Fresh and handsome peak valley


The season has entered late autumn, and the temperature in the southern country has begun to get cold. It is a good time for travel. On the weekend on the 16th, under the enthusiasm of the group owner Lizhen, 18 people came to Pinghe Peak Valley.

The epidemic has just been unpopulated, and there are few tourists. There is a tourist car in the scenic area, but our group did not choose to take a car, but moved forward slowly all the way to the valley, and 18 people in our walk were tied up. There is a smile and laughter in the winding valley, stop and stop, and the quiet valley suddenly lively.

There are many scenic spots in the scenic area, including: Peak Tea House, Swan Lake, Killer Wisteria Gallery, Guanfeng Gallery, Emerald Lake, Cultural and Creative Center, Tea Restaurant, Leisure Bar, Gao Feng Tea House, etc.; Tianquan Pavilion, Tianquan Road, Hongyi The statue of the mage, the 5D glass viewing deck, the Tianquan stack water, the prayer bell, the Red Army, the Ant Kingdom, etc.; Fortunately, we and his party did not take the sightseeing, so we were fortunate to see most of the scenic spots. And fix them deeply in our mobile phones.

We chatted in the chatter after we chatted, through the landscape one after another, the tea was shed in the valley, and the whole body and mind were intoxicated by the whole body and mind in this nature. The feeling was really beautiful.

The five people walking at the forefront unknowingly drove away from the large troops. Coincidentally, there was a notice of “tourist tea picking area” in the extension, so the five of us stopped, while feeling the fun of tea picking, we heard the tea fragrance, waiting for the arrival of other friends. When all friends arrived, we also picked a lot of raw tea.

The ant sculpture of the peak valley is a sculpture of stainless steel. It shines in the tea and sea under the blue sky, and has a full personality that combines modernity and vitality. From here overlooking the green girl’s peaks, double breast peaks, and clear -profile terraces and mountain buildings under the blue sky, and the green waves of “Chashan, Ecological Forest” with rolling greens, the green waves of green waves are overlooking. The beautiful and beautiful pictures of the elegance and thousands of times are really refreshing!

From the Wolong Mountain House to the east, it will reach the Gao Fengqiao after a while. This is a very new glass bridge with a flying frame between the two peaks. According to the data, the total length of the suspended bridge is 156 meters and the drop is more than 500 meters. Standing on the bridge, you can see the natural scenery of the mountains and winding and winding, experience the excitement of the abyss of the abyss when walking in the clouds, and enjoy the infinite scenery of Lingxiu Chashan and the blue sky and white clouds. Meiyu, Miaoyu

We and his group were on the peak bridge. In the breeze Langri, we took a few steps and put a few steps of POSE. I can play so happy, the most important thing is to walk on the glass bridge, and it feels very smooth. Therefore, the original nervous mood was calm.

After the peak bridge came down, we quickly boarded the prayer bell tower and quickly felt the 5D glass viewing platform. The winding mountain road twists and turns returning, and the green grass and trees on both sides are layered, lush, and clear mountain winds, wrapped in the light and strong fragrance of tea mountains in the distance, and blew on this situation. It is such a spirit show, and the heavens and the earth are so clear and high …

This is a pleasant weekend and a fulfilling weekend.