What are the correct operation processes of dual -components? What precautions?


What are the correct operation processes of dual -components? What precautions?

When using dual -component sealing, it has a certain operating skills to follow. Understand the specific operation process, and the mixing and pouring in step by step, greatly enhance the value of use. Pay more attention to various matters to improve the effect after curing.


How to use the dual component adhesive correctly?

1. The main agent and the curing agent are proposed according to the weight ratio, and do not allocate according to the volume ratio.

2. Before the formal mixing, stir the AB agent separately for about 3 minutes, just evenly, and then mix it according to the proportional AB agent.


3. If you are worried that the effect of manual stirring is not good, you can choose the machine directly.


4. If there is a need for vacuum decreased treatment, the bubbles are completely eliminated.

5. Adjust the amount of glue according to the amount and seal the average speed.

6. Seal the adhesives that are not needed immediately to avoid curing in advance.

What are the precautions when using irrigation?

1. Before use, see if the two sets of materials are damaged. If any damage, please use it with caution.

2. Before mixing, stir A dose separately to avoid settlement.

3. Before it is solidified, you cannot be blown by wind, sun, or rain. Try not to be exposed outdoors.

4. When regulating glue, clean the container to avoid leaving materials that are not used up.

5. If you want to depend on a certain amount of materials, you need to perform experiments in advance and master the specific use of machines.

6. Choose high -quality adhesives, do not charge it in order to save money. I bought a product that has been trustworthy and trusted to minimize the emergence of accidents. Cooperate with powerful suppliers, more assured, such as Cosmore, focusing on irrigation and sealing research, providing customized irrigation and sealing application solutions, widely used, can be applied to new energy, military, medical, aviation, ships, electronics, electronics, electronics , Auto, instruments, power supply, high -speed rail and other industries.

7. Most irrigated sealing has good temperature resistance, and it is more durable after thoroughly solidifying.

The operation process of dual -component irrigation seal is not complicated, and it needs to be carried out step by step. Stir the materials in advance and pour the inside of the gap in average speed. The first effect is not particularly ideal, you can pour in secondary.

The above is the introduction and description of rubber potting compound suppliers, I hope it can be helpful to you.