Mao collar washing problems and solutions summarize


Dry -cleaning season, cotton coats, down jackets, and woolen coats are the main objects of concentrated washing. If we operate properly during the washing process, the attachments of these clothes will often suffer large injuries due to small mistakes, which will affect the final washing effect. How to deal with the problems in the process of hair washing!

Classification of hair collar:

There are many types of wool collar, from imported to domestic ones, such as tadar skin, mink fur, the otters, rabbit skin, tadpole skin, and soyard skin. Modal polypropylene fiber collar with silk luster often appears, and color, neutral colors include dark, dark brown, apricot, camel, milk tea color, etc.

Wool collar washing accident


1. Mao collar shrinks: Sometimes when we washing clothes with hair collar, we did not pay attention to the washing temperature. Due to the high temperature and washing agent too much alkaline, the hair collar was shrinking; and the rabbit hair collar did not go through it. Softening treatment (raw fur), thumbnails and stiff problems will occur after washing.

In response to the above problems, we should pay attention to the hair collar that can be disassembled when washing, and we must remove and wash it. Those who can dry them should not be washed as much as possible. If the phenomenon of scratching and hardening due to water washing, we can dilute to half a pot of warm water for 30 minutes with 50 ml to 80 ml of soft agents. After dehydration, the cold wind can be dried.

2. Fading of hair collar: The fading and fading of the hair collar is mainly down jackets, and the color of the hair collar and the fabric form a sharp color contrast. The main reasons for the fading of the hair collar are divided into two types. The first is the poor staining of the hair collar, which causes the dipping water to lose color; the second is the problem of washing operation. When the employees are operating, sometimes improper dosage and long bubbles will cause the hair collar to fade;

When we washing operations, try to adopt the strategy of fast -moving the fur collar clothing. For the bright colors of the hair collar, try to wash and then wash it first. Fading extremely serious.

3. Mao collar scroll: The hair collar scroll is mainly due to the production of polypropylene fiber hair collar (fake hair). Excessive temperature during washing will cause fake hair to distort. During the drying process, the hair collar cannot bear the drying temperature , Thus the phenomenon of scrolling.

Pay attention to the problem when washing: Fake hairy collar should not be dried with dryer.