The tiles on the balcony are obvious and good -looking


The tiles on the balcony are obvious and good -looking

Do you think the tiles are just posted casually?

In addition to the overall color matching of space, the type of tiles also has a great impact.


If you do n’t do the design, you usually need to spread bricks. At this time, embarrassing cancer is very easy to commit!

There are many styles and colors. How can I choose it?


Matte brick

Many families use the balcony as a living balcony, washing machine, dryer, etc. here, which will cause the balcony to become a place that often deal with water.

In addition to the waterproofing of the wall and ground itself, the moisture -proof of floor tiles also needs to be considered.

A good matte brick has a good waterproof and skid attribute, which is very good for the balcony, especially the kind of non -closed balcony.

In addition, the surface of the matte brick is very delicate and the brightness is low, so the overall sense is very strong. Generally speaking, matte bricks are presented in gray, so it is very suitable for modern and Nordic decoration styles.



Antique brick

Antique tiles are sometimes classified in matte tiles. After all, they belong to glazed tiles, but I will be more willing to make it out, because its shapes and styles are still unique.

The advantage of antique bricks is definitely in its unique style.


Its essence is actually glazed tiles, because with a special classical charm, it can show the sense of history and is a trend of old. For nostalgic families, they prefer this. In American style, this tile is also very common.

The casual feeling conveyed by antique bricks is very matched with American style. If you like to plant some green plants on the balcony, in fact, choosing a antique brick can also show the leisure of space.


Wood grain brick


If you like the sense of wood grain, but you are worried about the impact of water on wooden floors, you can consider choosing a wood grain brick.

The surface of the wood grain brick shows the pattern of wood grain decoration. The texture is realistic, the authenticity is very high, and the effect is very strong after paving. With the update of the market, many of the wood grain bricks have the characteristics of moisture resistance, pollution resistance, insect resistance, and so on.

If your home is a Japanese and log style, you can consider paving wooden grain bricks on the balcony.


Color brick

Color tiles, as the name suggests, are tiles with color, such as black and white …

The biggest feature of color bricks is that it brings some color to the living room. Many people may feel that monochrome bricks are not monotonous, so they want to have a little color to improve the visual sense of space. However, the use of color is not random. If you want to match it, you still need to choose a good choice. You can ask the design teacher’s suggestion. In general, color bricks can be effective, but it is also easy to step on a kind of brick.





The tiles are still very popular among young people, which is different from color bricks. Color bricks refer to color, and tiles refer to texture patterns.

Different textures are different. You can go to the scene to experience a wave of favorite styles. If you don’t understand, you can pull your own designer to accompany the selection.

Patching attention:

Tile paving is also a technical work, and different brick stickers are very particular. Let’s talk about the details of tile paving.

1. If the balcony is required to stick the wall tiles, it will usually use the floor tiles up the wall to make a visual extension, and the height is generally about 1.5m.

Of course, it can be paved to the top so that the entire wall can be waterproof.


2. If there are two balconies at home, you can choose the color of tiles according to the orientation of the north and south.

The light of the South balcony is better. You can choose a cold tile, or the color can be deeper. The tiles or color bricks are in the sun and the effect is also good.

The northern balcony is poor, and it is still necessary to choose a warm color tile. The matte tile with light colors is good. If the North balcony bears leisure, you can also consider using tiles, wood grain bricks or antique bricks to increase leisure.

3. How large the tiles should be selected about the balcony. In fact, the balcony is a relatively small space. It is not possible to choose a 120×60 brick like the living room, so it is generally controlled between 25×36. Such a size paving the overall coordination is very strong, and it will not be too restrained, and even a certain visual effect.

After reading, do you think the tiles and paving on the balcony are all learned. After all, it is really a matter of thought to make the face double the face value ~

What problems do you encounter when you choose tiles? Welcome to leave a message to tell me ~


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