“Stable growth of war epidemic • Industrial industry is acting” quickly transferred to the development and development of the barrier, the shortage of the shortage of the barrier is gradually solved


“Stable growth of war epidemic • Industrial industry is acting” quickly transferred to the development and development of the barrier, the shortage of the shortage of the barrier is gradually solved

■ China Industrial News reporter

Guo Yu

Recently, the demand for protective clothing and masks has increased dramatically. The problem of lacking in the production equipment of medical protection clothing as a medical protection service has been effectively relieved. It is reported that in order to increase production capacity and expand the output, all parties have made a way from the source to emergency deployment and the efforts of the enterprise. At present, the production medical protection clothing of Xinxing Jihua Group reaches 45,000 units per day. A total of 1.3 million masks per day.

Increase the schedule

It is understood that the barrier is also known as the hot air seam sealing machine, sticker, and hot sealing machine. It is an important equipment for protective clothing. It is used to seal the protective clothing to ensure that the virus and bacteria will not invade the human body through the fragile place of the needle.

Based on the needs of the epidemic needs, a large number of clothing factories are based on the advantages of materials, machinery, equipment, venue, and skilled sewing workers. They hope to transfer to medical protective clothing, but they find that the pressure machine has become one of the bottlenecks of the production and production.

The increase in production and expansion of the original medical protective service manufacturers was also restricted by the shortage of the pressure machine. There are not many companies in the country’s production pressure machines. According to the industrial and information departments, the national pressure machine has about 5,000 production capacity a year. Because the market demand of the press is not large, the number of manufacturers of barrier manufacturers is small and the production capacity is not high. Most manufacturers have a monthly production capacity of less than 100 units. In order to cope with the epidemic, the production capacity of various manufacturers needs to be accelerated.

Bar manufacturers are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai and other regions, and most of them are in Guangdong. At present, the pressure machine products on the market are mainly thermal seal type, supplemented by ultrasonic seamless pressing machine.

Manufacturers are fully supplying

Barbroke manufacturers quickly organize their strength and do their best to invest in the market. It is understood that Jiangmen Yingfeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. provides independently developed hot air seam seal sealing equipment production technology to provincial and Guangye Group, China General Technology Group, China Weapon Industry Corporation, including 5 provincial state -owned enterprises and central enterprises. And actively provide subsequent technical consulting, production guidance and other services to quickly increase the output of protective clothing equipment. As of February 28, the company had delivered a total of 226 protective clothing machine pressure machines across the country.

On February 7th, Guangzhou Hi -Tech clothing received the national dialing task. After 3 days of intensive efforts, the company successfully issued 88 stress machines, all used to support the protective service manufacturers in Hubei. Based on one press and two shifts a day, 200 sets of protective clothing can be processed. This batch of goods is equivalent to supporting the production of 17,600 sets of protective clothing in one day. Since February 5, the company has shipped about 281 stress machines, and most of them have been sent to protective service production enterprises in Hubei, Henan, to ensure the production capacity of about 50,000 units per day. The epidemic prevention and control of Hubei and the country. According to statistics, the company shipped a total of 410 barrier after the epidemic.

In addition, based on market demand, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology urgently issued the “Proposal Collection of Medical Protective Services Production Pressure Machine Information Collection”, calling on the country with pressure machines across the country to actively contribute to the difficult time, providing the company’s transfer, leasing, borrowing and donating pressure bar machines. Information.

Quickly develop and develop production enterprises

At the same time, a number of equipment companies quickly transferred to develop barrier. On February 19th, China Hengtian Group Co., Ltd. Hengtian Heng Heng Heng Hengong Industry Co., Ltd.’s first medical protective clothing barrier in Hengtian Group Co., Ltd. passed the identification and acceptance of the production application standards and use requirements. This marks the birth of the first medical protective clothing machine pressure machine in the central enterprise. After that, the press can achieve batch production, and the problem of deficiencies in protective clothing will be effectively relieved.

After the birth, Hengtian Heavy Industries will produce a total of 270 stamping machines, which will effectively alleviate the shortage of medical protection clothing.

On February 23, the GMC Metropolitan Machinery Machinery Machinery Machinery achieved the first medical protection service electromechanical and electromechanical joint test car. On February 24th, the first batch of two medical protective clothing machine pressure machines of the China Textile Council was officially offline. The first batch of equipment was mass -produced, and the front line of the production of the protection of epidemic protection was supported.

On February 26, China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd., the world’s largest shipbuilding group, officially announced that at present, the group’s plane mask machine, N95 mask machine, protective clothing barrier and other equipment developed by the group are fully produced in batches. The emergency expansion of the key components of the production of production and the expansion of the key components of the ultrasonic welding machine has been fully rolled out. Strive until mid -March, in batches, 70 flat mask machines, 70 N95 mask machines, 90 stress machines, and more than 2,000 supersonic welding machine key components.

「战疫情稳增长•工业行业在行动」快速转产研发 压条机短缺局面渐解

In addition, central enterprises have stepped up key deficiencies such as mask machines and barrier, and will be mass -produced in the near future.

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