45 disposable beds comparative test: Most sample bacteria isolation is higher than textile bedding


It is already the norm of modern people on the road. However, the news has repeatedly exposed the problem of the hotel’s sheets, the problem of being washed in time, and even the five -star hotel and well -known brand chain stores are not spared, which will undoubtedly bring hidden dangers to consumers’ health and safety.

If the bedding of the hotel is easy to cross infection, the one -sex bedding has emerged as a one -time bed, mainly in travel (hotel, train sleeper), beauty salons, or hospitals.

In order to provide consumers with objective and detailed consumption information, to guide consumers to correctly select disposable bedding, Heilongjiang Consumers Association commissioned Tianfang Smart Testing and Authentication Co., Ltd. Responsible).

Sample sample

This comparison test sample is the staff of the Heilongjiang Provincial Consumers Association as ordinary consumers in the medical supplies stores in Harbin, supermarkets, and online including Tmall, JD.com, Suning, Vipshop and other shopping platforms randomly. 45 samples. In order to compare the performance of one -sex bedding with the various performances of ordinary textile bedding, 5 textile bedding was also purchased.

Detection basis and detection items

At present, my country has no relevant product standards for disposable bedding for the time being. Only GB 15979-2002 “Sanitary Standards for Disposal Sanitary Products” stipulates its own basic hygiene requirements. According to the actual needs of consumers, this comparison test uses the corresponding method standards to test the one -sex bedding. Detailed test items and the standards are shown in Table 1. The test results are only used as a horizontal comparison between the same type of products.

Test Results

1. Most of the bacteria of one -sex bedding are mostly higher than the textile bedding, and the fluorescent whitening agent is not detected, which has good safety performance.

2. When the samples with high bacterial filtration efficiency of single -layer sample samples have significantly improved the effect of bacterial filtration; otherwise, the bacterial filtration effect does not significantly improve the bacterial filtration effect when the samples with low bacterial filtration efficiency of single -layer samples have not significantly improved.

3. The durability of 45 disposable bedding is large, and good performance is close to textile bedding.

4, 45 disposable bedding, the overall performance of the comfortable performance is general, and the individual performance is better. Five samples with nominal “anti -static” performance have not been tested.

Safety performance

(1) Bacterial filtration efficiency

The purpose of consumers to use disposable bedding is to isolate bacteria and be more hygienic. Bacterial filtration efficiency refers to the blocking effect of bacteria in the laid environment in the laid environment. The product with high bacterial filtration efficiency can reduce the contact with the human body and the human body.


This comparison test refers to the method of testing the bacterial filtration efficiency of the bedding with the method of YY 0469-2011 “Medical Surgery Mask”. The higher the bacterial filtration efficiency value, the better the filtering effect of bacteria. The experimental results showed that the efficiency of textile bedding bacteria was between 5.84%and 10.96%, with an average value of 9.1%. The efficiency of bacterial filtration efficiency on the one -time bedding is between 0.23%and 46.77%, with an average value of 16.1%. The bacterial filtration efficiency of 24 disposable bedding is higher than the average of the filtering efficiency of textile bedding, and has a good filtering bacterial effect.

4 disposable bed supplies with higher bacterial filtration efficiency

5 disposable bed supplies with low bacterial filtration efficiency

(2) fluorescent whitening agent

The fluorescent whitening agent that affects the human body is mainly migrant fluorescent whitening agents. It is characterized by being washing, bite, sweating, or touching to the human skin or mucous membrane. The bedding of bedding, through the wetness of sweat, plus a series of friction with the skin, its fluorescent whitening agent or invading pores and entering the skin; In the middle, combine with the cells to destroy the normal structure of the cell. So more and more consumers pay attention to whether the fluorescent whitening agent is added to the textiles. However, there are currently no compulsory requirements for fluorescence whitening agents in textiles in my country.

The 45 disposable bedding of this experiment did not detect fluorescent whitening agents, but there were 2 ordinary textile beds detected a fluorescent whitening agent, and consumers should choose carefully.



(1) The quality of the unit area

The unit area of ​​bedding reflects the thickness of the bedding. In theory, the larger the unit’s weight, the thicker the relatively thickness, and the better its durability.


The unit area of ​​this comparison test one -time bedding is between 14.4 ~ 101.1g/m2, and the unit area of ​​the textile bedding is between 103 and 229g/m2. On the whole Sexual use and portable nature, the overall thickness is lower than textile bedding.

(2) Fracture strong

Fracture strength refers to the maximum value when the fabric is torn by external forces. The greater the detection value, the more difficult to break the fabric and the better the durability.

The strong value of the first -time bedding is between 20 and 110N, and the fracture value of the textile bedding is between 110 and 280N. Consumers should avoid pulling hard to prevent tear and affect the service life.

Fractoring the top 5 sample information

5 sample information after the fracture strong ranking

(3) Abrasion resistance

The abrasion resistance reflects whether the bedding is easily damaged after many frictions, which reflects the durability of the bedding.


In this comparison test, refer to GB/T 24218.1-2009 “Measurement of the Terring of Textile Martin Delfa Favorite Damage to the 2nd Sample Damage”, which records the number of frictions when the bedding has been friction multiple times.


After testing, the number of frictions between 33 and 2940 times when the first bedding was damaged, and the number of frictions of textile beds was more than 15,000 times. The wear resistance of the first sex bedding was very different from the textile bedding.

The top 5 sample information of wear resistance ranking


6 -bit sample information after the abrasion resistance ranking



After friction on the surface of the fabric, the fiber will be wrapped together to form a hair ball. This phenomenon not only makes the appearance and feel of the disposable sheets worse, but also cause the fabric to wear, reduce the service life, and affect the experience.

The results show that of the 45 disposable bedding, 3 have obvious hair and kicks, 2 moderate balls, 40 models with slight hair and kicks; of the 5 textile beds, 2 moderate balls. , Three lightly raised the ball.

The more obvious the ball is, it means that under the same use conditions, the easier it is to get the product to get the ball, affecting consumers’ use.

Comfortable performance


(1) Wetness and breathability

Wetness reflects the infiltration of fabrics to water vapor. In short, it is to evaluate the ability of the hand -dredging of the body to guide the sweat vapor of the body; Performance. The greater the moisture and breathability detection value, the better the fabric sweats and breathable ability, and the more comfortable the consumer will feel when using it.

This comparison test has a sample of a one -time use of a one -time use of surgical forms. For the special functionality such as waterproof and blood prevention, it may be lowered by layer pressure or membrane, and the breathable and humidity may be low.

1 sample information with poor hygrometer and breathability

From the test results, there is no significant difference in the humidity performance of one -sex bedding and textile bedding. In addition, because the disposable bedding fabric is thin, the breathability is better than the textile bedding. The other 44 disposable beds and 5 textile beds are the specific measurement values ​​of the breathability and humidity rate of water permeability as shown in the following table:


(2) Anti -static

Static electricity does not exist around us all the time, and various textiles are generated in contact and friction in contact and friction. Electricity can adsorb dirt such as dust in the air, stimulate the skin, change the acid and alkali value of the skin, and then cause skin diseases such as allergies and itching. The raw materials of the one -time bedding are chemical fiber, which is more likely to cause static electricity.

Anti -static electrical assessment standards are divided into three grades of A, B, and C -levels.

The test results show that the anti -static properties of the five textile beds have reached the A -level standard; 2 of the first bedding reaches A, 1 model reaches B, and the remaining 42 models do not have anti -static.

Three sample information with anti -static electricity

Through the verification of the sample publicity page purchased online, a total of 5 samples claim to have anti -static capabilities on the purchase page. The test results show that none of these 5 samples have anti -static capacity.


5 sample information that claims to have anti -static electricity

(3) Coolness


The cooling feeling of fabrics is the principle of heat transmission or heat transfer. When the fabric is in contact with the skin, the heat emits the skin quickly to the fabric, so that the wearer has a coolness of the instant coolness. However, when the temperature of the fabric is balanced with the temperature of the human skin, the cool feeling becomes not obvious. When you use it in summer, you will have a more comfortable experience when you touch the product with good coolness.

The test results show that the five textile beds have a instant cooling feeling, and 45 disposable bedding has no contact instant cooling.




Based on the test results and whether the product has practical design, the performance of the one -sex bedding is scored, and the comprehensive evaluation ranks the top 5 and the last 6 -digit sample information below.

Comprehensive scoring ranking top 5 sample information


Comprehensive scoring ranking after 6 sample information

Consumer advice

1. Buy

(1) From the results of the comparative test, the market in the first bedding is chaotic, and the quality of the product is different. Thickness is not directly related to the performance of bacterial filtration efficiency, wear resistance, durability.

(2) Consumers should not easily believe in some functional propaganda words on the online store page. If necessary, the merchant can provide corresponding test reports. Pay attention to whether the company has reached the technical indicator before deciding whether to buy.


(3) Check whether the product has the name and address of the manufacturer, the production date, the health standard number, etc., the more complete the product logo, and the more guaranteed its product quality control.

(4) Purchase appropriate specifications and supporting products according to needs: The first bedding is the style of the sheets, quilts, pillows, sleeping bags, etc. The specifications are single and double. Consumers can buy according to needs.

2. Do not wash or repeatedly use once, otherwise the performance will be greatly reduced.

3. It is recommended to buy it through regular channels when buying

And keep invoice and other related consumption vouchers. In case of disputes, consumers can be safeguarded by shopping vouchers.


Source: Heilongjiang Consumer Association