Buying a baby dining chair, it is enough to read this article! (Multi -map early warning)


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Welcome to the column of the “Mother Say · Chop Hand Sutra”, we will talk today -how to pick a dining chair for the baby. First of all, the precautions when selection are selected, and then you can list the various mainstream designs on the market. After watching you, you know how to pick it!

To say less nonsense, go straight to dry goods!

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Text / Zhao Yizheng

Part 1: Pay attention to these six when choosing


1. Place of origin:

The general price of more than 300 or more will not be too bad. But I hope to remind mothers that if you buy the user’s evaluation before buying, you will easily discover that the dining chair in a certain place in southeast provinces generally exists in the situation of “three non -products”. (To avoid disputes, there will be no specific place here.)

2. Material:

Solid wood, plastic, special soft materials … green radishes have their own love, don’t be tangled. Those who like to be solid, buy wood; don’t want to move around every day, plastic is your dish.

3. Brand:

What mothers are most often asked -what brands can be bought in something? As the saying goes, the price of one point for one point, the high -priced big name is related to the quality, it also facilitates everyone’s selection; Good dining chair.


Specifically, the mainstream brands that can be bought in China, such as IKEA, Kobayashi, Ai Yin, Kaidi Jimei, good children, Baodi Xiao, Master, Fei Xue, etc., all of them can be considered. Essence


4. Design:

(1) Note that children’s dining chairs generally choose

The corner adopts an arc design

The products of the products, especially the baby who just started using a dining chair, are not used to sit in their chairs. They will jump up and down in the chair, falling east. Any sharp edge or corner in the dining chair design will have hidden safety hazards.


Especially the back of the table and panel of the dining chair, the back of the copy, these hidden places,

But it is easy for babies to “explore” with delicate hands and feet under curiosity. If there are wooden thorns, sharp objects, etc., it is easy to hurt the child. also,

The dining chair supporting rack and other parts of contact with the ground should also be carefully checked. The baby may be exposed to these parts when crawling on the ground. If it is too sharp, it is easy to be injured.

(2) Folding: Except for children’s dining chairs that can be placed on ordinary chairs, other landing dining chairs,

No matter how folding it, it will take advantage of the place

Essence Moreover, how many families bought dining chairs, but they were too lazy to fold every day. Therefore, there is only one benefit left in folding -it will be stored in the future. Therefore, buying a pleasing to the eye is the most important thing!

5. Width:

General dining chair

The standard width is 34 cm

Maybe some mothers think that 34 cm is narrow. Whether the baby is wearing so much in winter is narrow! In fact, the width of 34 cm is limited to its safety considerations. When the dining chair is too width, the baby on both sides is very dangerous if there is no affiliated protection. 34 cm is also the width of the international standard. Generally, even if children grow to 4 or 5 years old, they can easily sit down.

6. Components:

(1) Plum. Many dining chairs have pulleys when they buy it,

This is a double -edged sword

, Mom and Dad can choose or not. Although the pulley is convenient to move, the stability is also discounted accordingly. At the same time, will the long -time use of the pulley and the dining chair be loosened for a long time? This is another hidden safety hazard.

If the pulley is very needed, then whether the pulley has brakes and whether the brake is firm, etc., you must confirm it again. In actual use, it is also recommended to check the position of the pulley.

(2) Game function. Many dining chairs will bring game functions during design, such as toys, music, etc. This is another sharp double -edged sword. Although toys can attract the interests of the babies, but

Play while eating. Once this habit is developed, it is more difficult to change than ascending the sky

Essence The advantages and disadvantages were obtained, and parents measured them by themselves. In short, Zhao Yan’s point of view is–

A dining chair should grow into a dining chair and grow into a toy. Are you still a dining chair?

(3) seat belt. First of all, the seat belt must be safe. At present, the five -point or three -point seat belt of mainstream products can basically meet this requirement; second, comfort, such as

The width is suitable and will not grab the skin; the texture is soft and it will not get to the skin

Wait, you can check it in detail; there is one more thing,

Easy to use

There are many seat belts, so that the process of hugging the baby in each day is extremely cumbersome. Although it is important to be safe, it is not convenient to use it. It can also greatly affect the experience. For example, a well -known Japanese F ***** dining chair, all perfect, only the design of the seat belt, allows each baby to cooperate with two people.

After the five dry goods are finished, let’s add a money -saving trick -multifunctional dining chair.

Some wooden dining chairs can be divided into two parts: base and dining chair. Stacking the two can be used as children’s dining tables and chairs, and the two can be separated as the table and chair (the base with wooden boards facing up).

Some dining chairs can adjust the heights such as seats and pedals. When children grow up, they can become ordinary seats.


There are also dining chairs that can be tied to adult chairs for use, saving space, some products still increase the pulley at the bottom, which can be used as an indoor cart.

Finally, I will post some styles of mainstream products on the market and give them a reference to mothers who have not yet studied the problem. It is difficult for you to buy a product that makes you satisfied. If you buy it right, you will be happy. Do n’t be sad if you buy it wrong -this is not a reason to give you another reason to just know how to chop your hands again?

Come, let you show you what the children’s dining chairs are like today. After reading it, you can not miss the one you love the most. (The picture comes from the Internet and does not involve commercial interests, the style is for reference only)

Part 2: Eyes -the mainstream style of dining chairs on the market


1. Basic model

The satisfactory wooden dining chair

Basic plastic dining chairs: This IKEA does not need to introduce more. “Dad is back” has also appeared many times. I also like it in simple style.

Basic plastic cortex dining chairs: Compared to wooden dining chairs, cushions of plastic dining chairs, and back -back design are more suitable for babies. The design of the plate is more flexible and changing, which is convenient for placing baby tableware. In addition, the color of the plastic dining chair is more rich, the shape design is more novel, and it can better meet the baby’s preference for the shape of the dining chair. (Not only the design of Aiyin has such a design, please search for other brands by yourself. The picture is for reference only and does not involve business recommendations.)

Second, multi -function variable models:

Multifunctional dining chair that can be turned into a chair

Wooden table stool split dining chair: When I was a kid, I made a dining chair. When I grew up, I could separate the two and learn the tables and chairs. (Not only the good children in the picture have such dining chairs, other brands also have this style)

Plastic split dining chairs: Plastic dining chairs are basically similar to wooden dining chairs. You can be a children’s dining table and chair, learning tables and chairs.

3. Portable dining chair

Small size, light weight, easy to carry

The main feature of carrying a dining chair is lightweight. It is more convenient and convenient than a high -footed chair. Matta can hold it where it wants to go, and it will not be as difficult to carry as a tall chair. This can ensure that the little guy can use a dining chair to eat anywhere, providing convenience and security for the little guy.


Fei Xue

Portable dining chair

The biggest benefit of Fei Xue’s portable dining chair is integrated light design, which can be folded.



British Gilina

Portable dining chair

The bending fixed system only needs to get it on the table.


Poly laughed with a dining chair


Safe and soft materials, waterproof and breathable, non -toxic and harmless. According to ergonomic design, it can protect the spine of the little guy well. Equipped with a three -point seat belt, this one used before our family, but I couldn’t sit still when I sat 10 months.


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Buying a baby dining chair, it is enough to read this article! (Multi -map early warning)