What is mirror stainless steel product tube?


What is mirror stainless steel product tube?

Stainless steel pipes have been grinded by various processes to obtain mirror quality. The surface requirements are high, and even the mirror effect is required. We are generally called mirror stainless steel products.

● Mirror stainless steel pipes are usually used in medical, aviation, sensors, nuclear power instruments. It is also applicable to the oil pipeline of the power plant, such as the EH pipe of the steam machine.

● Mirror stainless steel pipe, “mirror” refers to the surface state of the stainless steel pipe. Conventional mirror stainless steel pipes are divided into three levels: 6K, 8K, and 10K. Generally polishing, general 6K, fine grinding 8K, ultra -fine grinding 10K effect. The difference between the mirror of the same thickness is generally not large. The 10K mirror is brighter. The thicker, the worse.

● According to the user’s fineness of the surface of the stainless steel pipe, the stainless steel mirror tube such as 6K, 8K, and 10K can be extended. The larger the specifications, the better the surface quality. As the K value increases, the requirements for process requirements have increased, and prices have also increased.

How does ordinary stainless steel pipe achieve the mirror effect?


● Rough throw.


Use 600#sandpaper back and forth to remove the various collisions between the previous processes left after welding the welding joint and the pipeline welding, so that the welding port is initially formed.

● Semi -essence throw.

Use 800#sandpaper to grind back and forth. The purpose is to correct the seams in the previous process, and further grind the traces of the rough grind.

● Square throw.


Use 1000#sandpaper to grind the stainless steel welding pipe back and forth. The purpose is to repair and grind the fine lines generated after polishing, so that the joints of the grinding part and the non -grinding part basically disappear.

● Mirror polishing.

Use a wool wheel to mimic the previous processing method with Daqingla to process the mirror surface to achieve the first processing mirror surface. Then wipe its surface with a clean cotton cloth to reflect 6K or 8K or even 10K.

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