What is worth buying excellent articles selected: wool, cashmere sweater selection method


What is worth buying excellent articles selected: wool, cashmere sweater selection method

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December in the south is very wet and cold, and the demand for down jackets is often less practical than that of a wool products.

There are many types of sheep in the world, with goats. Sheep, wool products produced in different regions are distinguished, because the manufacturers have


Different ratings are divided into no grade fabrics.

When buying wool products, it will say that this is cashmere, which is wool. That is, the goat produces cashmere, sheep produced wool, both of which are real prices, but they can be bought, but they are afraid that businesses bully customers. After all, both things are produced from sheep but they are not a level and price distinction. The softness is far away. There are still differences in the comfort of wearing. The higher the softness, the more expensive it is. Rendering cashmere and wool products is mainly based on the four points of light, soft, soft, and slippery. Look at it again. Look at the price.

Wool sweater


Although the difference between cashmere and wool is so large, there are many cashmere or wool blending. After the sheep’s body is removed, the wool is generally through hundreds of processes. The most complicated is the selection process, cashmere dyeing process, and the hand -made rough selection of cashmere is generally artificially distinguished from a pile of wool to distinguish the length of cashmere. Machining cashmere yarn, different cashmere different processing levels. The amount of cashmere used at different levels is different, and the working consumption of working hours will be different.

Choose cashmere and wool products key index:

1. Brand


Choosing a brand is relatively reliable in quality and will not be tag.

Cashmere sweater


More than 95%of cashmere can be called pure cashmere sweater (the general standard of merchants will also be around 95%. After all, cashmere is artificial screening or fabric needs special treatment. Some other fabrics are also a little content. Do 100%). Cashmere fibers are the finest one in animal fibers, so cashmere warmth is very good, which has a warm effect of 1.5 times to 2 times more than wool. The price is more expensive than the wool N and more. It is also very reasonable. Pure cashmere sweater is more difficult to take care of it. The most pure cashmere products choose cashmere and the longest quality in cashmere. Improper leaving, so it is relatively strict in choosing materials. 100%cashmere means pure cashmere.

More than 30%can be defined as cashmere sweaters. This is a national standard. Generally, many merchants use this as a sales gimmick. Actually less than 50%of the velvet content can only improve the fabric feel. Natural relative prices are different. 50%of cashmere is generally to improve the fabric and keep warm. If you just pursue the feel of the fabric, you may not use cashmere. The softness of the fabric can still be improved by many materials. %Of cashmere is not a special demand. It is recommended to think of the price when buying.


Under 30%is called cashmere products (cashmere cashmere below 30%is generally cashmere cashmere length after screening). When cashmere products appear, this type of cashmere is also difficult to ensure quality. When buying, it is relatively cost -effective. Most of the low cashmere products are toys or some children’s knitted items, which have little items for cashmere demand.


Woolen sweater

100%wool sweater, regardless of essence or coarse spinning, is called “pure wool sweater”. The general merchant tag is marked as 95%wool, which is also the merchant to avoid the bars. For wool sweater more or less, a little or less cotton is increased. Of course, there will be many corners of wool. These miscellaneous wool is generally made of wool and polyester synthesis because of wool fibers. It can also be felt for the high feel of the sweater. Generally, the sweater is also a high -quality product for new wool processing.

Wool below 30%is called wool products. Of course, wool products are also high in the probability of appearing in life. The characteristics of wool have the characteristics of wool. Essence

2 tag


The brand A brand label standards are true (fake brand does not refer to), and it is also a basic basis for identification. When buying wool sweater, you must identify its quality by identifying and quickly buy the required products. If the labels are false, it is difficult to believe its quality. For cashmere pure cashmere, 100%pure cashmere or wool will be marked.

B for the rest

Or blending will also indicate the proportion of specific ingredients, and individuals will also carefully mark their cashmere characteristics, or wool characteristics, or place of origin (often mentioned in Inner Mongolia Alxa cashmere, Australian cashmere, etc.).

C. Number of needles and yarns (


The number of needle knitted needle knitted on the 1 -inch interior is called the knitting number, and the 10 needle is a one -inch arrangement of 10 machine needles

), The more dense the number of stitches, the more expensive the price. Generally, the comparison of 10 to 14 stitches on the market is more common. low. Make comfort and not waste money. For some special version prices, it is also not used because of the brand.

D Accessories: For goods with high prices of cashmere products, it will be much more interested in accessories or processing. Generally, it is not good to cut corners. The better it will be done, buttons, zippers, wool, crystal parts, or some other valuable materials lamps.

E. The design of cashmere knitting process is very different from tailoring clothing. It is based on the sweater specifications, the horizontal and vertical and vertical of the fabric tissue, and the shrinking of the fabric back. There are many factors that need to be considered as softer. The better the elasticity, the worse the handling.


F. For wool cashmere, low -temperature staining, low -temperature dyeing is not easy to destroy the protein of cashmere fibers, can better maintain the original characteristics of cashmere, the bright the color, the more difficult to dye, and the dark color is better than the light color. So the wool is slightly different due to color prices.

3. Feeling and observation


Wool sweater: clear needle roads, clean shirt surface, bright color, generally divided into fine spinning and crude spinning, spermatic needle and denseness, full of elastic feel. Wool sweater floating hair is not obvious and durable.


Sheep sweater: It is the lamb wool, moderate fiber, and the lambs of lambs in woolen sweaters are better. It is not easy to get the ball, there is a slight floating hair, but the view will not feel the ball effect.

Camel sweater: In recent years, the market is relatively common. It feels smooth and elastic, shiny, extensive, not easy to get balls, keeps warm and durable.

Cashmere sweater: The feel is delicate and smooth, and the texture is soft; the fiber is short as a key factor in selecting cashmere or bad, and the effect of the ball is obvious. For high -end fabrics, it is generally used as a coat fabric.


4. appearance quality control

1. The size, shape and feel of clothes;

2. Whether the wool is rough and too large;

3. Is there any bad sewing and excess line head;

4. Whether there are holes, gaps, beams, and oil stains.


5. There are vast and short cuffs and necklines.

6. Whether the most critical trial is comfortable and natural. After all, cashmere and wool sweater are easy to shrink. When buying, try to stretch the maximum radius of the arm as a measuring.


5. Maintenance of wool and cashmere clothing

1. The phenomenon of cashmere and woolen sweater is also a relatively natural phenomenon. Use clothing removal or scissors to remove it to avoid the clothes of the clothes. Usually you can hang it vertically when you don’t wear it to avoid going away.

2. Cashmere sweaters are generally washed by hand or send them to a professional laundry. (The machine washing selects a cashmere product washing mode and puts it in a clothing bag and puts it in the washing machine. It needs to be particularly experienced). The water temperature is not easy to be too high.

3. Soak the cashmere sweater for about 15 minutes in warm water, soak the clothes naturally, avoid rubbing force, press back and forth.

4. Cashmere and woolen sweater are not easy to throw water. Try to use severe clothing to dry and dry on the clothes rack. Horizontal drying avoids the neckline and directly dry. Avoid direct sunlight to avoid discoloration



Popularization of knowledge:

Our land is vast, and the production of cashmere in the Inner Mongolia area is large enough (there are also many cashmere in the north of Outer Mongolia entering my country). The high value of cashmere also causes many farmers to be very happy to be the sheep. It is said on the Internet that our country is also a big country of cashmere wool.

Online data:

Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in 2017, my country’s cashmere output was 18135.57 tons, a decrease of 5.6%from 2016. The output in 2018 may be around 18104 tons. According to statistics, the global wool output in 2017 was about 1.1 million tons,


The cashmere is about 20,000 tons. Chinese cashmere output accounts for more than 80%of the global proportion.

From the perspective of the breeding data of goats across the country, there are 10 provinces and regions with more than 5 million breeding in 2017, namely Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Henan, Yunnan, Shandong, Shaanxi, Hunan, Xinjiang, Hubei and Anhui.


Among them, the number of breeding of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (16.941 million), Sichuan Province (14.259 million), Henan Province (14.1288 million), and Yunnan Province (11.4939 million) all of them are more than 10 million.

It is the four largest goat breeding bases in my country.

After watching the output of cashmere, there are still many exports in my country. Of course, this export is to indicate the output of rough cashmere processing.

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