What kind of “pants” to wear, is it really “cool”?



Pants in hand

Keep warm/thin/moisturizing all available

As soon as autumn and winter, many fairies will appear “skin shortage”, and the skin is tightly stretched every day. The most difficult to serve is the legs. The face can be applied to the face. The package is tightly wrapped in almost 24 hours, and it is difficult to take care of it. Coupled with the raging north wind, the legs are prone to dry and itchy. Capturing it twice, the dandruff flew on the ground, and the pants were everywhere, painful and embarrassing!

After a long time, there will be dense fine lines, as if they are 20 years old. Over time, the original tender and delicate legs will become rough and waxy, and eventually evolve into deep -rooted skin diseases. Who can stand this?

So I recommend one to you today

Sheaurus fruit moisturizing pants

In addition to hydrating, it also has the effect of moisturizing and maintenance, so that the legs still keep the legs moisturizing and delicate in winter, and stay away from dandruff trouble.


Strong recommendation reason

Bruck fruit oil = moisturizing and moisturizing + lubricating and greasy

Moisturizing is comparable to body milk


Elastic fabric = abdomen hip -lifting + improvement of thinning


Beautiful legs are comparable to chopsticks essence

Be better on the lush duct = thick and tight + skin -friendly soft

Keeping warmth is comparable to small stoves

“Women’s Gold”

Moisturizing and moisturizing and skin -friendly

The average warm pants on the market not only dry the skin after wearing it, but also itchy. After being caught, a variety of fine dandruff will appear. With the banner of “keep warm”, the fabric adopted is heavy cotton velvet, which causes the skin surface water to be “deprived”, which eventually causes the skin to become worse. At this time, your skin needs a “persistent”. Moisturizing care!

And a pair of pants with moisturizing and moisturizing effect, skin -friendly and comfortable, is the gospel of saving the “dry” star! Why do this pants dare to take the banner of “moisturizing nourishment”? It is because the pants in the pants are added

Catal Fruit Oil Essence


The reason why sheath fruit is selected is because the cauccosus oil is very close to the various indicators of the human sebum secretion of oil, which is easy to absorb in the human body.

Moisturize the skin, moisturize and exfoliate, prevent itching of the skin, relieve skin diseases

It is no wonder that it is hailed by local people in Africa

“Moisturizing gold”

Woolen cloth!


30 cepatoscope

In order to make a pair of moisturizing pants, put on it is equivalent to being wrapped in rich essence, it is simply

“Walking Spa SPA”


When the skin and fabric are contacted and rubbed, the inner layer of the pants will break down and slowly release the essence of the custard fruit oil, and gradually penetrate into the skin deep to achieve

Moisturizing skin

The effect, under the long -term moisturization of the custard fruit oil, even if it does not apply body milk, the skin of both legs will not be dry.


Elastic fabric

Sigs tall and thin in one second

I do n’t know if you find it, the fat and thin in autumn and winter are all on one leg! If you think about it, in the autumn and winter wrapped in everyone, if a girl with short thick legs encounters a beautiful woman with long legs, is it KO in minutes? On the contrary, if the legs are thin and long, even if the upper body is bloated, the overall looks super slim!

Our skinned pants, use

Milan tattoo high bombs


It has super bomb elasticity, and it has 10 pounds of thinness to wear. Intersection Intersection Whether you are a pear -shaped figure, elephant legs, small belly, and hips, you can easily control it. There is it in autumn and winter. How to wear is a tall little fairy!

Different from leggings that are contracted by brute force, this skin moisturizer uses

Elastic contraction

, Mainly acting on fat, will not go to the skin and meat, it can be said that it is

Tight but not, super elasticity

No matter how you exercise, there is no sense of restraint! The whole body is also very well -proportioned, recover excess fat, extend the leg shape, and the line feeling is very obvious.


The visually thin and high

The proportion of the body will be more coordinated, and the overall looks very perfect!

The skin moisturizing pants are adopted

High waist design

, Can perfectly wrap the waist and lower abdomen,

Micro pressure

, Instantly have a flat abdomen and a tight waist. Even in autumn and winter, it is necessary to make beautiful small waist essence. At the same time, the contraction of the hip fabrics provides an upward improvement, and it can easily tighten and improve.

Shape the perfect curve of the hips

, Wear sexy buttocks.

As the saying goes, “details determine success or failure”, this sentence is definitely truth! In addition to high -elastic fabrics, this sheath fruit moisturizing pants are also worthy of scrutiny and completely conquered me. Pants are

Elastic loose waist

Can make us

Comfortable and not tight

No body is in the middle, and there is still the waist


Fashion letter decoration

, Even more fashionable;

Anti -allergic steel buckle

, Exquisite and durable, beautiful and generous, fashionable and beautiful.

Thickened baby velvet


Not afraid of cold at minus 10 ° C

In addition to being thinner in autumn and winter, warmth can not fall, and ordinary thermal pants depend on thick velvet fangs to keep warm. Pants, using

Infant velvet



There will be no hair loss at all, and it has the effect of heat storage, which can lock the temperature tightly. Even if it is minus 10 ° C, it will not be chilling at the slightest with only a pair of shea wood fruit moisturizing pants!

In fact, if the leggings are not close enough, the warmth will be greatly reduced. When the legs are greeted by the wind, it will turn into a wind. When the wind is against the wind, it will cause the body’s heat to disperse. Such leggings will not keep warm for a day. Our moisturizing pants,

360 ° wrapped legs and hips

, Closely fit the body, the fine and warm fluff is tightly wrapped in the lower body,


Lock the calories and not lose

At the same time, the breathability is also very good. There will be no sense of dampness. Others wear autumn pants + velvet jeans in winter, and you only need a shealed fruits moisturizing pants, the legs are thin and slim. It won’t be cold, it really is

Together and temperature


It’s cold, don’t need to wrap yourself into a dumplings, and you don’t need a beautiful “frozen” person. A rose fruits moisturizing pants, fashionable and versatile, the key is


Moisturizing and warmth and thinness “Three things”

——End —————