Is it okay to drink fresh fruit juice?


Today, with the general improvement of the quality of living standards of the masses, people’s pursuit of healthy lifestyles is becoming increasingly urgent. The consumption of fruits also changes, and various fruit juice drinks came into being. At the same time, drinks brought health and convenience to people, but also brought some concerns and concerns to people.


Fresh fruit juice is mainly made of fresh fruit juice. Relatively speaking, nutrition will be easier to absorb. The vitamin content in the juice and minerals have a good effect on the growth and development of the human body. For example, apple juice can promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, and promote gastrointestinal motility. Usually fruits should also be diversified and balanced. Fresh fruit juice is generally recommended to take better after meals. It can reduce gastrointestinal stimulation. After meals, gastric fluid secretion can also promote the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the juice.

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit juice


For example, the current price of lemon juice and orange juice sold on the market is high, and the selected fruits are not fresh. Some manufacturers add other ingredients, and food safety is not guaranteed. Therefore, people have a new trend when consumer juice drinks, that is, they like to drink freshly squeezed pure fruit juice. A cup of fresh fruit juice means green, healthy, and stylish and delicate life. At the same time, the way to squeezes drink can bring people a fresh sense of life. So some families are eagerly looking forward to a multi -functional small fruit juicer. Lele recommends a manual juicer for everyone.

Pure food -grade stainless steel, which is more beneficial to health

The growth of market demand has prompted some electrical manufacturers to launch their own home electric juicers. All kinds of squeeze in the market for a while

The juice machine is full. At present, almost all the mainstream juicers in the market use electric methods, squeezing juice in a high -speed rotation of motors. However, the high temperature produced by the blade high -speed rotation of the juice destroys the nutritional ingredients of the fruit, and almost all the forms of the juicer’s body are upright. Although this method is easy to use, it is easy to make the juice in the juice cup connected through the parts connection through the parts connection. Flowing to the dead angles and motors of some components, this will not only cause inconvenience to clean up and store, but also affect the normal service life of the motor, but also have a certain risk of electric shock. Although the electric juicer can squeeze fresh fruit juice in a short period of time, as the frequency of electric juicer’s use increases, people’s use of freshness in the juicer has become lighter and lighter. Squeeze a cup of fresh fruit juice manually and experience the fun of manual juice.


I will share with you the advantages of drinking freshly squeezed juice:


Fresh fruit juice has the functions of promoting digestion, enhancement of appetite, whitening skin, and bodybuilding weight loss. It can improve the skin’s freshly squeezed juice and make the skin look rosy. Eating freshly squeezed juice can supplement vitamins and help the skin from toxins. It has the effect of moisturizing, whitening the skin, and plays a lighter effect. Drinking pure fruit juice for a long time can improve immunity. Fruits contain a large amount of pectin and natural minerals, which can enhance appetite. It helps to remove harmful substances in the body and improve metabolism. It is good for blood vessels and nervous system development.

Those who want to experience drinking freshly squeezed juice, you can consider this thick mechanical style manual juicer that Lele provided for you. Drink and squeeze, bid farewell to the additives and pigments, so that you and your family’s body are healthier. At the same time, the family can operate together to effectively regulate the family’s parent -child atmosphere. Follow Lele, comment for Lele