Will you “hurt people” high heels? ! More 4,000 yuan Armani sandals unqualified! There is also high heels harmful substances to exceed the standard, severely cause cancer …


Source: CCTV Finance

The weather is hot in the summer and autumn, high-heeled sandals are favored by many female consumers and become seasonal hot shoes.


Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission has specifically tried to high heel sandals and found that the quality issues may cause harm to consumers.

Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee comparison test:

Some high heel sandals have more serious safety hazards


In an interview, this comparative trial has purchased 40 high heel sandals, including mass brands, net red brands and light luxury brands;

The price ranges from 125.1 yuan to 4620 yuan

. Comparison test reference GB / T22756-2017 “Leather Sweater”, QB / T1002-2015 “Leather Shoes” and “Footwear General Safety Requirements” (Appraisal) and other standards, in turn, the folding performance of 40 high heel sandals, Stripping strength, hook, hexagonal chromium, phthalate, a total of 11 indicators of decomposing aromatic amine dyes.


The hook is one of the main force components of high heel sandals, located interior of the shoes. The shoes are stable on the feet, and they are fully relying on the effect under certain conditions. If the hook is too short or soft, it will not be able to effectively support, and the shoes may happen when walking.

Easy to lead to inhaising, falling, etc.



This comparative trial has a total of

4 pairs of high-heeled sandals 心 项目 项目 符 标准 标准, is one of the most samples of testing problems.

As seen in the laboratory report, this high-heeled sandals were directly broken in the test instrument when performing bending performance tests. This pair name Shenzhen Xiyutian Clothing Co., Ltd. produced Honeygirl Tunda brand high heel sandals, steel hook length should reach at least 115 mm, but after the measurement of its hook length is only 112 mm, 3 mm is shorter than the standard requirements.

In addition to insufficient length, engineers also found in the testing process, this nominal schutz sandals are not enough, and the measured hardness is only one-half of the standard requirements.

After testing, 4 high-heeled sandals do not meet the standard requirements, these 4 products are nominalizers Shenzhen Xidian Clothing Co., Ltd. HONEYGIRL TANG high-heeled sandals, Hangzhou Shu Yizhang Trading Co., Ltd. Schutz Sandals, Shenzhen City Baisen Shoes Co., Ltd. Pt’son Baidian Single Sandals and George Amani (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. Giorgio Armani brand high heel sandals.

The reporter noticed that

This pair of nominal Giorgio Armani sample is priced at 4620 yuan

It is a sample that is the highest price test price, but it is detected in bending performance.


It has a clear crack, which does not meet the standard requirements.

This comparative trial found that some prices of high heel sandals are in basic belts, and the quality of differential resistance is not high. This pair named Shenzhen Longhao Tiandi Co., Ltd. SKAP Sanba Women’s shoes,

The price is 1184 yuan, and its fundamental peel strength is detected and does not meet the standard requirements.


And this high-heeled sandals nominally, Zhuo Shi Ni Shoes Co., Ltd., after 40,000 fault performance, the sole crack reached 63 mm, more than 2 times the standard limit.

Some sandals harmful substances exceed


There are potential risks such as skin allergic cancer

Sandals are generally in light, and they will be in direct contact with the skin. This time, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee discovered that 40 high heel sandals samples were exceeded with some sandals.

The current adult footwear standard has not yet requested the limited amount of harmful substances, in order to fully understand the potential risks that may exist in high-heeled sandals, this comparative trial refer to 2019, and currently enter the admission stage “Footwear General Safety Requirements” The harmful substance content in high heel sandals was tested, and it was found that there were 4 high-heeled sandals orthodonticate content than limited requirements for relevant standard recommendations.


These 4 products are nominally nominal Shanghai Yido Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. 73 Hours Samples, Tianchuang Fashion Co., Ltd. Kisscat Sample, Idi Company EXULL II QD Sample, Shenzhen Xiyutian Clothing Co., Ltd. Honeygirl Tian Yu brand sample,

Among them, Tian Yu brand sandals are the highest content, and it is 6 times that of standard limited requirements.

. The test engineer told reporters that phthalate is a common “plasticizer”, which adds the sole material, the inner liner, etc., which can make the sole material, the inner liner, etc., and enhance the dressing comfort.

Shanghai Academic Leather Quality Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. staff Chen Jie:

Studies have shown that phthalates can be absorbed into the human body through the respiratory system and skin, and the cause of phthalate is harmful to human body. The cause of phthalate exceeds the content and type of the plasticizer in adult shoes. There is no relevant standard for assessment, some companies may not pay attention.

In addition to phthalate, “Footwear General Safety Requirements” stipulates that adult shoes in adult shoes shall not exceed 10 mg / kg. This comparative trial also found that this Ningbo Hot Air Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. HotWind sandals

The hexagonal chromium content is 25mg / kg, which is 2.5 times that of standard limited requirements.

. The test engineer told reporters that



Big nurate, human skin contact hexavalent chromium can cause allergies; respiratory suction can cause liver and kidney dysfunction, while it can also cause cancer, resulting in genetic genetic defects

To buy high-heeled sandals, attention should be paid to stability and support

For the company, to win the long-term reality of consumers, the most critical is to hold the quality of this.

Sharing a few tips for purchasing high-heeled sandals: Pay attention to check the stability of the shoes, you can put the high-heeled shoes on a relatively strong plane, gently move, and the stability of the sway is poor. It is also possible to press the foot of the foot in the foot, which is not soft, not deformation, ensuring good support.