time, and Liu Bei went to Beijing’s famous “Peace House” singing hall to spend a 30th birthday. It was found that a singer was very special. Other singers are singing and jumping, but he is quiet and looks particularly affectionate, as if singing for himself.

Liu Bei ordered a birthday song to him. When he was chatting, he found that he was the railway cultural group like his mother, and he brought a lot of distance.


One or two goes, the two are familiar. Liu Bei appreciated him, and often took a bunch of friends to support. This man was Wu Xiubo, who later talked with Gao Xiaosong about “three inconsistencies”.

At that time, Wu Xiubo was 29 years old. After so many years of waves, he did not have a famous hall in the music circle, and he had the idea of ​​finding a honest person to marry. Unexpectedly, Liu Bei’s appearance actually led him to the actor path that he had never thought about.


At the end of 1997, “Party A and Party B” won 30 million box office after the release. Feng Xiaogang has since stood with Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige.

Liu Bei also won the “Hundred Flowers Awards” with a wonderful interpretation.

You Xiaogang, Zhao Baogang, and Feng Xiaogang, the directors of these “Gang” generations, held Liu Bei to the sky. Life is sometimes so wonderful, more coincidental than the script arrangement.

Next, she took the iron and participated in Feng Xiaogang’s “Endless”, playing the waiters who only charged, and led a group of masters who pinched their feet to serve.

In 2000, in Feng Xiaogang’s work of extramarital affairs, “A Sigh”, she played Li Xiaodan, who was deep -hearted and loved by the sword, and tossed the screenwriter played by Zhang Guoli’s dilemma. This movie is particularly connotative and you can see the shadow of many people.


One year later, with the starring anti -corruption TV series “Red Carnival”, she won the “Chinese TV Golden Eagle Award Actress Award”, and properly promoted the front line.

As the first generation of “Feng Girl” and the lady behind the scenes, Liu Bei has a well -known and right. When I heard that Wu Xiubo withdrew from the singing hall to open the restaurant, he regretted his talent for music and opened a music studio for him.

Eyes couldn’t get up in music, and Liu Bei asked him to serve as his own agent again. As a result, Wu Xiubo was a confused egg, and a contract was not signed, and it was unclear to ask anything.

But Liu Bei still kept Wu Xiubo, so he was so doubtful that many people were doubted. Liu Bei also urged him to lose weight and introduced him to many film and television resources.

On the other hand, her husband Zhang Jian loves Liu Bei. After 2000, he became interested in the director. The TV series “Absolute Emotions” and “Paradise Bird” directed by Liu Bei starred in Liu Bei, and Wu Xiubo in “Paradise Bird”.

In the TV series “Investigation” he invested in, Wu Xiubo, who was concerned about his wife in the position of the male No. 1, pulled a group of stars such as Guo Tao, Tao Hong, and Fu Biao as a foil.

Wu Xiubo, who starred in the first time, was trembling, even the lines were not good. Zhang Jian inspired: “Xiubo, it’s okay, this scene is our own scene, let’s shoot another one.”

Unfortunately, the marriage of Zhang Jian and Liu Bei was so pursuing, love houses and Wu, and the two still went to the end. The two divorced peacefully in 2002.

Liu Bei later recalled:

“At that time, I wouldn’t be in love at all. I am not a special person who can coquettish, and it is too strong, which may cause mental stress on the other party.”

But after investing in the embrace of a new boyfriend, Liu Beili learned the coquettish skills.


This new boyfriend is not Wu Xiubo, but Zhang Li, a photographer who had collaborated on “A Sigh” before, was 10 years older than Liu Bei and had been married 4 times. The two met again because of the show, and met again when they filmed the TV series “Loyalty”.

In 2003, Liu Bei and Zhang Li got married, cooperating with the TV series “Military Secret”, and let Wu Xiubo starred in Liu Bei’s son in the play. At this time, Zhang Li became a well -known director with “Towards the Republic”, and it was not the same as before.

At that time, I just caught up with SARS. In this special time, I had an appointment for dinner. It may be that colleagues intended to match, and only Liu Bei and Zhang Li were present.

Liu Bei was very nervous and dared not look at it, and never took off the sunglasses. The two finished meals in a mess, and when they went out, Zhang Li said to himself: “I will wear a sunglasses next time.”

How many evil fate is because of a glance in the crowd, not to mention that he did not look down, Liu Bei gradually fell in love with Zhang Li’s talent and deepness.

“When I was looking for him at that time, I found that I could occasionally spoil, because he didn’t love to talk, how can you toss Sahuan. In front of him, I can be like a naughty little girl …”


It turns out that the gap is here. The older brother will have the strength of the legend, successfully removed the woman’s strength, and let her experience the feeling of birds. It feels like a pair, and the others are not a problem.


In the Mid -Autumn Festival in 2004, 37 -year -old Liu Bei and 47 -year -old Zhang Li entered the marriage hall. Two years later, they gave birth to a big fat boy.

But when the son was just one year old, the dog blood came.

In 2007, the god drama directed by Zhang Li

“Daming Dynasty 1566”

It was being broadcast, and the media broke the news: Zhang Li and Xiao Song Jia came out of the scandal when filming “Chinese Past” …


Liu Bei made a stop and divorced Zhang Li directly. At that time, Zhang Song tried to deny it. As a result, the media took the picture of the two “both back to the home” …

Liu Bei was going to his son’s custody and became a list of mothers. He was addicted to bringing a baby every day. Even if he filmed 12 hours a day, he still played with his son with an endless energy after returning home.

Although she was 40 years old again, she was still quite charm and attracted a man named Zhang.


The man named Zhang was not someone else, it was his ex -husband Zhang Jian.


After many years of divorce, Zhang Jian still missed Liu Bei. When he heard that Liu Bei was married again, he immediately became a friend to comfort Liu Bei, and he also cared about Liu Bei and Zhang Lisheng’s son …

Where can I go to such a affectionate man?

Liu Bei gradually moved, returned to the arms of his ex -husband, and entered the marriage for the third time.

I don’t know if it was owed in the previous life. Anyway, the love of this life could not escape the palm of the surname Zhang.

The next Liu Bei put the focus on the acting career, not only witnessed Wu Xiubo’s rise, but also reached a good achievement again.

In 2009, the TV series “Wedding Dress” starring Liu Bei and Wu Xiubo was broadcast. After many years of performance, Wu Xiubo’s acting skills finally changed, causing a good applause.

In the play, Liu Bei’s role is suffering from cancer. The role of Wu Xiubo played in front of the bed and said the lines from the bottom of my heart: “Maybe I told you that the benefactor is a bit vulgar, but without you, there is no me today.”

One year later, Liu Bei joined hands with Chen Daoming and Wang Zhiwen, two major acting skills, and starred in the TV series “Mobile Phone”. Chen Daoming took the initiative to invite her to play the wife Li Yan in her drama, but Liu Bei, who loves laughing, frequently laughed.

Needless to say, Chen Daoming’s acting skills are the most authentic training, no matter how funny, he won’t laugh. But under the influence of Liu Bei, he finally couldn’t hold back and laughed several times. For this bold sister, he used the word “mother tiger”.

Although frequently laughed, Liu Bei performed really. She performed the ordinary fireworks of the celebrity wife and won the praise from the audience.

In 2011, 44 -year -old Liu Bei and Zhang Jiayi co -starred in the TV series “Go to the Sea”. Liu Bei, who became an individual actor at the age of 19, perfectly interpreted the heroine Zhou Yun’s firm and capable.

This role has become another classic she shaped,

Won the “2011 Anhui Satellite TV National Drama Ceremony Annual Personal Award” and the “2011 Southern Ceremony Best Actress Award”.

Since then, due to her age, the chance of acting in the protagonist has decreased, and most of the invitations received were supporting roles. But she has no gap in her heart, because acting is a real love:


“In my opinion, the value of a good role is far more than whether it is the female number one, how much is the film pay. I first know that the performance is a job I love very much. On this basis My burden. “

In 2013, she also performed “Li Wenmin’s Fifty Memorial Performance of Teaching Life” in the school to sing “Locking Lock” on the stage for the teacher. And soon tried the drama “Balcony” boldly,


As a result, the “Beijing Comedy Art Festival’s most loved happy role award for the audience” was won as soon as he shot.


However, although her scenery is good, the two men she cares about have caused great trouble in recent years.

With Liu Bei’s full support, Wu Xiubo gradually stood in the performing arts circle to steadily foothold and stepped up to “Uncle Charm” step by step, but eventually became the target of the criticism because of the play (see the public account of Wan Xiaodao in the past “Wu Xiubo sniff honey history”).

Her husband Zhang Jian stole the contract with his son Zhang Ruohuan, but he failed to perform. He was also involved in the debt dispute of 140 million yuan. In the end, his father and son looked back. Zhang Ruohuan picked up a legal weapon to sue his father.

As the “first -generation goddess of Beijing”, Liu Bei has never seen any storms, and it will not be affected too much. Life is full of joy, and it is also mixed with suffering. The two seem to take turns to work, like constant alternation during the day and night.

Therefore, the best life is not to wait for the sun, but to live in the sun. When you become a beam of light, you can’t even escape your romance even in the night.

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