Is the air frying pot that claims to “fry” is a chicken rib or an artifact? I simply buy one to try


Is the air frying pot that claims to “fry” is a chicken rib or an artifact? I simply buy one to try

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Air fryer is always a controversial kitchen appliance

Because some people say that it is very practical, the food baked out is low and very delicious; some people say that they used it once because it was too chicken.


For this reason, I simply buy one by myself. The evaluation of this is also the most realistic. At the same time, it also combines the most authentic sharing of some netizens to tell you how good the air fryer?

About air fry

From the name point of view, this pot is food


It is not like traditional electrical cooking, steaming, etc.

Therefore, some people who do not understand have some misunderstandings.

When you buy it back to open the instruction manual, you think more, because you can see it very straightforwardly from the instructions that the air fry

“Fried” is cooked, but “bake” the food through the built -in heat rod.

If you use the simplest meaning to understand the air fryer, it is actually one


Upgrade product of induction cooker

It is through a few heating sticks in the interior. However, the heat of these heating rods is relatively small, so it is necessary to cooperate with the fan to make the high temperature quickly fill the entire pot.

Therefore, it is also a combination of “oven+fan”.

Advantages of air fryer:

1. Small volume and not occupying positions


From the appearance, the air fryer is similar to the traditional rice cooker, so it does not take up too much space in terms of volume. It is very convenient to use or storage. In addition, its capacity is basically at 5L, which can meet the needs of most families, which is convenient to use.

2. The fried food is less oil

Why the air fryer is welcomed by people, mainly because people pay more attention to health at the moment, and hope to eat less oil foods. This is not fat and healthier. A drop of oil “cooks” to be cooked, achieve less oil, and relatively healthy.

3. Short heating time

The heating time of using the air fryer is relatively short, because the internal heating rod and the combination of the fan can make the internal temperature faster cycle, which is simple, which is a few minutes. Even if it is used to fried chicken legs, it only takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

4. Easy to use

The use of air fryer is the same as the rice cooker. As long as the food is cut, and then put it in the fryer, it can be cooked by the food after setting the time. It can be said that it is very convenient in use. Both the elderly and the children can learn.

The advantages and disadvantages of air frying pan:

1. Food limited food you can do

Although the air fryer can make a lot of food, it does not mean that it can “fried all things” and basically can only be used to fry the image.


Chicken wings, chicken legs, fries, etc. If you want to fry bread, it is difficult, and it is basically impossible.

2. The taste of food is very average

Because the air fryer is cooked with oil -free food, the taste of the food is very ordinary. Many people do not want to eat it for the first time after eating the food of the air fried pot. Therefore Naturally, the bad review was also given.


3. You can only make small foods


Although the air fryer is suitable for most families, it is basically impossible to achieve large foods through it. Therefore, it can only be used as a family assistance. It belongs to ” Evaluation has not been very high.

Whether the air fryer starts

If you say that you have

In the oven, there is no need to buy another air fryer. This is because the food that can be made by air fried pots can be made in the oven. The food that cannot be made in the air fryer can still make the oven.

The other is lifestyle,

Do not rise at a time to buy


Because of this way of buying, it will basically let the air fryer at home and idle at home. Because it is lazy and does not want to cook at all, it is impossible to use the air fryer.


To ensure the home

Use at least 5 times a month

And without the oven, it is recommended to start with one, otherwise it is not recommended to start.

How to buy air fried pan?

Because I personally used the air fryer, I also gave some real suggestions for friends who wanted to start.

These suggestions can avoid pits and avoid the use of air frying pots that are not practical, so they can be collected.


Capacity is afraid of small or not

For air fryer,

Most are 2 to 4L


In this way, only one person can be made in design, which is only suitable for single people to use, and it is not suitable for home life.


Therefore, the larger the capacity when buying, the better, the better,

It is recommended to buy 5L,

It can only be baked seven at a time when the grilled egg tart; the grilled chicken wings can be placed several at a time, and the whole family can use it at a time.

Many people do not figure out the capacity when they buy it. When they go home, they find that they are small, so the usage rate decreases, and it is slowly eating gray and idle.


2. Try to choose with an observation window


There are many brands of air fryer, and naturally there are many styles. Like a rice cooker, you ca n’t see the style of the food inside. Of course, there are observation windows like a bombing box.

The so -called observation window is a piece of glass on the lid or on the side

You can observe the food situation in real time. With the observation window, you can look directly at the heating process of the food, and it can ensure that the food will not be baked, and it is extremely practical.

I am glad that I took the observation window for the first time, otherwise I don’t know how much food to fry!

If you do n’t buy air fryer, do you have better products to replace it?

If you think that the air fryer is controversial and does not want to buy it back to be idle, then there are other products to replace it, and it is more comprehensive than the air fryer. Essence

1. Air fried oven

Air exploding oven also belongs to one

Small oven

It is directly placed on the table, which is very cost -effective.

It has all the functions of the air fryer and the functions of the air fryer, such as


Baking, barbecue, etc., it belongs to a multi -function kitchen appliance,

Is it an air fryer, an oven, or a dried machine, a polyshi furnace, a microwave oven, a steamer, 5 tops!

The most important thing is that it has


The large capacity of 15L can roast one whole chicken at a time (about two pounds)

It is much larger than ordinary air fryer. The family of 3 is enough! Friends no longer have to tangle to choose air frying, because air fried oven is more practical!

2. Steam oven


If you are not satisfied with the function of the steam box at home, then this steam oven. It can be steamed and baked, and can be flattened for steamer and oven.

This steaming oven is a multifunctional steam oven that integrates oven, steaming box, fermentation machine, dried fruit machine, frying cooker, yogurt machine, air fried pan and microwave oven.


It can be said that it is more comprehensive than the air fryer and air fried oven, but the volume is not very large, and it will not take up too much kitchen space. More importantly, it can be used everywhere. Whether it is a kitchen or a restaurant, ,,

As long as you plug in, you can use it.

I have grilled bread, cakes, chicken wings, and barbecue. During the Spring Festival, there are more people with steamed steamed buns. It is more convenient to use it to make steamed and grilled food. It can make you show the cooking skills during the New Year, and it is more worth starting.

Finally, talk about the decoration and summarize for everyone:

Whether the air fryer is easy to use depends on individuals, because it is the best for you. If it is not suitable, change better kitchen appliances. This is also a choice of high -quality life.

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The above is the introduction and description of 1300w 10l air fryer oil-free multi-functional RA-002L 220V air fryer frying food without oil fast food frying, I hope it can be helpful to you.