Stunning! The vegetarian moon cake of Lingshun Temple of the Temple of Wealth Temple is launched after eating the moon cake box “transforms” into two tea trays


“Every festival is thoughtful”, this year’s Mid -Autumn Festival meets National Day, destined to be a good day.

Putting on a box of moon cakes and reuniting with friends and relatives is a choice of many people. “Mooncake” also represents a good wish.

In the minds of many Hangzhou people, the mooncakes from Lingyin Temple, Lingshun Temple, and Jingci Temple are not only delicious, but also full of blessings, which are very popular every year.

A few days ago, a vegetarian moon cake gift box, located at the Lingshun Temple of the “First Fortune Temple in the World” in the North Peak, came out from the circle of friends. The high value and cost -effectiveness were amazing. Where can many people leave a message to consult?

惊艳了!财神庙灵顺寺的素月饼上线 吃完月饼盒子“变身”成两个茶盘

The reporter contacted Lingshun Temple and asked if these moon cakes could be sold? The relevant person in charge said that in fact, Lingshun Temple produces a batch of moon cakes every year, and some of them are assigned to citizens through some channels, and some are for tourists and citizens to buy in temples. I used to buy it at the Daxiong Temple of the temple before. During this time, I came to Lingshun Temple. When I left, I basically took a box of moon cakes and asked for auspiciousness.

If there are other citizens to buy, they are also willing to help send express delivery so that more people who like Lingshun Temple moon cakes can taste it.

惊艳了!财神庙灵顺寺的素月饼上线 吃完月饼盒子“变身”成两个茶盘

Yesterday, the reporter also saw the real object of the moon cake gift box of Lingshun Temple this year. It was more happy than seeing the circle of friends.

The design of the moon cake’s packaging box is very delicate. It uses bamboo hollow gift box, or double -layer. You can “transform” into two tea trays or storage boxes. “Hangzhou North Gaofeng Lingshun Temple”, there are two hollow blessings. This pattern is the word “blessing” in the inscription of the abbot Yinxu, which means happiness and happiness.

In addition to the eight Soviet -style vegan moon cakes, the gift box is also equipped with two pairs of tea machine combinations. The two exquisite Fujian cups and eight bamboo cushions such as “blessing”, “Lu” Shou “and” Hi “are engraved.

Master Lingshun Temple Yao Ci said that the taste and packaging of Lingshun Temple moon cakes every year are different. This moon cake gift box, from the shape design to the moon cake and tea cup, are all from the abbot of Lingshun Temple. It took half a year to personally operate.

Master Yaoci said: “Boxes made of bamboo are more environmentally friendly. After eating the moon cake box, they can be used again, and they have eliminated waste. This year we have two flavors of moon cakes. “

Everyone feels that the bright box in front of them actually spends a lot of thoughts, reflecting the concept of environmental protection and reuse.

惊艳了!财神庙灵顺寺的素月饼上线 吃完月饼盒子“变身”成两个茶盘

“When we eat moon cakes, the box can be used as a tea tray. After eating moon cakes, it can be used as a fruit plate and storage box. The health concept of digestion ‘. “

It is reported that the mooncakes of Lingshun Temple this year will always be supplied until the Mid -Autumn Festival on October 1. In order to allow more citizens to buy this blessed mooncake, we also discussed with Lingshun Temple to put the gift box on the “every full life” platform. The price of each box is 280 yuan. Monday will be shipped next Monday. If you want to buy more to send friends and relatives, you can get another box for more than 10 boxes. Favorite citizens can order in the small program of “every life”.

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惊艳了!财神庙灵顺寺的素月饼上线 吃完月饼盒子“变身”成两个茶盘

惊艳了!财神庙灵顺寺的素月饼上线 吃完月饼盒子“变身”成两个茶盘

Speaking of Lingshun Temple, Hangzhou people will not be unfamiliar. This is one of the earliest temples in Hangzhou. It is located at the highest point of the North Peak. It was built during the Xianhe period of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. One of the history of more than 1,600 years ago. In the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, the temple was dedicated to the “God of Wealth”, which was called the Temple of Wealth. On the fifth day of the first month of the first month, the “Welcome God of Wealth” praying activities, the mountains and the mountains are crowded.

惊艳了!财神庙灵顺寺的素月饼上线 吃完月饼盒子“变身”成两个茶盘

Lingshun Temple has a long history, and most of the emperors and literati and scholars have been coming. The Song Huizong Grand View of the Temple “Lingshun”, Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty left “Huaguang” Mo Bao, the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty gave the “God of Wealth” plaque and poetry; Deng Lin and others all left poems in the temple. Jiangnan talent Xu Wenchang climbing the temple left the ink of “the first god of wealth in the world”, and still engraved in the temple.

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惊艳了!财神庙灵顺寺的素月饼上线 吃完月饼盒子“变身”成两个茶盘

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惊艳了!财神庙灵顺寺的素月饼上线 吃完月饼盒子“变身”成两个茶盘

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惊艳了!财神庙灵顺寺的素月饼上线 吃完月饼盒子“变身”成两个茶盘

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