Wide -leg pants are laid off! These 5 pants this spring are popular


I do n’t know if you have such troubles: the top is always a good choice during online shopping, and it will basically not make an error in the size, but it is very headache when you get the pants.

Obviously looking at the same figure, the size was compared carefully, and it was always wrong when I tried it on. It’s not too tight or fat or the version is not suitable for you. It is too difficult to buy pants!


A wide -leg pants of the wardrobe occupying most of them. Although it is versatile and covered with meat, there are too many people wearing it. There are so many rotten streets. This fashion is never allowed to happen!

So today Liya brings 5 ​​different types of magic pants! Let everyone no longer have to worry about the cabinet, where to wear it, you are all in the whole street

One and only




To say what is popular this year, the split pants are not let go! It can be simply divided into two types: side split and front split. Although it just opened one more seam, the overall fashion has risen straight up


The trousers are designed with a side split.

Long -legged+stovepipe

Special effect!

Small girls may wish to match a pair of high heels or thick sole shoes, the length of the mop of pants

Prolonging the calf without oblivioning

, Easily wear a good proportion!

Or choose the front split to expose a part of the calf, which not only makes the line smooth and reduces the overall restraint.

Highly tall and thin gas field open

And as the calf lines walking are looming, the femininity that inadvertently reveals the most deadly!


However, pay attention to the choice of styles.


Slightly open

Only to seem unique and natural.


Do not choose tight -fitting split pants, any leg defects will be exposed!



(Not daily & exposure disadvantages)




Although the wide -leg pants have a deep accomplishment in modifying the leg shape, the straight pants are not allowed to give up, and it is even better.

The straight pants of the suit fabric are strong and the texture is thin, and the texture is thin.


Essence The design of the same and width of the upper and lower width makes it visually smooth and smooth.

And this version is mostly the length of the mop, and the proportion of the lower body is extended vertically. It is really high!


With a shirt small leather shoes, simple and capable commuting work✔!

Of course, this texture of pants is written as “straight”, read as “


“, Put on leisure standard with white T flat shoes, capitalized casual fashion!

If you feel that the three neutral colors of black and white and gray are too basic, you can choose the following


Macaron color

It can also be matched with the simplest items to create a personality temperament.

The straight trousers of denim fabrics are harder than suit fabrics, but the version is more positive and not easy to deform. The straight pants tube perfectly covers any shortcomings of the legs.

Liya preference “


Short -term

“The method of wearing, the high waistline can easily create one meter two long legs!


Micro -jeans

Whenever the flared pants can rely on the retro temperament of its own with their own retro temperament, there is a wave of waves in the fashion circle. After all, the classics will never be outdated.


But traditional flared pants are really picky! The hem that extends from the knee is too wide for the small man, and it is easy to reduce the center of gravity and turn it into it.

Five -five body

In addition, if the thighs have a lot of meat, and the calf is too large to support it into an umbrella, it will look like an hourglass ⌛


In contrast, micro -jeans made a little deformation on the legs of the trousers, showing only a tiny flared shape. not only can


Modify the calf leg shape

, Cold legs and muscle legs can be easily covered.

Too long flared pants are not very friendly to the little man, and it is easy to procrastinate. Suggestion of daily matching LIYA

Nine -point micro -trousers

, Exposing a slender ankle is careful.

And the versatile attributes of the denim can be perfectly combined whether it is a sweater, sweater, or a T -shirt.



The so -called tofu pants are like tofu, white or rice white pants, and just like their names, soft and comfortable like tofu.





The wind burst, leisure has become the main tone of daily matching.

And the trousers are definitely treasure pants, sweater, short tops, and sweater, there is no one who dare not match! Wear it casually, match at will, avant -garde fashion get!

West trousers are cut,

Three -dimensional


, And a large area of ​​white can show this high sense in front of you.

Not to mention that it modifies the longitudinal proportion of the leg shape, this long leg screen can’t be installed!

Although it always says that black is thin and white is fat, as long as you pay attention to the choice of the version, and at the same time

Plastic shaping the waist line

Isn’t it thinner?

White paving, straight pants, high waist design, long legs stand up, and eye -catching! Clean white pants, nothing more versatile than it!


First love pants

The first love pants are actually invincible age reduction, which makes people return to students in one second


However, the choice of the version is very important. The too loose style of the waist looks like it is twenty pounds.

For the fairy with a wider shoulder, the fine shoulder straps are absolutely necessary, and it will only compare the shoulders wider. And choosing a wide shoulder strap can have a certain cover effect,

Short the proportion of the shoulder exposure

Flat chest can choose a high -profile style, wrapped the chest to make it more filled, and it is not heavy from the side. Or take a suspender directly,

Pure desire

Want to come out.

Not well -dressed method is also applicable to strap pants. It is very casual and playful for the strap on the side. It can show personal characteristics. Sweet is you!

These five magic pants are just good -looking, so that long legs are no longer exclusive to tall, it is a small gospel! Do you think wide -leg pants are not fragrant instantly?

In fact

Pay attention to the waistline

Avoid the strengths and avoid weaknesses


Choosing the right item can show your personal characteristics on the basis of not wrong.