How much is the impact of the gap between the gap between the tailor?


How much is the impact of the gap between the gap between the tailor?

1 The impact of the quality of the stamping part of the punching gap:

① When the gap is controlled within a reasonable range, the concave molded molding in the maximum stress direction of the concave molded and the cracks coincide with each other.

② When the gap is too large, the light band of the parts of the parts is reduced, the corners and fracture slope are large, the burrs are large and thick, and it is difficult to remove. When the gap is over hour, the middle of the interval of the parts is produced. , But the end surface is squeezed with a long burr, the burrs are easy to remove, and the parts become vertical.

Product section schematic diagram:

Selection of 2 gaps:

(A) Putting material (B) Pole, repairing the sanctuary is based on the concave mold, and the module sets the gap, as shown below

Pole, the convex mold above the edge is the bench

.3 Metal Material Passenger Gap Value: MM



1. The above gap refers to a unilateral gap

2. β -shear strength

3.T -thick material


4. The fine cut gap is brought out in the process material.


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