34 -year -old Yang Mi showed sexy photos! Leopard print leggings show the hips and hips, lay on the ground directly on the body


On March 21, Yang Mi took recent photos on social platforms. The photos are the “comic waist challenges” that have recently been very popular on the Internet. She said: “It is a bit difficult to raise your hand to participate.”


In the photo, Yang Mi wore a leopard leggings, put her legs on the chair, lay on the ground on the ground to put her waist in the air and show her figure. Tight trousers and short tops just exposed her small waist. Long legs, Yang Mi’s figure is too bad! She looks very easy to make this difficult movement, and she also holds her hands.

After Yang Mi took photos, netizens exclaimed that this figure was so good. Some netizens said, “No one is this figure!” “Sister, I can!”, And some people say, “Whoever reads, don’t say a word!” Everyone everyone is good! “Everyone, everyone Everyone thinks that Yang Mi can do this posture.


Yang Mi is not only attracted much attention, but also the emotional problems have always been a hot topic of everyone. Recently, she and Wei Daxun have new news. Some netizens found that the same tableware can be found in the daily life of Yang Mi and Wei Daxun, so she will then she will find the same tableware, so she will then then. I started to doubt whether the two were living together?


However, before that, Yang Mi was photographed in a hotel with Wei Daxun and left after overnight. Even if all kinds of details point to the relationship between the two, but because there is no real hammer and I have no response, I still hope that everyone should not guess at will.


(Pictures from the Internet)

Yang Mi has also moved forward steadily in her career in the near future. The TV series “Storm Eyes” starring has been broadcast, and her performance in this drama has been praised a lot.

Paying more attention to the works of artists is what everyone should do. As for the private life, it is still waiting for their official official announcements to give them some of their own space.